Season 4 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Fred is back to being physics girl all of a sudden. She's written an article and has been invited to speak at a conference on her new theory. Gunn is impressed but doesn't understand what she's talking about. Angel and Gunn go to the conference anyway, and while there, Fred runs into her old professor. He invites Fred to come talk to him about working with him again. Wesley also shows up at the conference, ditching a day with Lilah to do so. Little does Wesley know, but Lilah followed him to the event.

While Fred is speaking, a portal opens above her head and a tentacle demon tries to kill her. A boy in the audience takes pictures. Angel and Gunn save Fred, and then Angel goes after Lilah. She says she had nothing to do with it and he believes her.

Fred is pretty freaked out about the whole thing. She starts reverting to how she acted when she first came back from Pylea. Angel and Gunn investigate the cause of the portal by interrogating the kid with the pictures. The kid tells them that several others disappeared like Fred. Angel and Gunn then discover that all of the people who disappeared had the same professor.

Fred, upon visiting this professor, finds a book in his office with all kinds of strange markings. She realizes that he knows about interdimensional portals and was probably the one who sent her to Pylea. Angel and Gunn come to the same conclusion. Fred wants to kill the professor, but Angel and Gunn appear to talk her out of it.

Since they won't help with killing the professor, Fred goes to Wesley for assistance. He helps her find something that would be appropriate revenge. Gunn and Fred realize she's missing and go to the professor's office. The professor summons a demon to attack Angel, but Fred shows up as he's escaping. She opens up a portal to a hell dimension for the professor to fall into. Gunn comes in and tries to stop her. She refuses despite his pleas. At the last moment, Gunn grabs the professor, snaps his neck and pushes him into the portal. Gunn and Fred tell Angel that the professor fell into his own portal.

In the meantime:

Connor trains Cordelia and she stakes a vampire. After the heat of battle, they share a kiss. Connor goes after some of her things from the hotel (making Angel jealous in the process) and Cordelia uses them to spruce their place up. However, when Connor tries to kiss her again, she shies away and tells him that she needs some time to figure things out. She goes back to the hotel and makes Angel promise not to lie to her anymore because she doesn't need protecting. He agrees. Cordelia then asks him, "We were in love?"
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