Angela's Eyes

Season 1 Episode 2

Eyes for Windows

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 23, 2006 on Lifetime
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Eyes for Windows
Angela is a bridesmaid at the wedding of her closest friend from college, but has to keep leaving to investigate death threats to a well-known news anchor. Meanwhile, Angela asks Dozer to track down her ne'er-do-well younger brother.

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  • the rip-off continues.

    Angelas Eyes is a rip-off of 2the closer" and "the alias". one of her assistants show similarities to a certain lab assistant in csi and the boredom continues.

    Somebody wrote, Spencer is not only looking like a model from a shampoo ad, she sounds that way. and the ad continues.

    in this "thrilling" episode, the story focuses more on "character development" (in absence of characters, a hard thing to do" and on the soap opera aspect of the story ("romance", the wish to have a family (Spencer stares at a pregnant woman). How corny can it get from here ? the great dialogues continue to emberass the intelligent viewer. i am glad, there is "the closer" and "bones", or this series would end my confidence in tv entertainment.

  • An episode about the hypocricy of a woman whose talent is reading people.

    Right away, it\'s important to note that the creepy overuse of Angela\'s talent was toned down in this episode, or morphed into a keen attentiveness, not only to people but also surroundings. While certainly bring the show back to reality, reducing the use of the talent around which the whole show revolves, somehow takes away from its uniqueness. This episode reminded me of other shows, and that bothers me.

    Angela is thrown into a case dealing with the stalking of a prolific anchorwoman in one of those \"blow-your-socks-off\" news editorials. The woman, Missy Banders, has had previous experience with stalkers, and it just so happens that the stalker form her past has MYSTERIOUSLY dispersed and made it challenging (but not too challenging) for the law to find him. This time however, along with her producer/agent/lover, the stalking routine is orchestrate to boost the ratings of the show. Only, it also has an unpleasant undertone that nearly leads to Missy\'s untimely death.

    Angela and her crafty team of investigators get on the case, and with Angela\'s superb intuition the case is cracked open and all go back to their normal lives. All except Angela.

    A friend\'s wedding and the various processes preceding and following it, give Angela a rare opportunity to interact with her college friends, to whom she\'s been consistently lying about who she is, what she does, and why she does it. Dragging along for the adventure she takes her most recent boyfriend, who for some odd reason, decided he wants a paranoid girlfriend with the ability to call **** on his white lies, and the technology to track his location to a 3m radius. Realizing his mistake, however, the boyfriend exclaims some harsh words and departs. Maybe forever.

    In this episode, we learn that the time capsule, the contents of which are still unknown to us, has been actually removed from the earth by Angela\'s brother, Jerry. We also learn that Jerry in fact possesses a nasty little habit - stealing large sums of money from his relatives and their loved ones, as well as the incredible ability of disappearing from the ever-present eye of Big Brother (him and Missy\'s previous stalker should meet). Additionally, we are given a closer look at Angela\'s character, her lack of social relations, and possible self-esteem issues, as can be seen by how quickly she accepts Peter\'s criticism as true.

    An informative little episode that teaches us a lot, but also an episode where Angela\'s eyes take a back seat to the general attentiveness that characterizes good investigative work.

    Nevertheless, a decent episode. 7.8/10moreless
  • Angela and the team investigate threats against a reporter, who is about to come out with a big story. The reporter and her manager are having an affair, which his wife finds out about; she's ok with that; she knows he won't leave her (and her money)moreless

    This is actually my first time watching this show...I thought it was pretty good. A little bit of Medium and Law and Order: Criminal Intent, because somehow Angela just knows...kind of like Det. Goran.

    I thought it was kind of sad how everything seemed to fall down at once, though, toward the end. Sure, Angela solved the case, but she also alienated her best friend from college and lose her boyfriend, but her brother returns and she finds out he was the one who stole the boyfriend's wallet and ran up the credit cards to their max.

    I hope things turn up for Angela in the next case. I think it's a good show, keep it up Lifetime...moreless
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Peter Hermann

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