Season 5 Episode 19

Time Bomb

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 2004 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Illyria shoves Wesley and his desk against a window and the blinds are closed. In the next shot, as she leaves his office, the blinds are open.

    • When Spike is talking about Illyria's fighting ability, he refers to "Brazilian Ninjutsu." There is no such style. Spike seemed to confuse Ninjutsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

  • Quotes

    • Illyria: A true ruler is as moral as a hurricane. Empty, but for the force of his gale.

    • Gunn: I turned him down. Not into making deals. Not anymore.
      Angel: Well, that's gonna make it tough to be a lawyer.

    • Hamilton: Curing cancer, Mr. Wyndam-Pryce?
      Wesley: Wouldn't be cost-effective. I'm sure we make a lot from cancer.
      Hamilton: You're right, the patent holder is a client.

    • Hamilton: Let me ask you something, Angel. Have you ever heard of the term "surgical strike"?
      Angel: You ever heard the term "appointment"?

    • Lorne: (about Hamilton) Well, tell you what. I still like him better then Eve.

    • Lorne: (on walkie-talkie) Angel ears, this is Secret Demon! Come in!

    • Lorne: Hey, Lyrie, when did you catch on to me? In the elevator? That was a tough one.
      Illyria: The vampire plays children's games.
      Lorne: Well, tag -- you're it, honey.

    • Angel: Illyria's blown all her gaskets, man. She's outta her mind!
      Spike: How can you tell? Yesterday she spent two hours mind-melding with a potted fern.

    • Illyria: You ask me to allow you to murder me?
      Spike: It's not murder if you say "yes."

    • Wesley: Illyria?
      Illyria: Touch me and die, vermin.
      Spike: Not a very dramatic difference, really.

    • Wesley: I'm not in love with this thing, Angel. But for some reason, I need it right now.
      Angel: Yeah, that's just weird.

    • Illyria: When the world met me, it shuddered, groaned. It knelt at my feet.
      Spike: (looks up, mocking) "Dear Penthouse, I don't normally write letters like this, but—"

    • Lorne: (talking on walkie-talkie) I repeat, Bluebird got wise. Secret Demon's cover is blown. Over. Hel-hello?! Is this on?

    • Amanda: (about the demon cult) Well, they are very religious... their religion, not the God one.

    • Lorne: You gotta keep your thingy on if this is gonna work. (Angel knocks Lorne's hat off of his head). Oh yeah, real mature!

    • Demon: Amanda. (holds his arms wide open) Ya look wonderful, huh? Huh?! So full of life. So how's our little oven-bun? Still kicking up a storm, I hope. Third trimester. (the other demons gesture thumbs-up) Any more pressure, shortness of breath? (Amanda nods) Well, that's normal. Are you taking the black cohosh we sent?
      Amanda: Mm-hmm.
      Demon: Lovely. Bipmep cut some articles out of this month's Fit Pregnancy. We'll send those along.

    • Wesley: She still thinks she's the God-King of the Universe.
      Gunn: So she's like a TV star?
      Wesley: No, nothing that bad. Bit more violent though.

    • Gunn: Yeah, I was just in his office and he--
      Lorne: Oh, God don't go in there! That's where he keeps his full strength crazy.
      Gunn: Yeah, I got a whiff of that.

    • Lorne: Angel wants me to start tailing Illyria. I got a little walkie-talkie and everything.

    • Angel: (on walkie-talkie) Lorne, this is Angel, can you hear me?
      Lorne: Uh... 10-4, good buddy.

  • Notes

    • As of this episode, every member of the Angel cast has been killed at some point, counting Harmony's death on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Graduation Day (2)" (3x22), Gunn's temporary death in "Ground State" (4x02), and Connor's metaphysical death in "Home" (4x22).

    • Jaime Bergman (Amanda) is David Boreanaz's wife.

  • Allusions

    • Hamilton: It's a business, boys, not a Batcave.
      A reference to the DC comics super hero Batman, a crime-fighter who maintains a secret, hidden lair called "The Batcave."

    • Spike: "Dear Penthouse, I don't normally write letters like this, but..."
      Spike makes reference to an adult publication called Penthouse which has a letters forum in which readers send in their personal stories of supposedly true sexual adventures.

    • Spike: Babe the blue ox
      Babe was the huge, blue ox companion of the lumberjack Paul Bunyan in American legend.

    • Spike: Yesterday, she spent two hours mind-melding with a potted fern.
      The character of Spock originally mind melded with people on the first Star Trek series. It has since been done by other Vulcans and become a staple of that species throughout the franchise.

    • Gunn: This place just went Poseidon on my ass. I don't know which way is up.
      The reference is to the movie The Poseidon Adventure in which a passenger ship is upside down.

    • Angel: She's come unstuck in time.
      At one point it's stated that Illyria has become "unstuck in time." This is a reference to the 1969 Kurt Vonnegut novel Slaughterhouse Five, where the protagonist Billy Pilgrim has an experience of time very similar to Illyria's.

    • Illyria: Ridiculous apes.
      Angel: Get your damn hands off me!
      The combined dialogue seems like an obvious reference to the classic 1968 film Planet of the Apes in which Charlton Heston's character delivers the infamous quote "Get your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!"

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