Angela Anaconda

Nickelodeon (ended 2001)





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  • when this show first came on air, I thought it was stupid and utterly pointless... but wouldn't ya know it? I sat down and actually liked it... I openly admit that I adore this show and the effect it has on me...

    I suppose the main reason I like this show is not because it looks like a bunch of kids made it... (I think that's actually the style... so boo to those of you that said it looks cruddy...) but it's because of the effect it has on me. this show makes me remember when I was a kid... how I hated certain people and how I hung out with mostly the same people each and every day. personally, I hate fashion and people who act like sheep... and I suppose that's how Nanette Manoir is portrayed... the leader of fashion while January and Karlene are her "sheep" who follow along with whatever she does. Angela is the one who hates the "clones" and "Ninny-poo" but somewhere deep down, she wishes she was one of them... yeah right! she has her three best friends whom she's always around. her best friend Gina who is as smart as she is plump... Gordy who is asthmatic and Johnny, the cool guy who is considered a loser because he's dumb. this just happens to be a weird relationship because Gordy has a crush on Gina and Johnny has trouble deciding on who he likes more... Angela... or "Ninny-poo." I know Angela's imagination may seem pointless but I find it rather creative. I'm impressed with how well she is able to handle day-to-day situations... and also... as for the animation... if it was better I would give this show a score of 8 but I can't help but like the animation anyway... it's a different technique that hasn't been used yet (as far as I know) and so I envy those who worked so hard to bring something new to television. well done. I give this show a fair score of 7.5... I hope that's fair at least... anyways... to sum up... this is a fairly good show... probably more aimed at girls... seeing as there is more "girly" issues involved... so if you're female and more or less open minded... feel free to watch Angela Anaconda.

    - Tinker