Season 4 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2002 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • The photo of Fred and Gunn appears to be a studio still of the night Angel took everyone to the ballet in Season 3 since no one had a camera in the balcony where the scene takes place.

    • When Angel catches Connor sifting through Cordy's things in the beginning... shouldn't he have known it was him by smelling his scent? He seemed to only know when he saw his face.

    • Watch the floor after Fred opens the dimensional portal and you'll notice that every so often the CGI team forgot to insert it in a couple of spots.

    • The vortex Fred creates is sucking in furniture and eventually sucks in Seidel's corpse...but Fred and Gunn just stand there without any indication it's pulling on them.

  • Quotes

    • Fred: How about a flail whipping? Would that take a nice long time?
      Angel: Hours, if you do it right. Not that you should do it at all. Ever.
      Fred: He's a killer. And he's just sitting there smiling, telling me I'm so gifted and how he wants to teach me. Oh, there's gonna be a lesson all right.

    • (about Cordelia)
      Angel: Wait... you should take her fuzzy slippers... her feet get cold.
      Connor: I know, she's always stealing the covers.

    • Fred: You know what they say about payback? Well, I'm the bitch.

    • Gunn: All these people here to see you?
      Fred: I'm just a minor speaker. (sees the agenda posted outside the auditorium) Oh, God! I'm between Ed Witten and Brian Greene? (Angel and Gunn don't react) Think Nomar Garciaparra and Sammy Sosa.

    • Gunn: (Fred is writing a problem on the wall) Never liked the paint in here. Yeah, let's... let's redo the place, really make it ours.

    • Gunn: (about Fred's speech) Listen man, I'm gonna need simultaneous translating on this thing. You know, like the president with the Russians but just give me the highlights.
      Angel: No problem. Of course, I have no idea what she's talking about.

    • Fred: It's kind of funny, thinking how threatened you were by me back when I was a grad student. That's why you sent me and the others away, isn't it? You couldn't handle the competition.
      Professor Seidel: Fred...
      Fred: That's why Laurie's still around. She's not smart enough to overshadow you, is she? Not like me. I'm special! Special on a Pylean platter with a side of you-make-me-sick.

    • Wesley: Oh look, a bribe. How thoughtful.

    • Lorne: Hey, death just doesn't look good on me.

    • Angel: Run-in with a Voynok demon. Turns out they have nine lives.
      Cordy: Like a cat?
      Angel: Only less standoffish.

    • Angel: Come on! I'm holding your head!

    • Lilah: You know, Angel, coming from you, idle threats are so...well, idle.
      Angel: Do you remember when I ripped your car in half?
      Lilah: Yeah, yeah. Hulk smash.

    • Angel: They talk about me in the chatty rooms?

    • Cordelia: no more lies.
      Angel: No more lies.
      Cordelia: Good... because there's something I need to know... Were we in love?

  • Notes

    • Andy Hallett is credited as Special Guest Star.

    • This marks the first and only time we see Cordelia's parents. They don't appear in person though only in one of the pictures that Cordelia hangs up to help her remember who is who.

    • Elizabeth and Sarah wrote "Supersymmetry" with the intention of having Fred kill Professor Seidel. Tim Minear rewrote the script to have Gunn killing him instead.

  • Allusions

    • Lilah: If this is about the Jolly Green Demon...
      Lilah in discussing her past actions regarding Lorne she compares him to the mascot for Green Giant vegetables. 'Ho Ho Ho Green Giant.'

    • Gunn: Think Daredevil. One-eighty-one. I'm Bullseye. You're Elektra. One wins. One dies.
      Gunn uses terminology that Jared will understand by referencing a set of Marvel Comics characters from the Daredevil series. The #181 edition can be seen in the film Daredevil, which starred Ben Affleck.

      In this issue Elektra is being killed by Bullseye, using her own sai. Bullseye was later paralyzed in a battle with the mourning Daredevil.

    • Lilah: Yeah, yeah. Hulk smash.
      "Hulk Smash" comes from the Marvel Comics series The Incredible Hulk, as well as the movie, Hulk.

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