Season 1 Episode 15

The Prodigal

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2000 on The WB



  • Quotes

    • Liam: As you wish, father. Always, just as you wish.
      Liam's father It's a son I wished for, a man. Instead, God gave me you, a terrible disappointment.
      Liam: Disappointment? A more dutiful son you couldn't have asked for. My whole life you told me in word, in glance what it is you've required of me and I've lived down to your every expectation now, haven't I?
      Liam's father: That's madness!
      Liam: No, the madness is I couldn't fail enough for you, but we'll fix that now, won't we?
      Liam's father: I fear for you, lad.
      Liam: And is that the only thing you can find in your heart for me now, father?
      Liam's father: Who'll take you in, hm? No one.
      Liam: I'll not lack for a place to sleep, I can tell you that. Out of my way.
      Liam's father : (clearly in emotional pain) I was never in your way, boy.

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