Season 2 Episode 9

The Trial

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2000 on The WB

Episode Recap

The show begins with Cordelia and Wesley worrying about Angel obsessing over Darla in the cellar. It turns out that Angel was just doing laundry. Angel apologizes to them about causing them so much grief over the Darla thing and says he is just going to let go of the whole thing. Gunn then enters saying that he found Darla. Cordelia and Wesley ask Angel why he lied and he said it was because he figured they would nag him. Gunn and Angel leave to find Darla.

Darla is seen in her hotel room putting on makeup. Lindsey enters and takes her back to Wolfram and Hart. There she is given the results of medical tests that were taken when she was first brought back.

Gunn and Angel check out the Darla's hotel room. Angel can sense that she has been there.

There is a flashback to France of 1765. Angel and Darla are chased by an angry mob into a barn. Angel mentions being pursued by a man named Holtz, someone he claims is more than a mere mortal. Darla tries to seduce Angel but a flaming spike interrupts them.

Darla is then seen back in the present trying to get a loser vampire at a bar to change her back into a vampire. Angel interrupts by staking the vampire. Darla gets angry and claims that Angel doesn't really know her. Angel again refuses to change her into a vampire and tells her to give being human a chance. Darla says she can't because she is dying.

Back in France of 1765, Angel prepares to face the mob together. Darla has other plans and whacks Angel over the head and steals the horse, saying that she hopes that he survives.

In the present day, Angel and Darla come back to the office. Angel tells Cordelia and Wesley that he doesn't believe Wolfram and Hart tests are real and asks them to watch over Darla while he finds out the truth. Cordelia and Wesley threaten Darla with what will happen if she tries to leave.

Angel goes to Lindsey's place. Lindsey confirms that Darla is dying with test results of his own. Darla is dying of syphilis that she contracted while she was a human in her first lifetime. Angel asks Lindsey if he loves Darla. Lindsey says he doesn't want her to die. Angel says he will find another way to cure Darla.

Angel returns and tells Darla they will find a cure. Angel says that Darla knows what she needs; she just needs help to see it. He takes her to the karaoke bar where she sings. The lounge demon reluctantly tells Angel to go to an address and to see if he was ready to "take the plunge."

Angel goes to the address with Darla, jumps into an empty pool, and is transported to another realm. Some British guy tells Angel he will be assisting Angel during the trial. Angel must complete all three trials to make Darla whole, but if he fails, Darla dies.

Angel's first test is to get through a gate. There is a demon protecting it, one that Angel manages to kill after a while. From another room, Darla insists on being able to see what is going on, so the British Guy taps her forehead so she can.

Angel then has to run through a room covered in crosses, grab a key out of holy water, and unlock a door. Darla can see and feel his pain as he does this.

The final test is one of death. Angel is restrained and faces a wall of wooden spikes. The British Guy explains that Angel has to be killed in order for Darla to live. The British Guy reminds Angel of all the good he can do while he is alive and how Darla is practically useless. Angel still says he will die for her to live. The spikes fly at him and Darla screams. Angel is suddenly in the room with her. He had passed the final test by sacrificing himself. The British Guy tries to heal Darla but can't because she has already been brought back from death once. Angel the proceeds to throw a huge fit that involves smashing stuff.

Back to Darla's hotel room, Angel contemplates turning Darla into a vampire. Darla says no, all that she needed from Angel was to see how much he cared. She accepts that maybe she must die the way she was originally intended to. Angel tries to comfort her.

Suddenly, Lindsey busts in with some goons and restrains Angel. Then none other than DRUSILLA enters, bites Darla, and then has Darla feed off of her.