Season 5 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 14, 2004 on The WB

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  • "I walked worlds of torment.."

    Underneath is another excellent episode of Season 5 but unfortunately the secondary storyline is far more interesting than the main one and some parts can drag a bit.

    The main story of rescuing Lindsey from hell was OK but not amazing or anything. I'm not a fan on Lindsey, or Christian Kane for that matter, so I wasn't too pleased to see him again. Christian Kane just smirks far too much for me to like his acting and just sort of irritates me lots. I didn't really like the holding cells idea- the Senior Partners could easily have figured out a hell for Lindsey to go to in moments, so th holding cells are a bit redundant. I liked the idea of the getting their heart ripped out every day though. I liked Eve here- she's really growing on me. She's no Lilah or anythin but she's quite a good character. I enjoyed the team of her, Lorne and Harmony- they make for good laughs. Hamilton revealing that he isn't there to kill her but to make her sign over her immortality was good and a nice twist. I don't really know what to make of Hamilton though. I just LOVED the Wesley and Illyria scenes though. They were outstanding and Illyria's speeches are brilliant. I loved her talking about her past life and walking different worlds. I also LOVED the Fred/Wesley dreams sequence as well- it was wonderfully done and made me really appreciate and miss Fred. It's confusing- I love Fred but love Illyria too, so I can't choose! Also loved the rooftop scene - it was again brilliant and helped us get better insight into Illyria. Also, the line "You called me a smurf" made me laugh. Illyria's costume is still amazing.

    Underneath is a great episode with a brilliant secondary storyline. The revelation that the apocalypse is going on under Angel's nose is great and sets up the next 5 episodes nicely. It wasn't the best of S5 but not the worst- it made you think. Not to be missed, purely for the Illyria and Wesley scenes.
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