Angela's Eyes

Season 1 Episode 13

Eyes on the Prize

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 2006 on Lifetime

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  • I really enjoyed the season finale and it was a a make or break situation. I really think they did a good job of answering a few questions and yet leaving us with a few questions? Bring it BACK

    It's always risky with a show like this and you can't cheat the audience, however, Angela's eyes didn't, so I'll welcome it back next year.

    If this show is given the chance, hopefully a second season, this show could really hit it off, however, it's all down to the lead, Abigail Spencer (she is brilliant).

    If you like shows like Alias, then you should at least give this show a try, don't just watch the pilot, watch the first few and then judge for yourself.
    It's no where near Alias, but it's good enough and maybe the show's budget could increase if it's popularity rises.

    It's down to you!
  • Everything comes to a head...only to leave you with more questions than answers.

    Well as far a season finales go--this one was pretty good. Whenever you're left with more questions than answers and a feeling of dread...well that usually means you'll come back for more.

    First I have to rant about Peter. Sorry, I'm not a fan of him. I LOVED Dylan, and I still want him back. Peter acted like a jerk the first go around and his lousy excuse didn't cut it for me. I just don't want them together. There's not that easy chemistry between them that Angela and Dylan had. I wish Angela could find out how rotten Gene is.

    Though the jail scene was fun...I don't think Angela completely trust him anymore. She is starting to believe her parents--or at least have doubts in everyone else that tells her they're guilty.

    I knew it was the grandfather talking with Gene in the end. The drink gave it away. Man when Angela learns the truth behind everything her faith in people is going to be completely shattered. Now we find that her Grandfather is behind/involved somehow in this whole mess...

    I tend to agree with Jerry's last words: "We're Screwed."

    They are definitely fighting an enemy that way outweighs them. Sometimes, the smaller and quicker beats the bigger and stronger though. It's definitely an uphill battle for them. And it looks like all the cards fell into the enemy's lap, but I guarantee Angela and Jerry are still in the game. 14 weeks (we had one week that was a rerun) flew by quite fast. Now we have to wait another year for some answers. Overall it was an interesting series and I do hope it returns next summer. Can't wait to see where they go with it.
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