Angela's Eyes

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 16, 2006 on Lifetime
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The team investigates a millionaire whose wife has disappeared, and who is suspected of killing her. On the personal front, Angela goes to visit her father in prison for the first time in over ten years, but still has trouble letting her guard down about her past with her new boyfriend.moreless

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  • Some promise, but it is only the first episode

    OK, I admit it I was drawn in by the cute girl in the trailer. But that's never happened before. Well, OK, maybe with Buffy. and Alias. But they're great shows, so it's OK?

    Well kinda, no. It's a bit irritating. Angela has this ability to read people and know when they are lying, so she can do what she wants? It's good to see main characters that are flawed, but sometimes she's just stupid!

    Storylines seem a bit familiar. Got it wrong once before (will never happen again). Errant parents (read Alias). It just doesn't offer anything new. It feels like a cheap CSI - solve the case, but she's got a head-start on the audience because she 'knows' about liars.

    Maybe I'm overdoing the criticism. It's only the pilot, and it ends with questions which may open into interesting stories... and after all, it does have the cute girl.moreless
  • an uncredible beginning of the 1st season

    from the very first minutes of the pilot i was irritated because of the uncredible behaviour of most of the characters. starting with angela's entry of the cafe, the her misregarding of fbi guidelines, then the overreaction of the owner.

    i was irritated by some of the most mindless dialogues or better: "monologues", f.i. when angela told her colleagues about "liars" in front of the courthouse.

    furthermore the acting is bad: either abigail spencer is a miscast, or screenplay/scenario are faulty. the permanent need for action "angela: "its time to...." made me feel uncontent. it would habe appreciated a slower pace.

    but maybe the next episodes will be bettermoreless
  • Abigail Spencer stars as Angela Henson a human lie detector for the FBI. She can tell when you are lying and in the pilot she investigates the dissappearence of Maggie Phillips.moreless

    Interesting pilot. I couldn’t look away for a sec. Abigail Spencer is both beautiful and talented. As Angela Henson, she is a human lie detector for the FBI trying to crack cases they can’t. In the pilot she investigates the mysterious disappearance (or death) of Maggie Phillips married to Andy Phillips. Pretty unpredictable pilot too. Everyone seems to think Andy killed his wife. Angela is sure he’s lying about something just isn’t sure what. Then we see Andy likes to visit escort places and Angela and her team see her with a young girl and don’t know what to think.

    Meanwhile we get to know Angela and she is to say the least carrying baggage. It seems her parents are ex-CIA traitors thrown in prison for selling secrets. She visits her Dad in prison but it’s not a warm reunion. Angela is very angry with him even though she is doing very well for herself today. Likewise Angela is very paranoid and doesn’t let people get close to her. She gets a boyfriend named Peter but ends up bugging him. The relationship almost ends but Angela starts to open up more.

    Anyways this was a very decent pilot. Angela’s history is torn from one side to the next but I couldn’t be help but be fascinated and like the character. It seems others like the pilot which is nice to hear. Anyhow you can catch “Angela’s Eyes” on Lifetime.

  • I liked it alright.

    I liked it and all but it wasnt excatly what I would have thought it would be, Not that it was bad but I think the reason I wasnt extatic with it was I wanted to know more about Angela, but I do know that, that isnt what the show is revolved around (her life) its about the mysteries her and her team solve. and I really liked the mystery in this episode because I went in thinking he killed her later I changed my mind thinking the other girl killed her and it turned out she wasnt even dead and the other girl was her girl.moreless
  • Nothing more than another average crime show with a semi-original ingredient to add to the mix.

    Okay, well, maybe that sounded a bit too negative.

    The reason I was looking forward to this show, and the bigger part of the pilot episode, was because of Angela. The headshots you see everywhere in the advertisements for this show are definitely worth staring at for five minutes or more at a time. Same goes for her appearance in the show, there's just one little big thing that irks me about her. She has this attitude, this need for wanting people to know that she knows a liar when she sees one. "Hey Angela, how did you know that?" "I know it when someone lies. I always do." No need to get all "I'm so cool!" on us. Same goes for the explanations. Really, there is no need for us to know that trigger pullers tighten their grip on the gun, and their eyes narrow, and their legs bend and their ears sweat. It's a nice tidbit of info if it's actually true, but it's of no use if the rest of the show is dull at best.

    I have nothing against black people, but once again, we have a black costar who just emits the message "I can't act, they just put me in here to be the black guy."

    Or the little geeky kid. Come on. Why form a trio if the third guy is nothing more than an amputated third leg?

    For all I know the show is just too complicated for me. Too grown up. Aimed at adults. I don't know, it just didn't work for me.

    I am tempted to say that they should have made an hour and a half pilot episode, but I am not sure that would have helped a lot.moreless
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Peter Hermann

Peter Wagner

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Joy Tanner

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Aiden Locke

Randy Phillips

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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Peter (on finding the bug in his phone): Are you completely emotionally damaged?

    • Leo: That girl is pathological.
      Angela: Mm-hmm, which puts her in group three.
      Leo: What the hell is that, your latest theory?
      Angela: Okay, healthy people for the most part tell the truth. When they lie it's usually for socially acceptable reasons, to spare someone's feelings or avoid embarrassment. That's group one.
      Leo: Okay, what's number two?
      Angela: That would be your garden variety liars. They're the type that embellish accomplishments, cheat on their spouses, stab colleagues in the back to climb the corporate ladder. See, those two groups, it's easy to see when they're being deceitful, but Julie's in the third group, the pathological ones. They lie so much, about so many different things, that reality simply disappears, and then everything that they say is the truth.
      Leo But also a lie.

    • (about the suspect, Andy Phillips)
      Angela: So, did P.D. ask him if he was having an affair?
      Leo: Quote, "I have never cheated on my wife", end quote.
      Angela: Looks like Andy's nose is growing.

    • Angela: See, good liars, they lead you down a road, carefully planting various signs, until you're in exactly the place that they want you. Then, they can tell you anything that they want, and you'll believe it.
      Dozer: I don't understand, are you saying the guy's a liar or not?
      Angela: I'm saying that he's telling the truth, but -- that doesn't mean that he's not a liar.
      Leo: All right, so let me get this straight, he's not not telling the truth, and we're not not skeptical that he's not not the killer.
      Angela: Something like that.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Angela: Looks like Andy's nose is growing.

      This is an allusion to the famous children's story Pinocchio, about a toy maker who makes a puppet that comes to life. His nose grew every time he lied.