Angelic Layer

TV Tokyo (ended 2001)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Angel Wings! Please Guide Me and Hikaru!
      Misaki and Hikaru are in the finals, and she is ready for biggest match ever as she faces three-time champion Athena, who is commanded by none other than her mother! Athena is the angel that Misaki modeled her own angel after, and with them having met each other for the first time in seven years, it is time for mother and daughter to communicate in the Layer. While only one angel will emerge as the champion, the battle is a win-win situation for everyone involved.moreless
    • Angels Wings - Pull Me and Hikaru Together
      It's finally time for the match everyone has been waiting for!
    • Reunion of Destiny. Angels Wet With Tears
      The secret is finally out! Shuko has told Misaki that she is her mother. But now Ohjiro is going to have them meet face to face, and have Misaki learn the truth as to what her mother had been doing in Tokyo all these years. But Misaki takes it personally that Shuko did not want to be with her, and she runs away! Can they patch things up? And what about the final match?moreless
    • Fateful Reunion - An Angel Soaked with Tears
      Misaki and Shuuko face each other for the first time in seven years.
    • Reach Misaki! This Thought Goes Over the Rainbow
      Misaki ponders the days when she was writing letters to her mother. But for now, it is time for the second semifinal as Sai, with her angel Shirahime, battles Shuko and her angel Athena.
    • Reach Out to Misaki! This Feeling is Over the Rainbow
      The final battle before the Championship round is between Sai and Shuuko.
    • Break up the Magical Wall. Misaki Versus Ohjiro
      The battle heats up in the semifinals as Hikaru faces Wizard, with the winner getting to fulfill his or her pursuit of fighting Athena. Misaki has Hikaru attack but cannot get past Wizard's invincible Magic Guard shield. But Misaki continues trying and discovers the secret behind the defense, and it comes down to a battle of who wants it more.moreless
    • Suddenly Just the Two of Us. Secret Double Dates
      Misaki finds herself hanging out with Ohjiro for a day on the town. Kotaro and Tamayo get stuck in an elevator. Everyone ponders what relationships they should be pursuing. Then later, Misaki and Ohjiro compete against each other in the semifinals of the National Games.
    • Summer at the Sea! Someone is in Love with Someone!
      Misaki and the gang take a break before the next round of the finals to go to the beach. Icchan and the Angelic Layer corporate team pay a visit as well.
    • The Summer Sea! Someone is in Love with Someone
      Misaki and her friends take a day at the beach and run into Icchan and company.
    • Is Icchan the Enemy? The Puzzling Second Game
      Misaki gets to fight Shuuji in an exhibition match, but Icchan gets to participate too, with a new Angel!
    • The Enemy is Icchan? The Stuttering Second Match
      Misaki is chosen to battle a member of the AL team in an exhibition match.
    • System Down! Decisive Fight on a Ship in a Storm!
      Misaki gets to battle Chitose Tanaka and her angel, Elen, in a new Layer. But some outside weather makes the Layer terribly difficult for both combatants.
    • System Down? A Battle Onboard A Boat Admist a Storm
      Bad weather affects the transmission of the AL Main Server, affecting the match between Misaki and Chitose.
    • Many Strong Opponents! The National Games of Everyone's Dreams
      With Hatoko by her side, Misaki heads for the opening ceremony of the National Games, determined to do her best no matter how stiff the competition. As the action gets underway, it becomes clear that all of the players are at the top of the game, but there is one who still stands hand and shoulders above the rest: current champion 'Shu' and her angel Athena.moreless
    • Lots of Formidable Opponets! The Much Anticipated National Tournament
      Misaki and Hatoko head to the Zenkoku Tournament.
    • I’ve made my mind up on you! The one Misaki selected.
      Misaki has made it all the way to the National Games, but before the competition begins, there is one more thing she must do- find someone to act as her second during the upcoming fights. But when Misaki's friends come over to congratulate her on her success, it becomes clear that they all want they all want to be chosen as her second! And as Misaki attempts to sift through all the offers and select the one person she really wants as her partner, Shuko has a decision of her own to make, as to whether it is finally time for her to come and see Misaki.moreless
    • The Final Game! Hikaru's Last Attack!
      Misaki and Sai battle it out, but this time the Angelic Layer location is at the beach. Hikaru tries to land some punches on Shirahime, but it is having very little effect. Misaki must discover her own angel's weakness, which is amplified in the environment, before Shirahime puts Hikaru out of the fight. But sometimes a weakness can be turned into a strength.moreless
    • The Final Match! Hikaru's Last Attack
      Misaki learns how to turn the weak spot around.
    • Shirahime versus Suzuka! Secret of the Ice Machine
      The second battle of the Final Four of the Kanto games is underway, and it is between Hatoko with her angel Suzuka and Sai with her angel Shirahime. Both of them are Angelic Layer veterans, and there is a glimpse of Sai's past and involvement in the game. But neither of their Angels move! Could this be a staring contest? Afterwards Sai asks Misaki whether she has discovered Hikaru’s weakness yet, and that has Misaki concerned as the winners of the battles will be facing each other in the finals!moreless
    • Shirahime vs. Suzuka! The Ice Machine's Secret
      The match between the "Rising Goddess" Hatoko and the "Ice Machine" Sai.
    • I won't give up! And an Angel was born.
      Shuko shares the story of how her illness meant having to exit out of Misaki's life and go to Tokyo for "work" when it turns out she got involved with Icchan's research and played a critical part in the development of Angelic Layer. Meanwhile, Misaki struggles to find a way to have Hikaru survive through Blanche’s hyper-mode, which is fueled by Kaede’s desire to win at all costs. Misaki will have to find her own motivation to keep up.moreless
    • Pure White Blanche - Kaede's Smile
      It's the Final Four of the Kantou Games, with Misaki, Sai, Hatoko, and Kaede. Misaki gets to battle Kaede and her angel, Blanche. Misako's mom ponders attending. At first, Blanche just blocks many of Hikaru's attacks and even takes a bunch of damage but Kaede continues to smile throughout the match as then Blanche, a first-generation angel, powers up mysteriously with an ability that rocks Hikaru's world.moreless
    • Misaki and Kotaro. Their Exciting Date
      Kotaro offers some karate lessons to Misaki to help her train for the upcoming competitions. At the angel labs, Icchan is supervising the construction of a new battlefield Layer.
    • Finish It Off! Hikaru and Mao's Important Game
      Misaki's angel is taking a beating in the match against the sisters, but it's revealed there was some remote cheating going on. Now they have to fight fairly.
    • The Match! Hikaru and Mao Real Fight
      Misaki overcomes the cheat and becomes a semi-finalist.
    • Mean Sisters! Hikaru, the Target
      Misaki's progress in the tournament is put to the test as she faces a sister team that uses a tactic that paralyzes her angel, Hikaru!
    • The Mean Sisters! The Targeted Hikaru
      Misaki encounters some cheaters at a tournament.
    • Sing, Misaki! Is the Deus an Idol?
      In the Kantou tournament, Misaki has to battle Seto Ringo, who also happens to be a pop idol.
    • Sing Misaki! The Deus Is An Idol
      Misaki faces the pop idol, Seto Ringo.
    • Misaki vs Misaki? A dangerous classmate
      Misaki qualifies for the Kantou tournament, but that riles up some rivalry with another classmate Misaki Kyou, who challenges her in a local battle. Which Misaki will prevail?
    • Fight at the edge. Misaki's last chance!
      After suffering her first defeat at the hands of Hatoko and Suzuka, Misaki has her angel, Hikaru, get repaired by Icchan, and attempts to qualify for the Kantou tournament.
    • Fight to the Limit - Misaki's Last Chance
      Misaki’s next opponent is Maria Shibata. Maria’s Angel starts attacking Hikaru recklessly from the beginning but Misaki is still suffering the loss she made at the last game and cannot fight like her usual self.
    • The Light-Speed Suzuka! Hotoko's Declaration of Rivalry
      Misaki has been doing really well in the tournaments, but her interaction with her 5-year old Angelic Layer veteran Hatoko Koyabashi hasn't been going that well. Now she has to face Hatoko and her angel, Suzuka in the next battle!
    • I Don't Want to Lose! I'm believing in Hikaru!
      Hikaru battles Vasquez, a strength based angel. Masaki has Hikaru rely on speed but her defensive dodging tactics seem to bother Hatoko and the others.
    • The Day an Angel Flew Down
      Misaki and her friends attend the Tokyo Regional Championships. Misaki chooses a phrase she will say when she throws in her angel. As she waits for her first battle Misaki watches Suzuka, Hatoko's Angel, fight and easily defeat her first-round opponent, Nightingale. Misaki's match doesn't go as well. Her opponent's angel, Katalina, uses Ice Skates to gain speed and deliver a powerful, spin kick giving her an early advantage. Will Misaki be able to find a way for Hikaru to break through Katalina's spins?moreless
    • The Day The Angel Descended
      Misaki goes to the Tokyo area official tournament. Misaki fights against Katalina. While she cannot find any chance to attack Katalina, she remembers what Hatoko told her and she wins the fight.
    • Who Are you? Misaki's Nervous Lesson
      Icchan tells his assistant to get an Angel Card, a membership that will allow Misaki to enter official tournaments. He also teaches her a training technique, dancing to music, which will help her to learn the timing of fights. When Icchan has to leave, Ohjiro, Wizard's Deus, helps Misaki to practice. Later Misaki is tricked into an unfair fight with another Deus.moreless
    • Do your best Hikaru! It's your first fight!
      Misaki gets confused on her way to the first day of school when she meets Hatoko, a 5 year old girl who knows a lot about Angelic Layer. She also meets Hatoko's older brother, Kotaro, and his female childhood classmate friend, Tamayo Kizaki, who likes to beat him up. On her way home from school Misaki once again meets Icchan, who helps her to make clothes for Hikaru, and brings her to an Angelic Layer training center so she can practice movements on the Layer... However Misaki accidentally signs up for a match!moreless
    • Let's Try Out Best, Hikaru! The First Fight
      Misaki starts school at Eriol Academy. On the way to school, she meets Hatoko and Kotaro who knows a lot about Angelic Layer. Icchan takes her to Piffle Princess, where she can practice or have a fight of Angelic Layer. By mistake, she has her very first fight there.
    • How Do You Do? My Very Own Angel
      Misaki moves to Tokyo to live with her aunt. After getting lost at the train station she sees an Angelic Fight on a big screen. A mysterious man, Icchan, who followed her out of the train station tells her more about 'Angelic Layer' and helps her get the items to create her own angel, which Misaki names Hikaru.moreless