Season 2 Episode 9

The Trial

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2000 on The WB

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  • Trial By Death!

    The Trial-Angel is still haunted by memories of his 150-year relationship with Darla and asks Gunn to help him track her down. He soon discovers, however, that he is faced with an impossible choice: watch her die from a terminal illness or "save" her by turning her once again into a soulless monster.

    Such a great episode that puts us back into the Darla Arc full force. You can't help but feel Darla this hour, she as a human she got killed by syphilis at an early age, then was forced to become a soulless creature for 400 years, to get killed and brought back as a human only to die again. It makes Angel's suffering seem stable in comparison. David and Julie continue to act so compassionately together, while rest of the main cast has some fun bashing Darla. Like Cordelia and Wesley delievering some funny lines like:

    Darla: "I played mind games...we both palyed mindgames."
    Cordelia: "Yeah, but you were a souless blood sucking demon, they're lawyers."


    Wesley: "We well hit you on the head
    Cordelia: "With large objects."

    The ancient trial part of the episode was the best part with a great setting and some elaborate fighting. There are also some disturbing parts like the long hall with crosses on the floor and walls! Let's just say watching Angel going through that obstacle was brutal to watch and the holy water to top it all...OUCH! But it was so sad scene where the trial Overseer couldn't save Darla. Just Angel's reaction was so heartbreaking and David played it perfectly. The episode ends shockingly with Lindsey bringing in Drusilla to bite Darla and make her into a vampire again. It's an intense scene watching the Drusilla sire Darla and the denseless look Angel gives as he watches Darla die! You just can't wait to see what happens next! All and All, a top-notch episode which sets up greatly of probably the best episode of Angel's run.
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