Season 3 Episode 22


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 20, 2002 on The WB
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Angel tries to make Connor feel at home in the Hyperion, but Justine tries to convince him that Angel is guilty of murdering Holtz. Meanwhile, Cordelia seems to be the only person who does not realize that she has fallen in love with Angel. When the light finally dawns, she decides that she must find a way to tell him.moreless

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  • The (semi)-demon ascends, the Angel sinks


    The Good;

    The ending is amazing, simultaneously heartrending and (literally) uplifting. Also love the touching Groo leaving scene and Fred's vamp impression.

    The Bad;

    The drive in film is Courage Under Fire which was brought out to little acclaim in 1996 so I'm not sure why it should be being shown again? How does CC drink the mockna and not stain her magnificent teeth?

    Best line:

    Lilah; "Mind if I join you?"

    Wes; "On many levels and with great intensity"

    Jeez, how did they get away with that?

    Connor cuts the head off Holtz's corpse. Wes tells Lilah post sex 'I wasn't even thinking of you when you were here', god, talk about the most heartless post-sex line EVER! And just for a second the mask slips and you can see the hurt in Lilah's eyes.

    Apocalypses: 5

    Angel Cliches

    In disguise; 8

    DB get's his shirt off; 12

    Cordy's tatt; 10

    Cheap Angel; 10 Angel thinks 50 cents is enough for a teenagers allowance. Even CC observes that he's 'tight with a buck'.

    Fang Gang in bondage: Angel chained and in a box

    Cordy: 5

    Angel: 12

    Wes: 6

    Gunn; 4

    Lorne; 3

    Fred; 2

    Fang gang knocked out: Angel is tasered into unconsciousness

    Cordy: 12

    Angel: 15

    Wes: 5

    Doyle; 1

    Gunn; 1

    Lorne; 3

    Groo; 1


    Cordy: 5 vamps, 3 demons

    Angel; 41 vamps, 57 and 1/2 demons, 7 humans

    Doyle; 1 vamp

    Wes; 12 demons+3 vamps, 2 humans

    Kate; 3 vamps

    Faith; 16 vamps, 6 demons, 3 humans.

    Gunn; 10 vamps+ 11 demons.

    Groo; 1 demon

    Fred; 1 vamp

    Connor; 2 vamps and 1 demon

    Fang Gang go evil:

    Cordy: 2

    Angel: 2

    Gunn; 1

    Wes; 1

    Alternate Fang Gang:

    Cordy: 2

    Angel: 8

    Fred; 1

    Characters killed:


    Recurring characters killed;


    Total number of Angel Investigations: Byebye Groo who unfortunately we'll never see again on the show although he shall return in the comics. I heard one rumour that in season 5 Harmony would have a 'Naked Musclely Hunks' calender and Fred would look at it and recognise one of the models as the Groo. Byebye Angel who's taking a dip at the bottom of the ocean, byebye CC who's taking a break as a celestial being and byebye Lorne who's off to Vegas. This officially leaves AI as Gunn, Fred and Connor, back to the same number as in the first episode of the show.

    3, Gunn, Fred, Connor

    Angel Investigations shot: no but Angel tasered again, it seems to be a highly effective weapon against vamps.

    Angel: 11

    Wes; 1

    Packing heat;

    Wes; 6

    Doyle; 1

    Angel; 2

    Gunn; 1

    Notches on Fang Gang bedpost: Lilah and Wes

    Cordy: 4 ?+Wilson/Hacksaw Beast+Phantom Dennis+Groo

    Angel: 5; Buffy, Darla and The Transcending Furies

    Wes; 3; Virginia, the bleached blonde and Lilah

    Gunn; 1 Fred

    Fred; 1 Gunn

    Groo; 1Cordy

    Kinky dinky:

    Lilah and Wes, once again Wes is violent as hell with Lilah yet this seems to turn her on and she ends up having sex with him. She seems intirgued to know what it's like to have your throat cut (one day she'll find out) Groo offers to rub CC's shlugtee which is actually Pylean for neck but that's not what she thinks he means. CC and Angel 'try out bedrooms' in the Hyperion. CC refuse to tell Connor the facts of life as Angel requests but one day she will graphically 'fill in the blanks for him'. Connor comments on CC's beauty.

    Captain Subtext;

    Lilah thinks Fred is cute.

    Know the face, different character; 4

    Parking garages;


    Buffy characters on Angel; 16

    Wetherby, Collins and Smith. Angel, Cordy, Oz, Spike, Buffy, Wes, Faith, Darla, Dru, The Master, Anne, Willow and Harmony

    Questions and observations;

    How does Lorne get on a commercial flight even with his fedora disguise? Connor refers to Holtz's home as having white cliffs which implies he's from Dover. Sorry to say goodbye to the Groo, your heart breaks for him but he does the honourable thing with dignity like the hero he is. CC looks at a season 1 pic of her, Wes and Angel demonstrating just how much things have changed (not least her hair). The scene where CC talks to an image of herself is very reminiscent of the scene in Xena where Aphrodite chats to her own reflection in the mirror. Connor refers to Angel as the Prince of Lies who Angel will encounter in 'Why we fight' (also underwater). Note when CC and Angel are finally getting together she's dyed her hair blonde, just like Darla and Buffy.

    Well, Joss and co not exactly scared to shake things up and leave us with a hell of a cliffhanger! Hugely powerful ep, so many aspects to praise.

    Marks out of 10; 9/10

  • 9.0
    Tomorrow is the best season finale in this whole series. Season 1's finale was happy/sappy. Season 2's finale was sad, but only if you care about Buffy. Season 4's finale was another cautious optimistic one, and season 5's finale can also be called cautiously optimistic, and rushed. Tomorrow ends with the two lamest members of Angel Investigations as the only one's standing. If you've read my other reviews, you know that means Gunn and Fred. Groo, who has become a shadow of his former self by this point, finally leaves because there's no point in him being there. Cordelia doesn't love him, he's a whiny little bugger and the last person he fought was Connor. Later Groo. Also leaving, I wish for good, is Lorne, who's got a gig in Vegas. He'll be back, but I can enjoy his departure here. Cordelia seemingly ascends to a higher being, but as later episodes reveal, she may actually die here, as Jasmine seems to have hijacked her body. As Cordelia ascends, Angel descends, being sunk into the ocean by Connor and Justine. Finally, Wes begins his relationship with Lilah. The badass character that Wes becomes in season 4 and 5 has his origins in these last few episodes, so with Wes being my favorite character, these are great episodes. All in all phenomenal episode. The only wasted opportunity here is the Justine character. I don't know if the ran out of time or not, but she was REALLY screwed over by Holtz, and now his protege Connor treats her like a tool just like his father, but she just takes it. Oh well.moreless
  • Cordelia goes up, and Angel goes down...

    This is certainly one of my favorite season finales in this series. We can really see that Connor was absolutely brainwashed by Holtz and make him hate his own father. Hate him enough to sink Angel to the bottom of the ocean! That's when I started not liking Connor so much. And this is pretty much the start of everything that happens in Season 4. Cordy ascends to a higher plane, and while she's up there, that's when Jasmine possesses her, but doesn't awake until Lorne brings back Cordy's memory in S4. So sad, this is the last episode we see the real Cordelia Chase.moreless
  • Ascend By Day/Descend By Night

    Tomorrow-Angel tries to make Connor feel at home in the Hyperion, but Justine tries to convince him that Angel is guilty of murdering Holtz. Meanwhile, Cordelia seems to be the only person who does not realize that she has fallen in love with Angel. When the light finally dawns, she decides that she must find a way to tell him.

    A very good season finale that ends the season well but continues to have developments that annoy me. Justine is the most gullible and dumbest character of the series. I mean Angel as well as the gang have helped her so many times, but she still acts like Holtz was such good guy all along is so annoying. Holtz has done more to hurt her than Angel has ever done, not to mention he has saved countless other poeple in front of her but she still...okay, I'm going to stop. Anyway, good parts are Connor and ANgel bonding, even though Connor was secretly trying to use Angel's own moves to defeat him. Also, the drive-in movie theater brawl are excellent. Wesley and Lilah continue to steal the show with their scenes together especially when you see they just slept with each other! Mark Lutz makes his last appearence as the Groosalugg as he leaves when Cordelia realizes she loves Angel. You can't help but anticipate as these 2 make their way to meet and express their true feelings. But then Skip returns as Cordelia realizes she has become a higher being. It's amazing how far the character has come to be once such a selfish stuck up rich girl she was to a selfless proclaimed goddess. The episode ends with a fantastic cliffhanger as Cordelia ascends into the heavens while Angel ironically descends to the depths of the ocean. One thing, why would Connor believe a woman he just meet that Angel killed her father? Why would he trust anything she says after the good his seen Angel do? I mean...okay, need to stop complaining. All and All, a great season finale with a stuinning cliffhanger despite the many annoyances with some parts of it. It sets up nicely for Angel's epic, apocalyptic and incredible 4th season!moreless
  • A fantastic ending to an incredible season.

    Tomorrow is an excellent episode and as a season finale, is only topped by Not Fade Away. It answers some questions and asks some new ones and is the perfect definition of a cliffhanger ending.

    This episode ends the Teenage Connor arc of the season in spectacular style and is a shock at every turn and remains emotional throughout. However it also finishes one of other main arcs of the season; Angel and Cordelia falling in love. It was so great to hear Cordy admit it to herself here and as we've known of Angel's feelings for some time, it was heartbreaking to see them about to admit it but never actually getting to. Connor was extremely clever in this episode; whilst I disliked him from this episode on, I have to admit his plan was excellent. To sink Angel to the bottom of the ocean was a masterplan and it shows Holtz prepared him for vengeance even better than he though. Justine was basically just a partner here; Connor was the true brains behind the creation and execution of this plan. I don't think either Connor or Justine are evil- they're both just extremely damaged people. Their views of good and evil are so twisted and warped by Holtz they do evil things in the name of good. Justine seems obsessed with Holtz at this point- she acts cold and calm all the way through this episode whilst watching this young boy imprison his innocent father for all eternity. Justine is a very interesting character and my definite favourite out of her, Holtz and Sahjhan for the simple point that I truly feel for her. Laurel Holloman is a fantastic actress and enables me to connect to Justine more than I did Holtz, even though Holtz had a more tragic past. I'm sad she only has 1 episode left; I would have loved more of her.

    The Cordelia and Angel storyline was another high point of this episode and, as a Cangel fan, I was delighted to see Cordy admitting she loves him. This is the icing on the cake for Angel and he seems to be getting everything he's ever wanted, a family. I really admired Groo here as he showed remarkable selflessness by telling Cordelia she loves another man and should be with him, and then leaving. He pushed Cordy to reveal her innermost feelings here and I admire him for it.

    This episode is also a key moment in the Jasmine arc of next season- Cordelia ente Jasmine's realm here. It's an excellent moment and looked beautiful and creates a great parallel between the images of Angel sinking into darkness and Cordelia levitating towards the light. Wesley and Lilah's relationship truly starts here with them sleeping together. They have some great banter together and Alexis and Stephanie has good chemistry. I like this relationship and it's certainly interesting and shows Wesley is no longer concerned with what is right.

    Tomorrow is an excellent season finale to the brilliant Season 3. Definitely a highlight of the series.


    Season 3. An excellent season by any standards. It has it all. The cast felt like a true family here and everyone seemed so comfortable together and they all work together so excellently. It had an amazing arc and some outstanding episodes but one thing drags it down significantly; the villains.

    Last year we had the amazing combination of Darla, Drusilla, Lindsey and Lilah, who were all excellent. However this year we have the awful Sahjhan, the lacklustre Holtz, the great Justine and the always brilliant Lilah. I can't even begin to say how awful Sahjhan was; he was boring, poorly acted and completely unmenacing. Holtz was acted averagely but at least he had a good arc and past. I really liked Justine though and she was probably the most convincing of the three. Lilah really came into her own this season though- demonstrating her evil and maliciousness in almost every episode.

    The episodes this season were mostly good with no really horrible ones (maybe That Old Gang of Mine) and some fantastic ones. They pulled out all the stops to make it excellent and succeeded. Score: 9/10

    Rank: #3 of #5moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Connor is tightening the bolts on Angel's coffin, he is using a cordless drill but the sound department used the sound effect of a compressed air impact tool. There is no way to get that sound from a cordless drill. Even cordless drills that have an impact option do not sound like that.

    • Not only is Groo slumped in a really awkward position on the couch when Gunn and Fred enter (apparently just so they can't see him) but they say nobody's there the second they step into the lobby from outside. Doesn't it seem odd they'd just look at the empty lobby only and assume that?

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Skip: It's not the end, it's the beginning. You're a great warrior, Cordelia. The battle we're all a part of is fought on many different planes and dimensions. You've outgrown this one. You've become a higher being.

    • Linwood: Now we're even.
      Angel: Now you're dead.
      Linwood: What? You're gonna kill a human in front of your son? Set an example?
      Gunn: I vote yes.
      Angel: You're not human.
      (a siren is heard in the distance)
      Linwood: We should probably both get...
      (Connor pushes Angel out of the way and grabs Linwood)
      Connor: Stay away from my father. (pushes Linwood down)
      Linwood: I'm not your enemy. We can help you, Steven.
      Connor: My name is Connor.

    • Angel: Someday you'll learn the truth - and you'll hate yourself. Don't. It's not your fault. I don't blame you.

    • Groosalugg: Angel and Cordelia are upstairs, trying out bedrooms.

    • Connor: Killing is too good for you. You don't get to die. You get to live... Forever.

    • Angel: Is this kid a chip off the old block or what, huh?
      Cordy: He's chippy!

    • Angel: (talking about Connor) Well someone's gotta make sure he knows the facts of life! My track record with the whole man/woman thing isn't, you know--don't wanna use the words--'tragic farce.'
      Cordy: Why not?

    • Lilah: (after having sex with Wesley) Your former boss has a soul and you're losing yours. Why, you're just new all over, aren't you?

    • Fred: He's really happy. (starts to jab Angel in the back with a stake) But not too happy, I hope.
      Angel: No. Ouch!

    • Angel: (during a training exercise) Vampire! (Fred leaps up, grrs, makes clawing motions) Vampire. You're not in Cats.

    • Lilah: What was it like when Justine cut your throat?
      Wesley: (grabbing her throat) Are you terribly anxious to find out?

    • (to Wesley)
      Lilah: I care about you as one human being to another--just kidding!

    • Lilah: Mind if I join you?
      Wesley: On many levels and with great intensity.

    • (talking about Connor)
      Angel: I don't even own a TV. He's gonna want to watch TV. Not too much, I mean after homework and chores. He's gonna need clothes, weekly allowance. What's good nowadays? Fifty cents? A dollar?
      Cordy: Yeah, if you're Tom Sawyer painting a fence.

    • Cordy: So it's mock Mock-Na!

    • Angel: I found Holtz.
      Cordelia: And?
      Angel: I didn't kill him.
      Cordelia: Maybe you're growing as a person.

    • Groosalug: ... it is always an honour to make sex with you.

    • (after sex)
      Lilah: Don't think about me when I'm gone.
      Wesley: I wasn't thinking about you when you were here.

    • Cordelia: I am in love with Angel.

  • NOTES (5)

    • This episode marks the final appearence of Keith Szarabajka "Holtz" on the series.

    • There is some debate about this, but this episode may be the last time we see the real Cordelia before her final appearance in 'You're Welcome' (5x12), since during the 4th season she is a higher being, has amnesia, is controlled by Jasmine, or is in a coma.

    • This episode marks the last appearance of Mark Lutz (The Groosalugg).

    • This is David Greenwalt's last episode before he left the series to work on Miracles for ABC. David Simkins was brought in as executive producer but he left after a couple of months and the position was given to Jeffrey Bell.

    • The drive-in movie appears to be Courage Under Fire, starring Meg Ryan and Denzel Washington. Of course, we only see some generic combat footage.