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  • Season 5 Episode 22: Not Fade Away

  • Spike says that he's not wearing any amulets, bracelets, broaches, beads, pendants, pins or rings. This is because last time he wore an amulet, in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer finale, he burned to death.

  • We finally get to hear the rest of Spike's poem to Cecily that was first mentioned in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Fool For Love" (5x07).

  • When Lindsey says to Eve that he's glad she's the one thing in his life Angel didn't "get his mitts on", it becomes apparent that Eve omitted to tell Lindsey about their mystical liaison at the Halloween Party.

  • When the guys are "fighting" Angel at the beginning, Spike doesn't have his jacket, but when they are back at his place, he does have it. When did he get it? Or, rather, where did he put it?

  • Angel tells Connor that he was at the very first taping of The Carol Burnett Show in 1967, then remarks that "Conway was on fire that night." Tim Conway did not join the cast of that series until 1975, when he replaced Lyle Waggoner, and was not in the first episode.

  • When the Wolfram and Hart building is falling apart, you can see a large pillar floating down and up like it's supported by a wire. One thing is the obvious wire, but how did the pillar get in that position anyway?

  • Season 5 Episode 21: Power Play

  • Members of the Circle of the Black Thorn include: Senator Bruckner who was introduced in this episode, Cyvus Vail from "Origin" (5x18), Izzy (the devil) from "You're Welcome" (5x12), the Fell Brethren Leader from "Time Bomb" (5x19), and Archduke Sebassis from "Life of the Party" (5x05).

  • Senator Brucker: Oh, I go way back with this firm, back when Holland Manners was in charge.
    Seemingly, Holland was never in charge of the entire Wolfram & Hart law firm. He was head of the "Special Projects" division.

  • Season 5 Episode 20: The Girl in Question

  • When Angel gets the call about Buffy, Spike asks: "What is it this time? Uber-vamps, demon-gods, devil robots?" The first of those is a reference to Buffy's season seven, in which they were part of the First's army. They have never appeared on Angel, only the other two have (Illyria and the cyborgs from "Lineage" respectively).

  • Spike's jacket gets blown to pieces in this episode. He gets another 10 from Bianci of Wolfram & Hart Rome, but its not the same exact jacket.

  • Andrew makes it very clear at the end of "Damage" that he and Scoobies think that Angel is evil and yet he has no problem inviting him into his apartment? He's not even worried that the now "evil" Angel would be angry that Andrew double-crossed him?

  • Judging by the blast zone after the bomb explodes there was no way Spike and Angel could have survived it at that range. Even if you ignore the fact that the two of them should have caught fire from the blast, and then died from that, the blast would have blown them apart. You could argue that vampires have more resilient bodies than humans and that's how they survived, but as Spike was holding the bomb he certainly should have at least lost his arms (again)!

  • Spike says he's been wearing his leather jacket for over 30 years. But he got it in 1977, which was only 27 years before this episode aired.

  • Angel asks the female Italian bartender at the club in his own words, "We're looking for a girl, American, blonde hair, blue eyes." referring to Buffy Summers.

  • Season 5 Episode 19: Time Bomb

  • Illyria shoves Wesley and his desk against a window and the blinds are closed. In the next shot, as she leaves his office, the blinds are open.

  • When Spike is talking about Illyria's fighting ability, he refers to "Brazilian Ninjutsu." There is no such style. Spike seemed to confuse Ninjutsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

  • Season 5 Episode 18: Origin

  • At the beginning of the episode Wesley tells Angel that Illyria had just put a petri dish in her mouth. Wesley pronounces the word "petri" with a long "e" sound, which is the American pronunciation. As Wesley is English he should have used the British English pronunciation of the word which uses a short "e" sound.

  • When Vail tells Angel he wants Sahjahn dead, Angel says he has already trapped him in an urn, but it wasn't Angel who did it, it was Justine. This happened in "Forgiving" (3x17).

  • After leaving W & H unsuccessfully, Connor's family pulls into the parking lot of a motel. The first shot of them pulling in, there are parked cars on either side of their van, but in the next shots there are no cars.

  • Season 5 Episode 17: Underneath

  • The design on the medallion that Lindsey is wearing changes in the closeup shot right before Angel rips it off of his neck.

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