Season 4 Episode 3

The House Always Wins

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2002 on The WB

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  • Vegas!

    The House Always Wins is a light, fluffy episode that re-intergrates Lorne into the circle and brings Cordelia back from the higher plane.

    The teaser was good; we had a good amount of Higher Plane Cordy and her lines were excellent and made me wish she was back. I like that she seems to be having her own conversation with Angel and he can't even hear her. Also she admits she loves him again. Woot! Another brilliant thing was the minimal amount of Connor here- all he does is slay a vampire and he's gone for this episode!

    I loved the gang in Vegas and it was a great idea to get out of the hotel- we needed some new scenery and sets and Vegas is perfect! I loved Lorne's show and the Lornettes and it made me want to go to Vegas, haha!

    The whole gambling away your destiny thing was a great, original idea and implemented well. The casino owner was a good, if completely unthreatening villain, and there was no doubt Angel would save the day- but who cares? The rest is all funny Lorne-centric goodness and exactly what we needed after what seems like an eternity of sorrow and pain and darkness. This episode is 90% filler and thankfully, it's great filler.

    I was glad to see Lorne back in action here- I think he's a great character and he always makes me laugh. I love all the names he has for people e.g. "peach pie" etc. I don't know why but I find them endearing. Andy Hallett was excellent here as always and he can really sing! You can tell he has a great time playing Lorne and his performance is the better for it!

    Fred pretending to be a Lornette was simply genius and I was laughing at her the whole time. Her anxiety was hilarious and her lines and delivery were spot on. Amy Acker is just an amazing actress- she can make you laugh out loud one minute and then reduce to tears the next. The House Always Wins was an excellent episode and a favourite of mine. It's fun, light and definitely what we needed.
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