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  • Entertaining and funny, despite the animation.

    I find it very annoying that most of the people leaving reviews on this show are just complaining about how "lazy" and "terrible" the animation is. The animation for this show actually takes a lot of work. It's meant to look like paper-cutouts put together on a page, and it absolutely does. It involves a lot of photography and assembly to get all the settings and characters for the show put together. Sure, maybe it doesn't LOOK so appealing to some, but that's not the point of the show. If any of these people had actually bothered to WATCH it instead of just listening to some moron on YouTube droning on about how much he hates the animation, you would see that the show can actually be very funny! Unironically, too! Because it was made in the 90's-early 2000's, there are a lot of adult jokes and humor that are very entertaining. Angela is a very relatable character, despite only being 8, and while the plots of the episodes can be rather clich at times, Sue Rose definitely does her best to make them interesting and fun to watch. I suggest some of you actually go online and watch some full episodes. I recommend Model Behavior and You're So Vain. In summary, despite the show's animation being a little unpleasant to look at, it's very entertaining and funny, as well as relatable.
  • No wonder Disney bought Fox Kids.

    I mean, MY GOD!!! This show is one of the most UNGODLY animated shows I have ever seen. It's even SCARIER than Courage the Cowardly Dog (which is a show I love). This show is like if Courage the Cowardly Dog was REALLY scary, even without the dark humor.
  • Lazy, Lousey, Annoying, and Ugly

    This has got to be among the laziest, ugliest, most annoying, and bland show to use such animation. It can work in some cases but boy was it poorly executed. The characters are all annoying with equally annoying voices, the style/art is ugly, the plots are at best bland, and the setting is no better. Seriously could the studio not afford to create better animation than this? Were animators on strike or something? Was that something trying to be unique and innovative? Heck I won't be surprised if the artists and animators flunk art class because it seemed like they didn't really try. Come to think of it they probably did and the same goes for the voice actors and writers. Boy was such effort and potential botched. There's nothing really redeeming about this eyesore. I recommend giving this show a skip.
  • UH! This show!

    W- W- W- What is this show!? Who wouldn't find this ugly!? It would be better if the character's skin color was normal, not gray, and the creators got better voice actors. Angela's voice is horrible and sounds like she was voiced by a man.
  • One of the worst shows I've ever seen in my life.

    I have no idea what people are supposed to like about the show. The bizarre animation style? No, it's just creepy and lazy. The characters? None of them are interesting or likable. The plot? What plot? It's just Angela doing boring/stupid stuff while talking about how much she hates Nanette and how awful of a person she is.

    Seriously Angela is a very disturbing character. She's arrogant, obnoxious, and even gets sickening glee from wanting to see her so called enemy suffer. And yet... Nanette has not even come close to deserve that kind of hate.

    In a nutshell, our protagonist is a sociopath, and the fact this show is expecting us to root for her over some snobby kiss up is nothing short of asinine. Whoever thought up this show, you have serious issues. Get professional help.
  • My name is Angela, oh hello! Welcome to my very own show! I'll introduce myself to you! Oh no its Ninniepoo!


    This was one of my favourite TV shows as a child. I certainly didn't mind the paperclip drawings.

    Some people might not have enjoyed it due to Angela's overactive imagination, but that was the show's charm, if you ask me.

    That and Angela was easy to relate to. This show dealt with problems every other 3rd grader had to deal with.

    I certainly think this show was a good show.

  • " Help me! Help me! " cried Angela. But I didn't care so I flushed her down the toilet. " I'll get you for this! " said Angela as she was already clogged down the drain.

    Angela Anaconda first aired as a plot which appeared from an episode of Kablam. Now since it got it's own show years ago , this could be much horrible then the rest of the reviews and I mean really , we see animation being done in paperclips which is actually taken from The Flying Circus Show that used to be aired on BBC and it also has uncomfortable characters to see and the voices are like to give you a headache which means , the voices are abymsal at its best. Now all we see is yes adventures of Angela Anaconda and her friends but the most important icing is how Angela thinks about her enemy being tortured in each of the episodes on how it goes. Now if your wondering why I gave it a 1... well it's because in the plot , Angela was much uglier and this show can sometimes be a little relaxing even though this show is still badly made and overall this is what the results are... a cartoon that has paperclips as the world of Angela Anaconda which gives the show an imaginating torturement of a 1.0 out of 10.0
  • a girl goes to school with her friends

    THis show uses an interesting innovative technique to draw the characters by using photographics and animation mixed. it features the life of a elementary school girl called Angela and her three friends and their adventures. Their skin is all grey which is interesting and the animation has a sort of animation style where its hard to define but its cgi. the characters are all fairly unique and the plots too like when angela has to stay with mr and mrs brinks (her teacher whom she dislikes) due to rain. Its quite a good show. There are lots of unique adventures they all have. Angela has these visions in her brain of her imagination where she fights her enemy nannette, a girl who likes all things french and wealthy and whom angela dislikes strongly.
  • A good show I used to watch when I was younger.

    This is a fun show to watch and it was quite cleverly made IMO but it was a bit silly at times. I loved the thoughts that Angela had; that was my favourite part of the show. The animation was a bit strange but I can forgive that because the show itself is funny. The characters were pretty good and the storylines were okay but it watched this for the humour more than anything else. It is definitely a guilty pleasure for me. This is not one of my favourite shows but it is still a decent one and good enough to watch.
  • when this show first came on air, I thought it was stupid and utterly pointless... but wouldn't ya know it? I sat down and actually liked it... I openly admit that I adore this show and the effect it has on me...

    I suppose the main reason I like this show is not because it looks like a bunch of kids made it... (I think that's actually the style... so boo to those of you that said it looks cruddy...) but it's because of the effect it has on me. this show makes me remember when I was a kid... how I hated certain people and how I hung out with mostly the same people each and every day. personally, I hate fashion and people who act like sheep... and I suppose that's how Nanette Manoir is portrayed... the leader of fashion while January and Karlene are her "sheep" who follow along with whatever she does. Angela is the one who hates the "clones" and "Ninny-poo" but somewhere deep down, she wishes she was one of them... yeah right! she has her three best friends whom she's always around. her best friend Gina who is as smart as she is plump... Gordy who is asthmatic and Johnny, the cool guy who is considered a loser because he's dumb. this just happens to be a weird relationship because Gordy has a crush on Gina and Johnny has trouble deciding on who he likes more... Angela... or "Ninny-poo." I know Angela's imagination may seem pointless but I find it rather creative. I'm impressed with how well she is able to handle day-to-day situations... and also... as for the animation... if it was better I would give this show a score of 8 but I can't help but like the animation anyway... it's a different technique that hasn't been used yet (as far as I know) and so I envy those who worked so hard to bring something new to television. well done. I give this show a fair score of 7.5... I hope that's fair at least... anyways... to sum up... this is a fairly good show... probably more aimed at girls... seeing as there is more "girly" issues involved... so if you're female and more or less open minded... feel free to watch Angela Anaconda.

    - Tinker
  • For a show aimed at a girl audience it sure is also entertaining to the guys like me.

    Back when cartoons were on a role. This show was amazing in almost every way. It has its own unique animation style which back then I called newspaper cut outs. They still never explained why everyone is grey but I guess that they want you to laugh like how the simpsons are yellow. The stories are great. The best part of each episode is how dramatic everyone get. And its not just the humans its also the animals. (I can't remember what episode it was but in one of them when it shows angela trying to kidnap the chicken it had me laughing to the point of death). You can tell that they were puting lots of effort into every episode. Great show while it lasted too bad there isnt alot of shows like this now a days. Now we got shows with terrible animation, terrible plot ideas and worst of all the terrible show.
  • Laughs, thrills and full of slapstick comedy. A great cut-out animation from Canada. Angela and her gang provide humour of an original kind. Lots of unexpected twists and an all-round roller-coaster ride.

    Angela Anaconda and her friends Gina Lash, Johnny Abatti and Gordy Rhinehart are classic examples of today's average school kid. They try to make it through life going to school and doing what their parents tell them while having some fun on the side and occasionally bending the rules. Nanette Manoir, otherwise known as "Ninny-poo" or "Nanette Manure" by Angela, and her best friends January and Karlene known to Angela as the "Copycat Clone Club", make it difficult for Angela and her group of bestest friends by causing problems for them. In fact, Nanette is so manipulative, that she has somehow managed to wrap Mrs. Brinks around her little finger and has become teacher's pet. Gina Lash loves stuffing her face with pastry things and all sorts of sweet desserts. Johnny Abatti with the Elvis hair-do likes picking his nose and is oblivious to the fact that Nanette likes him. He, on the other hand, likes Angela but has not admitted it yet. Angela Anaconda's animated cut-out cartoon show is full of twists. You never know what's going to happen next. I love the rivalry between Angela and Nanette. It's a great show. I highly recommend it.
  • Okay, I'll admit this has entertained me over the years


    Okay, I'll admit this has entertained me over the years

    This show was weird, and the animation was a bit off, but I still find it quite funny and amusing to watch, especially when I'm bored. The voice acting is kind of funny! The characters do look like they've been drawn by 5 year olds, but it's not animation that really matters. It's about the classic lines and timeless effects that this show had to offer. Like those flashbacks of Angela torturing Nanette Manoir.
    Don't ask me why, but I loved to watch it when I was younger and I'd still watch it now if it was on
  • Awesome show!

    Man I love this show so much! :-) I used to watch it everday it still aits on Teletoon! Im going to have to start Watching it again. What do you guys think of this show. I really think they should make new episodes and i recommend this show to everyone~
  • This show was so much fun!!!

    Let's just say I'm a mom- pushing 40, but I'm always looking for good, clean television that my daughters and I can enjoy. Watching little Miss Anaconda proves not much has really changed since I was a kid. I see Angela in most of the girls/women I know. On the count of she is just so endearing. I'd buy this on DVD.
  • Meet Angela Anaconda and Her Whacky Friends!

    First off let me say that this is good show for people of all ages. It is kid-appropriate even though it doesn't have any lessons or special messages - It is simply a funny show about a girl and her friends. I love the weird ransome note cut and paste animation that makes this show so appealing. The people look like homemade paper dolls.

    I am 13 and I first remember watching this show a lot on Fox Family when I was real young, so that would be about 1998. I loved this offbeat show because it was surreal and funny and I hated Nanette because I knew a million girls like her. I enjoyed watching Angela Anaconda until the show was strangely taken off the air.

    I forgot all about Angela Anaconda until I was in middle school. One day after-school I was channel surfing and there it was on Nickelodeon. Anyways I was elated to see it again in it's own half-hour show.
  • god kill me

    This show is absolutely horrible. I vomit in disgust when this outrageously bad show is on. Those creepy gray-faced weirdo cartoon things scare the crap out of me. God! And that weird-ass jogging kid in the intro is frigging insane! Don't you think? 0 rated show. Abysmal, scary and absolutely creepy.
  • What's one word that can describe this show? If you said annoying or pointless, you're right.

    Angela is a girl who goes on lame adventures at school and within her neighborhood learning pointless lessons in episodes that are neither worth your time nor purposeful. Most, if not all, episodes are a waste of time and are annoying - don't even get me started on the theme song and those reatrded daydreams of hers. Although small humor has been incoporated within episodes, this show will take a lot of work before it can be considered "good" or even "okay".
  • It looks like something someone put together in 5 minutes.

    I've seen more than 100 TV shows and cartoons and I must say this is the worst.

    First of all, it looks like a bunch of newspaper clippings. Second of all, it's not funny at all (in my opinion), and obviosuly in many other people's opinions as well seeing as how it lasted about a month. Thirdly, other than the way it's animated, it's completely unorigional.

    But this is just my opinion. You may want to check it out, but I wouldn't recommend it.

    My Ratings:

    Animation: 0.0
    Origionality: 1.5
    Episodes: (How many good & bad episodes it has + how funny and intresting it is) 0.5 (I've only seen 3 episodes though)
    Overall: 0.7 - Abysmal (the other scores added up, divided by 3, then rounded to the nearest tenth)
  • It\'s a cartoon show that looks like it was a bunch of magazines used to cut out people and the world around it. But besides that, it\'s about a young girl that has 2 friends and its just about how she handles her life and overcomes bullies.. and all that

    This is a very interesting show, I mean, it\'s kind of bordlined between cartoon and reality. It has both real life things, as well as childish, make believe things.. well not so much the make believe part... but you catch my drift. I used to love this show, partly because the look of it. They look is very unique, it has both black & white, but also has color..... not most cartoon shows have both, but this one does. The people look like they were cut out of magazines then glued 2gether using, Elmers glue or something. Its a very interesting and funny show, in my opinion. So, I\'d definelty recommend watching it at least once... definetly funny.