Season 3 Episode 3

That Old Gang of Mine

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2001 on The WB

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  • I hate Gunn's gang.

    That Old Gang of Mine is probably one of the worst episodes of Angel and maybe the entire Buffyverse. It's dull and frankly, aggravating. Gunn's gang episodes are always boring no matter what the scenario and this is the worst of the lot.

    The main story of humans killing friendly demons is a bit.. meh. It's obviously a metaphor for "never judge a book by its cover" but did they really have to include Rondell etc? Their episodes are always bad (except maybe The Thin Dead Line) and does anyone really care about Gunn's torn loyalties or whatever? Cause I certainly don't. The entire scene in Caritas annoyed the hell out of me and mainly because of one character: Gio. The writers seemed to have went out of their way to create the most annoying character to appear on T.V. Everything that came out of his mouth was worthless garbage and his whole speech segment was awful and made me want to smash up the television. The actor who played him was awful and made the character worse with his mannerisms and voice. The whole character was truly horrendous and I've never felt happier at a character dying than I did here.

    Gunn was also annoying here. He realises his gang are killing innocent creatures but doesn't say anything and withholds evidence- what? Why? It's not as if Angel and Wesley were going to go and murder them all bloodily (unfortunately). He came across as unlikeable here and it's no wonder his character isn't as popular as the rest- he doesn't really have much character development at ALL.

    Everyone else was excellent however, especially Fred. Her courage at standing up to Gio was amazing- especially seeing as she's a nervous wreck in the best of times. This girl has brains- I think she's possibly smarter than Wesley. Cordelia was great as always as was Wesley and I really liked Angel in this episode for some reason. The two bright points in this episode were the Furies- hilarious- and the demon drinking the soda- also hilarious. I like that even in a bad episode of Angel, there's always something good or some redeeming quality. No episode is truly terrible (although The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco was very bad).

    That Old Gang of Mine is an OK although mostly annoying episode that is Angel almost at it's worst. It shouldn't be missed however- it's Angel and therefore should be seen, as it's still great T.V. However, it won't be seeing too many spins in the DVD player.
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