Season 3 Episode 3

That Old Gang of Mine

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2001 on The WB

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  • Humans Gone Wild?

    That Old Gang of Mine-Gunn finds himself stuck between old and new allegiances when he learns that a string of brutal and indiscriminate demon murders is the work of members of his former gang. Even Lorne's usually peaceful club isn't immune to the violence. Cordelia, meanwhile, attempts to help Fred readjust to the world.

    Like I have said once before, the one of Angel's best messages of the show was how humans can be just as evil and heartless as demons, and in some cases, like this episode. They are much worse! One of the few decent episodes centered around our street smart and born leader Gunn, J. August Richards gives a great performance, and should get more credit from Angel fans about his acting. You just feel bad for Gunn being stuck in this situation because he had tochose between Angel's mission and the one he started. Becuase of his choice, what he started became the complete opposite of what it was. Also this episode raises some questions that Angel's parent show, Buffy, only played with. Should all demons be destroy or are they're some that truly deserve not to be harmed? Can't they're be a grey area in this black and white wold we live in? Most of all, is being a demon really a bad thing? I mean we've seen Angel fit that grey area because of his soul, then there's Lorne, not to mention countless other noble demons who fight for good, so I'm think being a demon can go both ways, good or evil, just how humans can be good and evil. I just love how the episode makes that statment. The way Gunn's old gang are seen as the monsters in this episode is well played, especially Khalil Kain (Juice, Girlfriends) who gives a good performance as the new arrogant leader of street gang. I just love the scene where Lorne reads him and gets into his head, the tense is just really great in that scene. We also get to see how Gunn truly feels about Angel, which is shocking but actually believeable for Gunn's personality. On a lighter note, I liked Fred with the crossbow, she's just so cute and Cordy with the three mystic chicks as they moan "Hmmmmmm Angel", lol. All and All, That Old saldy underrated episode for all the wrong reasons, when is a truly great episode with some good morals with what is means to be human or demon in realistic poitn of view!