Season 1 Episode 20

War Zone

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 09, 2000 on The WB

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  • 'I don't need advice from some middle-class white dude who's dead!'

    ‘War Zone’ is a very well written episode and way to introduce a new character to the show. But the episode is not perfect.

    The teaser features a girl on the street and some vamps following her, but then someone tough shows up but it’s not Angel ‘are you expecting somebody else?’ actually, yes.

    This case, Angel and his co-workers go to a party of a famous guy named David Nabbitt. David has been a bad boy and is a big nerdy millionaire. He has slept with some demon prostitutes and someone made pictures of it, that person is asking David for money or else he will give the pictures to the public and it would ruin David so he’s trying to prevent it. The storyline isn’t exactly exciting even though it added some hilarious lines of Cordy who is money freaked and they got a lot of money from David.

    Meanwhile the gang fights the vampires but one of the group dies. Alonna who is the sister of the leader Gunn, is afraid that Gunn might die as well but he tells her that it isn’t gonna happen. Both characters were immediately loveable especially because of the brother/sister bond they had.

    While Angel finds himself the guy who took David’s pictures, he threatens him a bit and makes him scared. On the second time when he brings the pictures the guy brings a demon to protect him, after Angel struggling he breaks the demons neck and the guy leaves the pictures. Angel stays wounded but before he knows it he gets attacked by Gunn’s gang. Angel escapes into some sort of tunnel that turns out to be filled with booby traps and when Alonna attacks him he grabs her, but he has no interest in her and dumps her on the floor and saves her from an arrow that gets shot on her. Gunn lets him go because of that but tells him that he will kill Angel if he shows up once again.

    He less interesting side of the episode was the vampire gang, they were a bit corny and eye-rolling. They set up a trap for Gunn and when Alonna tries to flee she gets kidnapped into a truck, Gunn tries to rescue her but it’s to late and they bite her and hit him away.

    The best part of the episode was when Gunn seeks Alonna, he finds her undead and she tells him how much better it is as a vampire. It was a powerful scene and the dialog was superb on how she talked to Gunn about their past and that he is falling now, when she reaches to sire him he says goodbye and stakes her.

    Gunn proved to be a worthy character and Angel tells him to stick around because he might need his help, that made it obvious that Gunn was going to play a bigger role on the series.
    The Cordy/Wesley interactions were also getting better and funner, the episode proved to be worthy except for the lame vampire gang.