Angela Anaconda

Nickelodeon (ended 2001)





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  • " Help me! Help me! " cried Angela. But I didn't care so I flushed her down the toilet. " I'll get you for this! " said Angela as she was already clogged down the drain.

    Angela Anaconda first aired as a plot which appeared from an episode of Kablam. Now since it got it's own show years ago , this could be much horrible then the rest of the reviews and I mean really , we see animation being done in paperclips which is actually taken from The Flying Circus Show that used to be aired on BBC and it also has uncomfortable characters to see and the voices are like to give you a headache which means , the voices are abymsal at its best. Now all we see is yes adventures of Angela Anaconda and her friends but the most important icing is how Angela thinks about her enemy being tortured in each of the episodes on how it goes. Now if your wondering why I gave it a 1... well it's because in the plot , Angela was much uglier and this show can sometimes be a little relaxing even though this show is still badly made and overall this is what the results are... a cartoon that has paperclips as the world of Angela Anaconda which gives the show an imaginating torturement of a 1.0 out of 10.0