Season 5 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 14, 2004 on The WB

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  • Lindsay has his own private hell.

    Angel and Spike seek out Eve(il) to see if they can get some more info on what the Senior Partners have planned. Eve(il) has been holed up in Lindsays apartment for protection. As Angel and Spike interrogate her, the protective markings on the walls disappear and someone is coming. Eve(il) is terrified and says she will tell them whatever she needs to, but she needs their protection. She tells the gang that they had someone who could have told them ANYTHING they needed to know about the Senior Partners but that they had let him get taken. Yup, Lindsay.
    The rest of this ep is spent getting Gunn out of bed and back with the gang. Then the gang (Spike, Angel, Gunn) go to hell (the burbs) and find Lindsay. Seems he is in some suburbian nightmare that he relives every day. He has a wife and son, but every day he gets sent to the cellar for a lightbulb and this hideous monster cuts his heart out. Long story short: They get Lindsay out but they have to leave someone behind to take his place. Gunn stays, because he considers it atonement. Lindsay also clues Angel in on something, the apocalypse has already begun and Angel is exactly where the Senior Partners wanted him to be. Oh yeah, we meet Hamilton, who is the new liason to the Senior Partners.
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