Season 1 Episode 15

The Prodigal

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2000 on The WB

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  • 'Ever since she ran me through with a 2 x 4, things have been different.'

    ‘The Prodigal’ is one of the best episodes so far dealing with daddy issues and introducing the flashbacks to the show.

    The episode begins with Angel as human, Liam who was usually drunk and wanted to corrupt the servant, his father mistreated him and says that he wished he had a son because Liam was a terrible disappointment.

    Kate is also back and once again she got daddy issues. Some homeless-looking demons that were usually peaceful are starting to attack people and Kate’s dad happens to be at the crime scene, Kate believes because he was checking on her but Angel knows better. When some suspicious delivering guy leads to Trevor Lockely, Angel for sure knows that he is involved into something.

    The flashbacks were fantastic. We see how Liam got made into Angelus (they use the scene of Buffy’s 2x21) and include some others, like Angelus coming out of the earth and being picked up by Darla. He also goes back to the father that used to make his life so hard and gets invited by his sister who thought he came back to her as an Angel. Then he kills his own father.

    The funny part of the episode was Cordy putting an alarm in the house but then realising it didn’t do much good at all and unplugging it again.
    They also discover some kind of drug in the demons that were supposed to be peaceful, the drug makes demons a lot more stronger and these ones are after it.

    Trevor then gets himself into trouble, he tells the demons to lay back but when he’s gone the boss tells them to kill Lockely and Angel. Angel finds out about this and calls Kate, on his way over to Trevor he finds out that he is already to late and gets killed infront of his eyes, when Kate arrives it’s to late because her father is then already dead.

    Kate wants revenge and goes to kill the main demon but they are to strong, Angel comes to help her and after he saves her she begins to hate vampires including him and doesn’t want his help or to talk to him.

    This episode had a wonderful daddy issues storyline, I felt very bad for Kate because she never truly got along with her father but still she loved him.
    I also loved the flashbacks and Darla telling Angelus that what he did was of love because killing his family took but moments.
    The episode was brilliant, the only weak thing about it was actually that demon-drug storyline.