Season 5 Episode 19

Time Bomb

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 2004 on The WB

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  • Touch me and die vermin!

    Time Bomb is another excellent episode that focuses on Illyria as she struggles to adapt to humanity and to our world, and shows how her powers are getting out of control. It is exciting and well worth a watch.

    I'm a big fan of Illyria- she may have killed old Fredikins but she's a great character, coming out with some funny lines and portrayed breathtakingly by the superb Amy Acker. This is one of the only episode where we see Illyria exhibit weaknesses and pain. It was a tad confusing at times when she just jumped through time but the action makes up for the slight confusion. I LOVED the fight where she killed Spike, Lorne, Wesley and Angel- it was brutal and completely shocking. I was thinking "But there's 3 episodes left! How could she kill them?" but then she went back in time again. It was a great moment and quite weird to watch everyone get killed, especially Angel! I'm glad they didn't stay dead though (obviously). Illyria's confusion here was interesting. Illyria rarely shows any weaknesses, always coming across as an all powerful god and seeing her in pain was quite something. I like that Angel stood up to her and that she finally lost some of her powers- she needs to mellow a bit. Her line at the end "Touch me and die vermin" is a great line and I laughed out loud at it. Wesley's relationship with Illyria is also interesting- he should hate her (she killed the woman he loved) but instead he comes the closes thing she has to a friend. I liked his speech at the end saying he didn't love her but he needed her. Illyria looking like Fred must be a small comfort so that he can see her face every day but in the long run it's not a good thing.

    The end of the episode where Angel looks like he's joining the evil side of life was good. It made you wonder whether Angel is succumbing to evil but we all know Angel isn't going to! He's a champion, of course.

    Time Bomb is a great episode that has some brilliant action and focuses on old Liry. It's not too heavy but is a fun ride that you won't forget soon.