Season 1 Episode 20

War Zone

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 09, 2000 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Angel breaks the demon's neck, the demon's shirt lifts in the back and the stuntman's back safety pads are clearly visible. Then, he drops the demon to the ground, face first, but when the shot changes the demon is on his back.

    • Angel has no wound in his hand when Cordy is patching him up, although he caught a crossbow bolt through it earlier. Since Angel has displayed bruises and cuts for long periods in other episodes (such as "The Ring"), it's not clear why the hand wound would have healed so fast.

    • When Cordelia is patching up Angel, she bandages up the hole in his chest, but there is no hole in his back (where the stake went in).

  • Quotes

    • Angel: Here's the deal. You can go.
      Vamp: What?
      Angel: If you go now, and I never see any of you again, you get to live.
      Vamp: Are you high?
      Angel: L.A.'s my territory. You want to stay out of it for the rest of your eternal lives. These kids, my town, off limits from now on.
      Vamp: Who the Hell are you? You know who you're talkin' to, you fool?
      Angel: Name's Angelus. (stakes him) I wasn't actually talkin' to you.

    • Alonna: Remember when we were kids in that shelter on Plummer Street, hmm? Second floor was all rotted out. You used to dare kids to cross, and of course you were the best at it, because you were the, you were the bravest. I wanted to be like you so bad, so I went up, and the floor gave out. I would have broken my neck, but you'd been watching me the whole time. You were standing right below, and you caught me. Ever since I can remember you've been looking out for me. But you don't have to any more, because I'm good, and it's my turn to look out for you now.
      Gunn: How?
      Alonna: Look at you. You're running and hiding, cold and hungry. You call that living? You're the one that's falling now. Let me catch you. Don't you want to stop falling? I'm gonna fix it. Oh, say goodbye to everything you ever knew.
      Gunn: Good-bye.
      (Gunn stakes her)

    • Cordelia: You know - there is nothing like riding in a convertible - with the top down to make you see the sun and the sand. Mmm - smell that salt air!
      Wesley: That's not salt.
      Cordelia: I don't think it's air either, but reality is a choice, Wesley. You see what you wanna see and I see what I wanna see.
      Wesley: A man exiting an alley pushing a shopping cart.
      Cordelia: No. I see a very tan life-guard type with large...
      Wesley: No, over there. These kids must have got electricity into their building. They might have tapped into one of the power lines and run it illegally. If I could spot the tap, that would tell us where their hide-out is. You go ask this gentleman if he's seen anyone that fits the description of our young vampire killers, while I check the power line for any taps.
      Cordelia: Uh, why don't you ask him and I check for taps?
      Wesley: Because you can imagine him as a scantily clad, buff, young stud, while I am stuck with the naked truth.

    • Cordelia: I like David. It's such a strong, masculine name. Just feels good in your mouth.

    • Lenny: Look, pal. You're obviously not from around here. But trust me, you do not want to see my bad side.
      Angel: You show me yours, (vamps out) I'll show you mine.

    • Lenny: What do you want?
      Angel: Good question. What do I want. Love, family, place on this planet I can call my own. But you know what?
      Lenny: What?
      Angel: I'm never going to have any of those things. And unless these few minutes go exactly the way I want them to, neither are you.

    • Wesley: You went to Madame Dorian's?
      David: Just once.
      Wesley: It's a demon brothel.
      David: Or twice.
      Wesley: In Bel Air, I believe. The Watcher's Council is rife with stories about it.
      Angel: How many...
      David: Twelve times.
      Angel: ...people knew about you doing it?

    • David: I used to play a lot in high school. You know, it was pretty cool. Get to be someone else for a while -- a wizard, a warrior, you know, whole world is magic, and you're fighting troglodytes and romancing exotic demon princesses. You know, it's a rush.
      Cordelia: Did someone find out you were a big nerd?
      David: No, that's actually public record.

    • David: I've always said that I would make a billion dollars in the software and learn to talk to girls. I'm still working on step two.

    • Wesley: You should've tried to call us on your cell phone. You probably forgot you had it.
      Angel: These things hardly ever work. Besides it was a lot easier and quicker to just -- Look, I'm the boss here, I say when we use the cell phones and people are gonna die and I have to go.

    • Gunn: How come you do it? How come you're out here?
      Angel: What else are we gonna do? I'll be around.
      Gunn: I don't need no help.
      Angel: I might.

    • Gunn: What you doin' here?
      Angel: Skulking. Professionally.

    • Cordelia: I think, perspectively speaking, I might want to prostitute myself to billionaire David Nabbit.
      Wesley: Cordelia...
      Cordelia: What I mean is...he's a nice guy who wants companionship. I could use some security. So when I say "prostitute", what I mean is...
      Wesley: Prostitute.
      Cordelia: For instance.

    • Gunn: I don't need advice from some middle-class white dude who's dead!

    • Cordelia: (bandaging Angel) You should rest. You look —
      Angel: Like I've been beaten and stabbed?

    • Cordelia: Ahh, I've missed that smell.
      Wesley: Camembert, I believe.
      Cordelia: Ah, what? No, money. I like to smell a little money once in a while.
      Angel: She's not just saying that. Hide some in the office some time and watch her. It's uncanny.

    • David: Are you familiar with Dungeons and Dragons?
      Angel: Yeah, I've seen a few.
      Wesley: You mean the role-playing game?
      Angel: Oh, game. Right.

  • Notes

    • Music:
      At David Nabbit's party -- "Para Lennon & McCartney" by A Friend From Rio

      At the demon brothel -- "Hellfire" from The APM Music Library

    • This episode scored a rating of 4.7/7 in the overnight Nielsen ratings, ranking 3rd out of 16 WB shows airing for that week.

    • David Nabbit, geeky software billionaire is introduced in this episode, and was intended to become a recurring character on the show. Unfortunately, scheduling didn't really work out with actor David Herman and the Nabbitt disappeared soon after.

    • The score music heard during the scene where Angel is running through the warehouse from Gunn and his crew is the same as heard in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Becoming Part 2" (2x22) during the Buffy/Angelus sword fight. That same score can be heard in previous episodes, such as "Five by Five" (1x18) and "I Will Remember You" (1x08), because Christophe Beck, who co-composed the first season of Angel, composed these same scores for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and recycled them. Old scores from the show's 2nd and 3rd seasons can be heard throughout the first season of Angel.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Charles Gunn.

    • Gunn was named after actor Sean Gunn (who guest starred in the previous episodes "Hero" (1x09) and "She" (1x13)) and his brother writer James Gunn, who, like Joss Whedon, is a comic book afficionado. James also wrote the film Scooby-Doo which starred Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy).

  • Allusions

    • David: Are you familiar with Dungeons and Dragons?
      Dungeons and Dragons is a massively popular role-playing game where people pretend to be heroes in a made up world. The game involves dice, rulebooks, and can be highly addictive.