Angela Anaconda

Nickelodeon (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Hard To Swallow
      Hard To Swallow
      Episode 17
      When Nanette insists that her pure bred French poodle, Oo-La-La is superior in loyalty to Angela's dog King, Angela decides to prove her wrong by luring Oo-La-La away from the Manoir estate and hide him in her backyard. At the same time Angela's Grandma Lou has arrived from the Florida Everglades with her per alligator Barney, who, unknown to Angela, is also in the backyard . Later when Oo-La-La's rhinestone dog collar is found Angela assumes that Barney the alligator must have eaten the pampered poodle. It turns out that Oo-La-La is just stuck in a drain pipe and it is King and Angela to the rescue.moreless
    • Pizza Wars
      Pizza Wars
      Episode 16
      The Abatti's and the Sabatto's are feuding over their rival pizza parlors. Angela suggests that the Abatti's offer a $2 discount to anyone who rips the Sabatto's ad from the phone book. After Johnny's grandmother finds a rat in the pizza sauce, she is certain that the Sabatto's have put it there as a sign of a vendetta and that Angela should fear for her life. Angela fantasizes about life on the lam until it is discovered that there is no vendetta - Johnny's Uncle Nicky simply forgot to call the exterminator.moreless
    • The Dog Ate It
      The Dog Ate It
      Episode 15
      After a 'normal' morning at the Anaconda home results in Angela's homework litterally being eaten by King, Angela's attempt at convincing as to why she doesn't have her homework gets some weird results.
    • Stuck On You
      Stuck On You
      Episode 14
      Angela tries to break her personal record for bubble-gum blowing. Tragedy strikes when an unfortunate chain of events causes Angela and Nanette to be stuck together at the hair, by a giant wad of gum! Mrs. Brinks offers to snip away at the problem with her safety scissors but Nanette will have nothing of the sort. She will only let her personal hair surgeon, Pierre touch her perfect curls. Angela is forced to spend the day literally stuck to Nanette's side.moreless
    • Stuck on You & Hard to Swallow
    • Hot Bob and Chocolate
      When Angela makes a mistake in a grammer game (saying I love Bob and Hot Chocolate instead of Bob and I love Hot Chocolate), Nanette immediately spreads a rumor that Angela likes 'Bob'.
    • Cloak and Dagger & The Dog Ate It
    • Cloak and Dagger
      Cloak and Dagger
      Episode 12
    • Fairweather Friends
      Nanette, who is absent from school with the flu, was head of the Spring Fling decorating committee, until there is a draw held to replace her. Angela is chosen and January and Karlene, desperate for someone to cling to, decide that Angela is now their new leader. She's enjoying the good life with two slaves of her very own, until someone else is deemed "in charge" and the fairweather friends move on to their new chosen one.moreless
    • Fairweather Friends & Turtle Confessions
    • Who's Sari Now?
      Who's Sari Now?
      Episode 10
      A foreign Prince visits Angela's school and guess who is picked to show him around? But, to Angela's dismay, the Prince falls head over heals in love with Nanette. This drives Angela crazy and Johnny even crazier as he has lost the attention he used to get from both girls. When Johnny tries to gain back his popularity, Angela has to physically defend him, and in turn, the fickle Prince falls in love with her "fiery" personality - for a moment or two.moreless
    • Who's Sari Now & Saving Private Gordy
    • Touched by an Angel-A & Puppy Love
    • Touched By an Angel-A
      Josephine Praline tells Angela that if she cannot be nice to Nanette she will never be "touched by an Angel", and her life will be nothing but trouble. After a series of strange accidents, Angela begins to believe Josephine and starts on a quest to be nice to Nanette. When Nanette becomes intolerable, Angela tries to find something nice to say about her, but all she is thankful for is that there is only one of her!moreless
    • Turtle Confessions
      Angela's pet turtle ends up running away and Gordy, Johnny and Gina must help her find him.
    • Saving Private Gordy
      When Gordy expresses an interest in football, through horticulture, Coach Rhinehart looks for a "few good men" to teach his boy the finer points of the game. Angela's brothers, Derek and Mark, are recruited for the mission. Angela fears that Gordy will never make it through the day and takes it upon herself to save Gordy from sure death. Angela ends up taking the fall while Gordy ends up teaching her brothers how to make chocolate soufflé.moreless
    • Puppy Love
      Puppy Love
      Episode 6
      Nanette's poodle, Oo-La-La has gone missing, and there is a reward for her safe return. After the kids unsuccessfully scour the neighborhood, Angela returns home to find Oo-La-La in her own backyard, but she cannot persuade the pooch to leave. So, she takes pictures as proof, but Nanette misunderstands and accuses Angela of blackmail. The Manoir's go to Angela's to collect their dog, and King goes home with them, breaking poor Angela's heart. But, King soon decides that he's not cut out for the "good life" and returns home to Angela.moreless
    • Ice Breakers / You're So Vain
      Ice Breakers Angela arrives at her beginner ice skating class to find that Nanette has also joined! Worse yet, she already knows how to skate and her show-off moves cause Angela to fall and break her arm. The good news is that Angela gets a cool glow-in-the-dark cast for all of her friends to sign. But Nanette maneuver's her way to the front of the line and signs her name in HUGE LETTERS. Now Angela is forced to look at Nanette's name every day - and night! You're So Vain Angela's has to write a poem about someone she that admires, so she chooses her dog, King. But while she is reciting her poem, Mrs. Brinks thinks it's about her. Now Angela is the new teacher's pet and Nanette is furious! As soon as she discovers the true subject of Angela's poem, she is quick to tattle and regain her position as favorite student. Angela ends up in the proverbial doghouse, sentenced once again to cleaning the chalk board erasers.moreless
    • Pranks for the Memories
      PRANKS FOR THE MEMORIES Angela can not remember a single day when she has not gotten into trouble with Mrs. Brinks. Today looks like it could be a first. School is almost over and Angela is beaming over the fact that she does not have eraser clapping duty or detention. Of course, Mrs. Brinks distrusts Angela's smile and gives her detention just for suspecting Angela is up to no good. Well, that's it! Angela has had enough. If she's going to get into trouble for things she doesn't do, she might as well start actually causing some trouble. She enlists her brothers for help. After all, they are master troublemakers. They torture her during the learning process but it's worth it in the end. With her smarts combined with their pranking abilities, Angela is ready to become a master prankster. Soon the school is turned on its ear. Angela cranks out fabulous prank after fabulous prank. So fabulous are her pranks, no one suspects her. Well, Angela decides she wants credits for her hard work. However, her brother's taught her that a master prankster never gets caught. How is Angela going to get the credit she deserves and not get into trouble for it?

      SPACE CAMP Angela and a few other children of Tapwater Springs are at Space Camp. They all have high hopes of becoming junior astronaut. However, Astronaut Bob informs them, only one kid can become a junior astronaut. Competitions will be set up - the loser of each competition will be eliminated until only one person is left. Angela desperately wants to win. Unfortunately, so does Nanette. So, at each competition, Nanette and Angela try to eliminate each other. Angela tries to make Nanette laugh her way out of a competition - Gina ends up losing through a fit of giggles. Nanette tries to eliminate Angela via cheating - January and Karlene end up being thrown out instead. In fact, each time the two enemies try to eliminate one another, an innocent bystander gets ousted. Finally, only Angela, Johnny and Nanette remain. Angela decides that since Johnny has been playing fairly from the beginning, and really only ever wanted to have fun, she will help him win. Besides, all that really matters in the end is that Nanette loses.moreless

    • Out On A Limb
      Out On A Limb
      Episode 2
      Angela climbs the biggest and oldest oak tree in the city and is afraid to come down. Nanette's dad plans to cut down the tree to make way for a new mall.
    • Angela Anaconda
      Angela Anaconda
      Episode 1
      An imaginative girl competes with her third grade archenemy, Nanette Manoir, in whimsical daydreams.
    • Pet Peeves / Rat Heros
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