Season 3 Episode 3

That Old Gang of Mine

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2001 on The WB

Episode Recap

We open with Angel against a misty, blue background, telling an unknown someone that he's ashamed of how he treated them. The way that Angel had taken what he needed, and then cast that person aside. He admits that it was wrong of him, very wrong. It is then revealed who Angel is apologizing to, and that Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, Lorne, Gunn, and Merl are in Caritas, with Merl and Angel stationed in two wooden chairs facing one another. Merl nods his head, and then shrugs, not in confusion, but in sarcastic disbelief. He then tells the crew, which is standing around both of them, that Angel is reading from something. Angel holds the paper that he is reading from, and explains to the crew that he made some notes. Merl, underappreciating Angel's apology, tells Angel and the crew that he's not feeling the sincerity. Angel looks around at the crew and tells them that he knew this was a waste of time. Wesley bows his head exhaustingly, as Merl tells Angel that a real friend wouldn't need notes to apologize. Angel then angrily tells Merl that they are not friends, that they barely even know each other. Merl fires back, saying that Angel never really made an effort to become friends with him anyhow. Merl gets up from his chair, starts to leave, and shrugs in sarcastic disbelief once again. Gunn shakes his head, as Angel tells the crew to just let him go if he wants to. However, Cordelia stops Merl and reminds him that he promised he would listen to what Angel had to say, while Wesley consults Angel, telling him that he'd make an attempt. Merl asks Cordelia if she got a load of that "insincere tripe" that Angel was reading, and Cordelia tells Merl that she hardly thinks that it's fair to blame it on the writing. Angel asks Wesley what Merl wants from him, but Merl hears, and decides to tell Angel just what he wants. Merl angrily tells Angel that he wants back the three months he spent in therapy after being hung upside-down in a sewer. Cordelia then tells Angel to read the cards. However, Angel appears to have calmed down. He says that Merl is right, and that every time he went to Merl for information, Merl came through. Wesley's face changes to a look of surprise at Angel's reformed opinion, as Angel tells Merl to take a shot. This gets a reaction of groans from the crew, though Angel continues to goad Merl on, and Cordelia tells Angel to knock it off. Gunn tries to muffle his laughter. Lorne shakes his head, though still watches intently, while Wesley moves forward to get Angel away from Merl, who is still ordering Merl to hit him. However, it's too late, as Merl finally agrees. He moves over to grab a bottle of liquor from a small table near the counter, and positions himself to smash it over Angel's head. However, as Merl executes, a blue shield is raised over Angel's head, and the bottle is broken on the shield. Merl, thrown back by the small impact, is caught by Lorne, and accuses Angel of knowing that that would happen. Lorne backs Angel up, stating that he's sure that Angel forgot for a brief moment that any demon violence in Caritas is impossible. Angel plays along, saying that he did forget. Merl says whatever, that he's done listening to this "bloodsucker" and the rest of the crew, telling them that he never wants to see any of them ever again. He begins to make his exit, but then turns around, asking which one of the crew is going to give him a ride home. As we see next, Gunn has to, and as Merl begins to get out of the car, he begins to thank Gunn, telling him that "He hopes he didn't take him too far out of his way." However, as soon as Merl is out of the car, tires screech as Gunn drives away, and Merl shouts out the remainder of his thank-you, then turning towards a shabby, run-down building that is most likely the place Merl calls home. Inside, Merl flicks on a light-switch, and picks up a letter that he finds on an object of some sort. He begins to open it, but looks up, and sees something apparently menacing. He backs up toward a wall, repeatedly saying "no", and then he is slashed, as his green blood flies onto an adjacent wall. We then re-open in a dream sequence, most likely Gunn's, as it is the moments of how he staked his sister after she had been sired. It is Gunn, as he wakes up screaming "Alana!", his sister's name. We then get a view of his surroundings, his apartment, and his pager goes off. We see Gunn staring down in sadness and pain. We then move to Merl's place, as Gunn knocks on the wall politely, and then enters the room, which was open. Angel turns, noting that Gunn made it. Gunn replies that he called the hotel, and Cordelia told him that they were down at Merl's place. Gunn then points to the dried, green blood on the wall, and asks what it is. Angel replies that it is Merl, and Gunn then asks where the rest of Merl is. Angel points to three locations throughout the room. Gunn remarks that it looks nasty, and then asks what happened. Angel replies that he doesn't know, that he'd supposed he'd come by and try to give "sincere" one more shot, and that he even brought doughnuts, and this is what he found. Angel begins to move away from the point that he's standing on, and tells Gunn that so far, they've ruled out suicide. Wesley then comes from another point of the room, telling Angel that he found some of Merl's personal papers, and an address book. Wesley then notices Gunn's prescense, and then remarks that it's good that he's here. He then asks Gunn if he noticed anything strange when he dropped Merl off last night. Gunn replies that he didn't notice anything strange, and then Wesley turns to the papers, moves to a group of boxes and starts putting the papers in there, saying that they'll catalouge the papers when they get back to the Hyperion. Gunn then asks Angel and Wesley what they're doing there, and Wesley looks up from the box and tells Gunn that they're examining the crime scene. Gunn then replies that he sees that, but then asks what the interest in doing that is. Wesley replies that someone killed Merl, and Gunn responds that he gets that. Gunn says that he didn't have a beef with Merl, and that he's sorry Merl is dead. But Gunn asks Wesley and Angel if this is the thing that they should really be spending their time on. Gunn says that Merl was what he was. Angel looks up, and then asks what that was supposed to mean. Gunn replies that it's nothing, it means what it means, and that somebody killed a demon. Gunn reminds them that they do that every day. Wesley argues that Merl was harmless. Gunn shrugs. Angel then asks Gunn if he's sure that he's not just bent because they interrupted something that he'd rather be doing? Gunn tells him no. Angel doesn't drop it, though, telling Gunn that it doesn't usually take him two hours to answer a page, is all. Gunn then angrily asks Angel if somebody put him back in charge, and that if they did, they forgot to tell him. Wesley then steps in to break up the fight, and then turns to Gunn. He tells Gunn that if this case isn't something that he can get behind, he and Angel understand. He then continues, telling Gunn that for now, he should just go on home. Gunn replies that that's probably a real good idea, and he then leaves. After he has, Angel mutters "Little creep", to himself, and Wesley begins to defend Gunn, but Angel then tells Wesley that he was referring to Merl. He then tells Wesley that Merl was right, Angel had never really bothered to get to know Merl. He then finishes, saying that now he guesses he'll have to. We then move to a truck, driving up to a gate. It's Gunn, and he gets out, but enters an interior to the side of the gate. He enters a building where the walls are covered with graffiti, and then is surprised as he is attacked. A man with a sword comes out from another side of the building, and takes a few swings at Gunn. Gunn dodges every blow, and manages to take the sword from the attacker, but a crossbow is held to his head at point-blank range. A young black man is holding the crossbow to Gunn's head, and tells Gunn that this is a situation that he might want to re-think. Gunn turns around and tells his attacker "nice rig", and the attacker tells Gunn that he's glad Gunn likes it. Rondell and another young man enter the room, and Rondell says that Gunn should like the rig, that Gunn built it. He then asks the other man threatening Gunn, Gio, if he wants to get that thing out of his boy's (Gunn's) face. Gio complies, and Gunn begins to inspect the room. Gunn remarks that he sees that Rondell is passin' around a little somethin' of what he taught them. He hugs Rondell, and Rondell tells Gunn that the word's out, and that the vamps know better than to cross Venice Blvd. these days. Rondell then continues, saying that the crew is as tight as it's ever been, even back from Gunn's days. Gio turns to Gunn and points at him, asking Rondell if that is Charles Gunn, only to get confirmation from Gunn himself. Gio tells Gunn that he knows all about Gunn. He continues, telling Gunn that Gunn's name is part of the reason that he came out here. Rondell then tells Gunn that Gio is from Miami, and Gunn remarks "coast-to-coast, huh?". Gio replies that it's somethin' like that. He then tells Gunn that Gunn might be able to help him out. He then asks Gunn why is it that places like L.A. and Miami bring out the teeth? Gio says that he would think the vamps would want to hang out in a place with a less-sunny climate, "You know what I'm sayin'?". Gunn replies that he thinks he does. Gio's attitude then changes, and tells Gunn that maybe they could ask his boss why that is. Rondell begins to stop Gio. However, Gio keeps going, angrily and sarcastically asking Gunn if he can't beat them, and then calls Gunn Chuck. Gunn replies that it isn't like that, and then Gio tells Gunn that if he says so. Gio then tells the group that he heard that Gunn was like the big-time alpha vamp killer. And then he asks Gunn that he's now working with one. Gio asks what's up with that. Rondell makes another attempt to stop Gio this time, and asks Gio who's supposed to be on point out back. Gio replies that he's supposed to be out there, and Rondell asks why he's not. Gio then smiles, and says it's cool, that they can all have their nice little visit. But he then adds that they might want to do it outside, in the sunshine, just to be on the safe side. The group the exits. We then move to the Hyperion. Angel is sitting on the counter, and Cordelia is telling him that some people just need time alone, and that he shouldn't worry about it. Angel replies that she's (Fred) had time alone: five years, and then he adds that he thinks that's the problem. He adds that she's been back in the world for three months, and she still hasn't gone out into it. We see Fred outside of the Hyperion through a door, outside with the greenery. Cordelia then replies that it's not like the last time out in the world that Fred got sucked into an interdimensional portal, and ended up living like a hunted animal, in a hostile demon alterna-world or anything like that. She then sarcastically adds, "Oh, wait. Kinda is, isn't it?". Angel then tells Cordelia that that is why he's asking her to talk to Fred. Cordelia then tells him that she's not so sure that that's such a great idea, and Angel asks if Cordelia doesn't like her. Cordelia responds that she does like Fred, what's not to like? She adds that Fred is sweet, and adorable, and... seems to be laughing at something that shrub just said. Cordelia then turns back to Angel, telling him that it's not that she doesn't like Fred, she just doesn't get her. Angel tells Cordelia that he's not asking her to get Fred. He tells Cordelia that he's just asking her to... talk to her. A smile begins to grow on Angel's face, and then Cordelia reluctantly agrees, reassuring Angel that she'll chat with Fred. Angel thanks her. He then picks up a piece of paper on the counter which he is leaning on, and asks what it is. Cordelia replies that it's a list of Merl's enemies. Cordelia moves to Wesley, who is at his desk, while Angel shuffles through the list. Angel then angrily asks why he's at the top of the list. Angel then tells her that he and Merl were not enemies. Cordelia then tells him okay, that it was her mistake. Angel then reminds her that he's the one that found the body. Cordelia then sarcastically tells him that that's not suspicious, the one time that he decides to pay Merl a social visit, and he ends up dead. Wesley, reading the list, remarks that he recognizes quite a few of the names. Cordelia then tells him that he should, and that half of them weren't Merl's enemies until they made him snitch on them. Angel then sarcastically tells her that he went dark and killed Merl. Wesley then reassures him, telling him that they'll work backwards, ending with the "A's", and then asks Angel what he thinks. Cordelia smiles as Wesley gets up from his desk, and he then remarks that they should start tracking those names. As both men exit the room, Angel turns back to Cordelia, and then tells her to ask herself that if he had killed Merl, would he have brought doughnuts? Cordelia's smile widens, and she looks back down at some papers on Wesley's desk. We then move back to Gunn, who is taking a walk with Rondell, asking his friend if that's the word on himself nowadays, a traitor, a "vamp-lover". Rondell tells him not to listen to Gio, that he doesn't know Gunn. Gunn then tells Rondell that he does, and then asks Rondell if he thinks that Gunn turned his back on all of them to hook-up with a vampire. Rondell then tells Gunn that he didn't know, he hadn't even seen Gunn's back for months. He adds that he doesn't know which way that it's facing, as the two stop in the middle of an open building. Gunn tells him that that's not an answer. But Rondell does tell Gunn that it's true, that he hasn't heard a word since they spread what was left of George in the river. He adds that some of them were starting to wonder if Gunn was still even in this world. Gunn replies that he didn't mean to disappear on them, that he didn't plan it. He begins to say that he guesses after George, but is interrupted by Rondell, who says that he was gone way before George, that it was Alana. How things were never the same after Alana. Gunn then tells Rondell that he couldn't even keep his own sister safe, what could he have done for the rest of the crew? Rondell replies that he could've done a lot, how there are people alive today because of something that Gunn started. Gunn shakes his head, and corrects Rondell, saying that it's something that they started. Rondell then smiles, saying that Gunn's got that right. They then hug. We move to Angel and Wesley, who are investigating Merl's case. As they walk down the hallway of an apartment building, Angel asks who they are investigating next. Wesley replies that they are investigating Samuel Larch, a bookie. Merl owed Samuel quite a lot of money. Angel asks if Samuel is demon or human, but Wesley replies that he does not know. Angel then asks if he cares to find out. Instead of knocking, Angel kicks the door in, as Wesley pulls out a weapon, muttering to himself, "Demon, then". However, as the two move into the apartment, they find it in ruins, with green blood spattered across everything. Angel tells Wesley that he thinks when they find out what's doing this, they're gonna need Gunn. Wesley agrees. Wesley adds that from the look of the apartment, whatever they're up against is quite big, extremely powerful, and Angel then finishes Wesley's sentence, saying that their enemy must be really pissed off. We move to the sewer system, where an innocent, but hulking, white, and disgusting demon is walking, slurping a soft-drink. He hears quiet laughter, and slowly turns around and asks who's there. It's Gunn's old crew, and they give chase, while the poor innocent demon runs into a dead end. He is slashed, and blood lands everywhere. We hear a young man yelling "Smoke him, Gio!", and we black out. We move to Wesley, who is still in Samuel's apartment, and as Wesley finds a small arrow and uses tweezers to pick it up, Gunn walks the kicked-in doorway. Gunn tells Wesley that he got his page, and then asks where Angel is. Wesley replies that Angel is checking on something else, and then tells Gunn that he can come in. Wesley tells Gunn that the victim's name was Samuel Larch, and that he and Angel found him last night. Gunn picks up an object, and remarks that the victim was a demon. Wesley confirms his hunch, and Gunn asks him what the hell they are doing. He asks who they're working for. He asks if the powers sent them here, if Cordy got a vision. Wesley says a simple no to all of those things. Gunn asks, if not, then what? Wesley replies that things are not always so simple as just slaying the big, bad, and ugly. That there are, in this world, shades of gray. Gunn replies that there are also shades of green, and a sickly yellow with pink eyes, and sometimes puce, with horns, too. Gunn replies that he gets that, and what he doesn't get is why they're playing clean-up crew to a bunch of lowlife demons. Gunn gives Wesley a scenario, saying that they bust their butts day and night to find whatever killed Merl and Samuel. However, Wesley interrupts, adding six other victims that the crew believes are linked. Gunn continues his scenario, saying that they find this demon-killing machine, and he then asks Wes: what are they going to do, stop it or thank it? Wesley replies that he doesn't know. Gunn repeats what Wes says, and then Wes changes the subject, telling Gunn that from everything he can determine, Samuel was fully amissilated, that the victim had no history of violence, no threat to anyone. He continues, saying that of the other six, at least two victims would be classified as irredeemably evil. Gunn asks Wesley what he's saying? Wesley is saying that whatever's responsible for these attacks, isn't making any distinctions, that it's just killing, randomly. Angel walks in and leans against the doorway, telling Wesley that he was right, and there has been another killing. He continues, informing that another Yarbnie was eviscerated in the sewer near Century City. Gunn gets up from the couch that he is sitting on, and asks what a Yarbnie is, although he mispronounces it. Wesley corrects him, and informs him that a Yarbnie is a balancing entity, that tends to nest in urban areas under roadways, and that they're utterly nonviolent. Gunn then suggests that maybe he should hit the streets to see if he can shake anything loose. Wesley tells him that that's probably a good idea. Gunn says that he's on it, and on his way out, he and Angel give each other a "hey". Angel takes a quick glance at Gunn as he leaves, and then turns back to Wesley, who is writing something down. Gunn is back at the hideout of his old gang, and it would appear that the rig that was used to kill Samuel was the old rig of his that Gio has been using. However, when Rondell acts nonchalant, thinking that it is no big deal, Gunn tells Rondell that he came to give a heads-up. Gunn tells Rondell that he thinks there is a rogue on the crew, and that Gio has been killing anything that moves. He tells Rondell that someone, namely him, has to sit down and talk with Gio, and let him know that this isn't the way they do things down there. Rondell asks Gunn if he dug that out of an apartment on The Mile, with tall white towers. Gunn nods yes, and Rondell replies that this is funny. Gio isn't a rogue, he may have found the place, but the whole crew was there. Rondell tells Gunn that the thing living in that apartment wasn't human, and that they took care of it. Gunn asks them if it attacked anybody. Rondell replies that the whole crew got away clean, but Gunn tells him that he means before the crew broke in. Rondell replies that the demon didn't attack anyone, they just weren't going to give it a chance to. When Rondell sees the look on Gunn's face, he asks what the matter is. Gunn replies nothing. When one of the crew members informs Rondell that everyone is ready to go, Gunn sees everyone loading up and asks if they're packing heat now. Rondell replies that you can never be too careful, and then asks Gunn if he'd like to come with tonight, that Gio found a nest that he says is primo huntin'. Gunn replies that he's got somethin' to do, and refuses. Rondell shrugs and points to him, saying "Be good". Gunn turns to leave, but meets up with Gio. Gio tells him that Rondell still thinks that he's some kind of hero, but he then adds that he and Gunn, they know better. He repeats it, and then leaves, chuckling, and then closes the door on his way out, as another crew member passes Gunn. We then move to the Hyperion, where the evidence samples have been collected, and Wesley passes Angel, who is sitting on the stairs. Wesley tells Angel that he doesn't have the slightest idea as to what he is holding in his hand might be, that it doesn't fit any of the data available to him, and he concludes that something's missing. Cordelia enters the room, and Angel speaks up, telling Wes that it may be something that's never been recorded before. Cordelia tells them to please not tell her that another portal has opened up, that they have enough monsters in Los Angeles already. Wesley replies that something is missing, that they're missing one of the evidence bags. Fred begins to walk down the stairs as Wesley begins to count the evidence bags, while Angel gets up to Cordelia and nods towards Fred. Wesley notices that they're missing Bag #11. He then asks himself what 11 was. Fred sits down outside, as Cordelia follows, and as she comes out, she greets Fred, which is met with a gasp and a jump. Fred tells Cordelia that she startled her, and Cordy apologizes. Fred then stutters, telling Cordelia that it was her own fault, and that she's the one who should be saying sorry. Fred then starts to leave, saying that she'll just get out of Cordelia's way. However, Cordelia stops her, telling Fred that she wants her to stay. Cordelia tells Fred that she was actually hoping that they could talk. Fred sits down next to Cordelia, and Cordelia clears her throat. Fred, stunned by the sudden silence, asks Cordelia if she meant that she wanted to talk now. Cordelia apologizes, saying that she feels just a little awkward. She then bluntly tells Fred that Angel wants her to get out. Fred, stunned, complies, gets up, and tells Cordelia that she only has a few things to pack, it shouldn't take long. Though Cordelia quickly tells Fred that that's not what she meant, that she meant out for an evening or something. Fred says "Oh" three times, in each one you're able to hear the frightened tone in her voice. Cordelia then asks Fred if they could go out together. Fred then considers it, and then tells Cordelia that she supposes it would be okay if she was with her. Cordelia says that she will be. Fred says that she should be safe if she's with Cordelia. Fred then happily says that no one would even bother to look at her twice with Cordelia around. Cordelia replies that Fred is exactly right, but then quickly corrects herself. She tells Fred that people will notice her, and then she asks Fred if she knows why. Fred asks, and then Cordelia replies that she'll be standing on a stage in a white-hot spotlight. We move to an abandoned alley. Gunn sits in his truck, not moving. He holds up the rig that he built, which Wesley found in Samuel's apartment. He stares at it for a moment, and then drives away. We move to the Hyperion. Gunn enters, and Angel moves to the counter, shuffling through papers. They greet each other, and Gunn asks Angel if he's found anything. Angel replies that he hasn't yet, but he thinks he might. He tells Gunn that Wesley thinks that these crimes are random, but he's starting to think otherwise. Angel tells Gunn it's just the way that they're happening, that they remind him of things that he's seen before. Gunn asks how so. Angel tells him the pattern, the seeming randomness of it, the chaos, that there's a larger purpose behind every move. Gunn asks what he thinks that purpose is. Angel replies that he thinks it is to have fun. Angel asks Gunn if something's wrong, and Gunn replies that there isn't. Gunn tells him that he needs to see the boss, and then asks Angel if he knows where he's at. We move to Caritas, where Fred is singing "Crazy", by Patsy Cline. At the tables, Cordelia tells Wesley that Fred picked out the song herself, while Lorne reads her from afar. Gunn runs down the entry steps, and looks over at Cordelia and Wes, and when he turns to Fred, he briefly smiles. However, this happiness is short-lived, as he sighs, resting his elbows on the counter. Lorne turns towards him, but Gunn sees and tells Lorne that he knows what he's doing, and that he wants him to stop. Gunn repeats to Lorne that he doesn't want to be read. Lorne replies that he wouldn't, but he tells Gunn that he's a billboard. Gunn turns towards Wes at the table, and Lorne tells Gunn that Wesley came in tonight with some questions, and that he thinks Gunn has the answers. Gunn tells Lorne that he really doesn't want to go over there. Lorne replies that he knows, and then asks Gunn if he wants to talk about it. Gunn asks if he has to sing, but Lorne doesn't get a chance to answer, as gunfire breaks out upon the bar. A demon is shot, and its blood spatters all over Fred. Gunn pushes Lorne and begins guiding him to a hiding place. Wesley has turned the table over and is huddled over Cordy. Gunn and Lorne hide behind the counter, as gunfire breaks all the drinks behind them. Nearly all the demons in the bar are being shot. Gunn's old crew has broken in. The last one to enter is Gio, who yells out, "Party!" Under the counter, Lorne is devastated as to what is happening to his club. Wesley spots Fred, still on the stage, and runs over to her, and carries her back to the shield of the table. Cordelia asks Wesley what's happening, she thought demon violence was impossible. Wesley tells her that those aren't demons. Cordelia gasps as a dead demon falls near them. A vamp is dusted, and Rondell yells that time's up, and it's time to truck. However, Gio decides that the crew shouldn't leave so quickly. He tells them that they'd be missin' out on some of the more interesting things in life. He calls out for Gunn, telling him that he knows he's in here. Gunn rises from behind the counter, and all the guns cock and aim at him. Rondell sees Gunn, and asks him what he's doing her. Gio, loving this, tells Gunn to tell Rondell what he is doing here, tossin' back drinks with his demon buddies. Rondell says that what Gio is tellin' him can't be true. Gio asks why not. He says that Gunn's best friend is a vampire. Gunn tells Rondell to go, to just take the crew, and leave. Rondell tells Gunn that he isn't leaving until he gets some answers. Gio repeats him. Wesley rises from under the table, telling everyone that they would all like some answers. Gunn tells Wesley to stay out of this. Wes tells Gunn that as much as he'd like to stay out of it, he's afraid he's in it. They all are. Fred whimpers under the table. As Lorne gets up from behind the counter, one of the crew attacks him, though Gunn frees him. Rondell tells Gunn out loud that he can't believe this. Gunn tells Rondell that Lorne is okay. Rondell argues that Lorne isn't okay, and tells Gunn to take a look at him. Gunn tells Rondell that he doesn't know what he's doing. Wesley begins to walk toward the point of action, remarking that it was the crew that killed Merl and the others. Wesley asks Gunn if he knew all along. Gunn tells Wes that he should've said something, that he was going to, that he was just - was trying to work it out, to figure out how to deal with it. Lorne angrily asks Gunn if he's worked it out yet. Gunn apologizes to Lorne. Rondell is stunned that Gunn would apologize to Lorne, that "thing". Rondell tries to aim at Lorne, but Gunn steps in front of the line of fire, and tells Rondell that he can't let him do this. Gunn tells Rondell that he has lost the mission, that what he is doing isn't right, that this isn't what the crew used to be about. Rondell asks Gunn what the hell he's saying. He tells Gunn that he doesn't know what he's talking about. He angrily tells Gunn that they've been doing what they always have - protectin' their own. Wesley asks if it's protecting their own by breaking into other people's homes. Rondell justifies himself by saying that demons aren't people. He then turns and asks Wesley if he is a person. All the guns cock toward Wes, as Cordy rushes to his side. Cordy raises her hands, and tells them again to stop, while Fred cowers behind the table even more. Wes tells Rondell that if he doesn't mind, he'd prefer a clean kill. Wes tells him that the last time he was wounded, it took months to heal. Wounded, if he recalls, in an attempt to help Rondell. Gunn tells Rondell to look at him. Rondell turns back toward him. Gunn tells Rondell that this has nothing to do with them, that this is between the crew. Gunn tries to convince Rondell to let them go. Gio pipes up, and tells Rondell that they can do that, that they're not monsters. Gunn throws the keys to his truck to Wes, and tells him to take the truck, that they won't try to stop you. Rondell turns back to Gunn, and asks him how he has the nerve to say that the crew has lost the mission when he's the one hanging out in a demon bar. Gunn tells him because it's true. He reminds Rondell that they used to face death because they had to, and that the crew now goes chasin' it down for the fun of it. As Wes, Cordy, and Fred turn to leave, Rondell turns and points the gun at them, and then tells them only one can leave. He points to Cordelia, but Cordy refuses to leave without Fred, and she puts her arm around Fred. One of the gang members grabs Fred, but Wesley grabs her back, and Rondell says that the rest will be able to leave once she brings back the vampire. Rondell continues, saying that then they will see who has truly lost the mission. Cordelia leaves, and a green demon repeatedly mutters "Oh God!". His companion, a red and white demon, tells him to shut up, because God isn't listening. Back at the Hyperion, Cordelia and Angel are walking down the stairs. Cordy is trying to convince Angel that this is a bad plan, that they need to think of a better plan. Then she asks him if he knows why, but gives herself an answer: it's their plan. She tells him that they want him to go in to where he can't fight so that they can kill him. Angel tells her that he doesn't have a choice. Cordy tells him that it will be suicide. Angel tells her that it will be okay, but she firmly believes that it won't be. She tells him that he didn't see these guys. Angel writes down an address on a sticky, then tells her that he wants her to go there. Cordelia asks what it is, and Angel replies "Transuding Furies". Cordy jokingly responds saying gesundheit, but Angel ignores it and explains further. He tells Cordy that they're three sisters, who Lorne hires monthly to cast a sanctorium spell on Caritas. He tells her to tell them to lift the spell, which would let Angel fight back. Cordelia replies that he can still fight - 20 of them - and still be killed! She sarcastically says that it's a great plan, and then Angel tells her to just do it. Cordy asks him about what to do if they won't lift the spell. Angel tells her that they'll lift the spell, just tell them it's for him. Cordy asks if he knows them, and he tells her that he did. She asks if they're going to lift it just for him. He replies that they should. She cries that they better! Cordy stops him on his way out, and tells Angel that she told Fred that she'd be safe with her. Angel replies that he knows, and then leaves. Back at Caritas, Gio is singing "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Larry J. Henley and Jeff Alan Silbar. While he is singing, Wesley and Gunn discuss the situation. Wes tells Gunn that they need to do something, that if Angel walks in, they'll kill him. Gunn replies that they won't. That they'll make him do it. He shouts to Gunn, and begins to sing the chorus again, but gets microphone feedback. He drops the microphone, gets off of the stage, and shoots the sound system. Wes gets up to comfort a whimpering and frightened Fred. Gio then announces that he's starting to think that Angel isn't going to show. Lorne mutters Miami. Gio turns around, and asks Lorne if he was talking to him. Lorne asks Gio if 3,000 miles was really far enough. Lorne stands upright, and tells Gio that he knows why Gio left, why he ran away. How he couldn't stay there after what he did. Lorne remarks that she trusted Gio, whoever she is. Gio tells Lorne to shut up, but Lorne continues. He tells Gio that right up until the end, she trusted him. Gio socks Lorne, as Gunn winces. Wesley begins to stand up. Lorne turns from the punch, blood on his chin and more coming from his teeth, but still smiling. Suddenly, the red and white demon decides to make a run for it, but he is quickly stopped. However, this gives Gunn the perfect diversion, and he socks one of the gang members and grabs a gun. The guns of the other gang members cock and aim at him. Gio points to Gunn, and asks to the other gang members in the room of they see that. He announces to the entire room that Gunn is trying to save that "lowlife". He asks the room if they know what that demon does. He tells the room that the demon is a baby killer, and how he's seen plenty of them in Florida. Gio moves to the demon, and asks it if it likes to eat babies. The demon replies, telling Gio to go ahead, that he doesn't care, he tells them to go ahead and do it, and then calls them cowards. A gang member aims a gun at the demon. Gio, meanwhile, moves back to the center of the room, and announces that Gunn doesn't aim at the baby-killing monster, he aims at the crew. He then asks the room what that tells them. Gunn replies that it tells him that there's a whole lot of monsters in this room to choose from. Gio replies that maybe Gunn himself is one of them. Gio moves toward Gunn, asking if he is one of them, if they've turned him yet. Gunn tells Gio to come at him and find out. Gio tells the gang that he thinks Gunn is one of them. Or that maybe Gunn wants to be one of them. Gio tells Gunn that they most likely won't let him in their little club. He then tells Gunn that he isn't even good enough for vamps, demons, and baby-eating monsters. He then begins to taunt Gunn about Alana, saying that Gunn let his sister get vamped. Finally, Gio gets enough rage out of Gunn to get him to shoot the red and white demon. Lorne tries to stop the chaos, yelling that Caritas is a sanctuary. Gio tells him that it isn't anymore, while Angel walks in, complimenting Gunn's shot. He then asks if he's next. We're still in Caritas, as Rondell moves to Gunn, and hands him a stake, telling Gunn that this is his chance to prove that Angel isn't his friend. Wes steps in the middle, defending Angel, saying that he has a soul. Gio says he's nothing but a vampire, but Wes refuses to budge. Gio asks Wes if he thinks that makes Angel the same as any other human. Wes replies that it makes him better, better than the gang, anyway. Wes tells that when Angel did his pleasure killing, he had no soul. Wes tells Gio that he can make no such claim. Rondell turns to Gunn, and asks what it's going to be. Gunn slowly looks down at the stake in his hand. Angel steps forward, and in rare instance, calls Gunn Charles, and tells him that he will make it easier. He steps forward and vamps out, telling Gunn that this is what he is. He tells Gunn to deal with it, or don't, but to make a damn choice. All eyes are on Gunn. Meanwhile, Cordelia is chatting it up with the three sisters at Transuding Furies, and at mention of Angel's name, all of them go, "Mmm, Angel...". Cordy addresses them about the sanctorium mojo that they've got going on at Caritas, and asks them if they can pull the plug right now, since it's an emergency. Speaking simultaneously, the sisters ask Cordy if she wishes for them to lift the spell that has been put in place by mutual consent and contract. Cordy tells them that if they don't, Angel will die. They do "Mmm, Angel..." once more. Back at Caritas, a vamped-out Angel stares down Gunn. Gunn drops the stake, and Gio says that he knew what Gunn would do in the first place. However, Gunn says that Gio knew nothing. Gunn asks if they think he won't kill Angel because Angel is his friend. Gunn says that that isn't the reason, and says that Angel could never be my friend, on account of what Angel is. Gunn says that it isn't Angel's fault, just the way that it worked out. Rondell tells Gunn that Angel isn't his friend, that Rondell himself is. He then asks Gunn if he's going to choose Angel over him. Gunn says that it looks that way. Gunn tells Rondell that it's about the mission, and Angel's got it, but the gang doesn't. Gio pipes up, saying that a monster lover isn't any better than a monster, and he kills monsters, it's what he does. He then says that if anyone wants to walk out of Caritas tonight, they're gonna have to show him. He tells everyone in the club that if they want to live, all that they have to do is kill Angel. In a surprise, Fred rises to the challenge, and tells Angel that she's sorry, she just doesn't want to die. Gio hands her the crossbow. Back with Cordy and the three sisters, Cordy asks them what it's going to take for them to lift the spell. They reply that only Angel can make good on this debt, and Cordy finally realizes what they mean, as they do "Mmm, Angel..." once more. At Caritas, Fred takes the crossbow, and apologizes to Angel once again, saying that she just can't die in here. Angel tells her that it's alright, telling her that he understands. Gio comes up next to Fred, and tells her that she wants to get him in the heart. Then, Fred points the crossbow at Gio, telling him that she thought she might shoot him in the throat instead. As all the weapons in the room turn to Fred, she explains to Gio that if she pierces one of his carotid arteries, considering the room temperature, the blood loss will be heavy. She then explains that there's a chance it'll puncture a vocal cord, and he won't be able to scream, but he'll want to when the loss of blood to his brain results in a cerebro-vascular event. Just to make sure that he knows what it his, she informs him that it's a stroke. Angel begins to tell Fred that it's okay, and to point it at him, as he moves slowly forward. Fred shakes her head, and tells him that she can't. Angel tells her that she can, that it'll be okay. Gio takes the crossbow from Fred and shoves her into Wes's arms. Suddenly, a flash of blue light appears, signifying that the spell has been lifted. Angel mutters, "Thank you, ladies, I owe you one...". Angel then moves forward and begins to fight, and Gio yells to the crew that they can take these "fools". Wes shows Fred the way out, while Lorne and Gio watch. Gio angrily yells that it's 10 against 3, and soon starts going into a fit of angry rage, yelling that he didn't know why he came to the coast, that L.A. sucks. The green demon that was repeatedly muttering "Oh God." splits in two, and hatches into a gigantic insect creature. The creature rips Gio's head, while Rondell turns and shoots the creature. The creature dies, and the gang has been taken down. Outside, Wes helps Fred into a taxi, and then turns to Gunn, who is seeing his old friends off. Gunn tells Wes that he doesn't think Rondell and the crew will be crossing Venice Blvd. anytime soon. Wesley replies that it's never easy, the pull of divided loyalties. But he continues, saying that whatever choice we do end up making, we feel as though we betrayed someone. Gunn nods, agreeing. Wesley firmly tells Gunn that if he ever withholds information or attempts to subvert again, he will be fired. Wesley tells Gunn that he can't have any one member of this team sacrificing the safety of the group, no matter who it is. He continues, saying that if Gunn does it again, he will be dismissed, bag and baggage, out of a job, and into the streets. He turns to ride in the taxi with Fred, while Angel exits Caritas. Gunn tells Angel that he assumes that Angel will get Gunn on all the things that were said inside the bar. Angel replies that he won't. Gunn tells Angel that he understands he had to stall, that he just had to keep it going. Angel tells him that he gets that part. Gunn tells Angel that it doesn't mean that he meant any of it. Angel, however, tells Gunn that he meant all of it, but Angel tells him that that's okay. Gunn tells Angel that he can't help the way he feels, that that's just the way it is. He tells Angel that it doesn't mean he doesn't want to work with him, or that he doesn't like him, it's just that maybe someday, but he doesn't know. Angel replies that he doesn't know either, but he's got time, and he begins to live. Gunn, however, stops him, and tells him that he thinks he proved that he can be trusted, seeing that he was put in a situation where he could've killed Angel, and he didn't. But Angel replies no, that the day when he trusts Gunn will be the day where Gunn has to kill him, and he does it. Angel leaves, and then Gunn leaves as well in the opposite direction, still carrying the crossbow, as the episode closes.
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