Angelic Layer

Season 1 Episode 23

Break up the Magical Wall. Misaki Versus Ohjiro

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 02, 2001 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

At the office, a boy is walking down a hall when he comes up to a room with some computers. He is looking for Ichiro Mihara when he sees a doll in a purple dress sitting on a table. He picks it up and admires it. A woman (Shuko) in a wheelchair arrives and asks who he is. The boy is Ohjiro, when he was in fifth grade, and he quickly hides the doll behind his back. He has some notes for Ichiro. Shuko asks Ohjiro if he would like to try Angelic Layer.

Back at the present, Hikaru rushes and delivers a kick to Wizard, but is knocked back. The announcer says that is Wizard's Magic Guard technique. Misaki ponders that Hikaru's weapon is speed, and tries an idea. Hikaru rushes again; she encircles Wizard extremely quickly. Wizard just stands where he is. She launches an attack from behind but the Magic Guard repels her again. Tamayo and Kotaro discuss what Misaki could do. Tamayo gets an idea; it must be wind! Ringo surprises the two lovebirds, and says that was the wrong answer. Ringo says it is not wind, because his hair and clothes do not move. But unfortunately she does not know the secret either.

Wizard launches a few attacks and knocks Hikaru back. Hikaru stands up and rushes to do a jump attack but is bounced by Magic Guard again. She tries again and is knocked again. A cameraman watches and says it is no contest, but Shoko says to hang on there, Misaki. She still does not know the secret, but if she cannot touch Wizard she cannot win.

Ohjiro thinks now is the time to finish this. Wizard charges at Hikaru, who jumps in the air. Wizard jumps too, and pounds Hikaru, sending her to the ground. But just as he is about to jump and smash Hikaru with his feet, the buzzer signals the end of the round, and he intentionally hits the ground next to Hikaru instead. Everyone is impressed at his sparing Hikaru the blow that he definitely lives up to his nobleman of Angelic Layer reputation.

Ohjiro waves to his fans, and then fields a call from Icchan. Ohjiro asks Icchan if he has confessed to Shuko yet, but Icchan replies not to get involved. Ohjiro says that if Icchan marries, Shuko would be his sister and that becomes a family issue. He wants to make sure Shuko is happy. Meanwhile Hatoko does some repairs and analysis. Hikaru did not take much damage. Hatoko tells Misaki to remember their promise that they will fight Athena together. Also, Hikaru can still fight, but if Misaki gives up, Hikaru will lose. Misaki holds Hikaru tightly and thinks about what to do.

Round Two begins! Wizard tries some attacks, knocking Hikaru aside. Misaki is still thinking of her promise to Hatoko, and the world around her goes black as she concentrates. She asks herself why she is there and playing some game when she sees a bunch of white feathers descends, and remembers seeing them from the white angel, Athena. She remembers now. She came this far so she can fight Athena. That was her promise.

Hikaru stands and starts attacking. As the Magic Guard bounces her back, Hikaru tries again and again. Misaki is trying to find Wizard's secret. As Hikaru gets bounced, Misaki think she saw something. She has Hikaru rush again. The Magic Guard sphere shows up and knocks her back. Misaki spots it; the secret to Magic Guard! She has Hikaru break a tip of her antennae costume. She rushes again and throws a punch. Wizard throws Magic Guard but this time Hikaru has the antennae touch the ground. The Magic Guard dissipates and her punch hits Wizard right on the jaw, and then she follows up with a successful Rolling Thunder flip kick! Icchan explains to his crew that the Magic Guard secret is static electricity. Hikaru had her antenna cable touch the grass to ground and negate the static field!

Wizard and Hikaru exchange some more blows, but this time Magic Guard is no longer in play. Ohjiro says that he will win and get over his crush for good. He still has some good fighting spirit. Shuko talks with Icchan about whether they are glad Ohjiro is playing Angelic Layer. In fact when Ohjiro was playing, it allowed Ohjiro and Icchan to form a stronger bond as brothers. That, and Ohjiro developed a crush on Shuko!

As round two comes to a close, Wizard is fighting with a stronger resolve than before. The end of round buzzer goes off but the combatants keep fighting until the announcer tells them to stop. Hatoko says that Misaki looks happy. Misaki replies that it is because she is seeing Ohjiro doing his best and not holding back. Everyone wonders who will win.

Round Three is on! Wizard and Hikaru continue fighting. It is only one more round, and the winner can face Athena. Wizard kicks back, and when he charges, he sees Athena in place of her briefly. They exchange some more blows. One more round and he can fight her. The battle is close. Ohjiro pants and sees Hikaru looking more like Athena again.

Wizard is knocked back briefly. Wizard and Hikaru stare at each other. With one minute to go, and with each angel having very little status points, the next blow will decide the winner. Whoever wants it more will win.

The angels rush each other! Hikaru goes for a kick and Wizard goes for a punch. The blows meet in a flash. After a lengthy pause, Wizard falls over. Hikaru wins!

Icchan tells his staff he is leaving to get Ohjiro some chestnuts. Hatoko tells Misaki they are going to the finals! Misaki sees Ohjiro look a little somber so she moves her seat towards him and thanks Ohjiro for fighting his best, and that Wizard was very strong. She says she was glad to fight him; it was really fun. That brings a smile to Ohjiro, who has just one request for Misaki, and that is to ask her out on a date, because he has fallen in love with her.
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