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  • Another Clamp masterpiece which surpass cliche personalities and stereotypes

    I never once had a dull or boring moment throughout the series. If the climatic arena didn't spice it up, the comical aspects and interesting friendship and romantic relationships definitely did. I totally love how the characters surpass cliche personalities and stereotypes. A lot of things are wound up in this anime, mother/daughter, friendship between 2 kids of very huge age gap, interesting romantic couples and arch enemies turned friends, making it a delightful masterpiece to watch altogether. I so badly want an Angel myself now!!!! It blows my mind how there are so few viewers for this. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline, character developments and romantic plot twists! For new viewers just like me who watched only very recently, I wasn't at all bothered by the old graphic animations because the storyline and developments really made up for it. I even cried at one emotional scene. T_T And the ending was just sooo good.
  • kinda boring but i wish we had it in real life..

    angelic layer the duo between hikaru and her dus misachachi who just moved to japan and is now presently living with her aunt instead of her mother who also is in japan but for some strange reason wont let her live there later on in the story you get the jist of it and it becomes predictable that hikaru evolves with each fight she plays against people and misachis innocence fades as the story goes on preferably i perfer the manga which is more in depth than the anime with its detail but all the less just as predictable as the anime
  • Angelic Layer is a manga series released by Clamp. The manga is published in Japan by Kadokawa Shoten.

    The main character of Angelic Layer is Misaki Suzuhara, a seventh grader who just moved in to Tokyo in order to live with her aunt, Shouko Asami. After arriving in the city, she watches the battle doll Athena on a big screen television outside of Tokyo Station and becomes interested in learning about the amazingly popular toy called Angelic Layer, a game in which players (called Deus) buy and custom-design dolls known as Angels. Angels can move by mental control when on a field called the "layer". Layers are very expensive, and most people pay to use them by the hour in establishments resembling cybercafes. An eccentric man wearing a white lab coat and glasses, calling himself "Icchan" (Itchan), encourages Misaki to purchase and create her own angel. She names the angel Hikaru, after Hikaru Shidou from Clamp's Magic Knight Rayearth which she was reading on the train to Tokyo, because she wants the angel to be "a short girl, but strong and happy" like Hikaru and herself (Rayearth is a manga in Angelic Layer's world, and Misaki identifies herself with Hikaru). Even though she's clueless about the game, Misaki soon begins to compete in tournament, and is assisted and watched carefully by Icchan. Later Icchan's identity is revealed as Ichiro Mihara, the co-creator of Angelic Layer. Misaki also begins studying in the Eriol Academy, an educational institution which includes grades from kindergarten through high school (Although it seems to be named after Eriol Hiiragizawa from Cardcaptor Sakura). There she becomes friends with Hatoko Kobayashi, a very intelligent kindergarten girl who is also a famous Deus and an expert about Angelic Layer. Her incredibly fast angel Suzuka is a favourite contender in tournaments. Misaki also befriends Hatoko's older brother Koutarou Kobayashi and his friend Tamayo Kizaki, a girl fascinated by martial arts. Both turn out to be Misaki's classmates. Misaki pursues her ultimate goal of finding her mother, whom she has not seen since preschool. Eventually she learns that her mother assisted in the development of Angelic Layer in her quest to develop a perfect prosthesis for her multiple sclerosis, which has confined her to a wheelchair. Her mother is also the Deus of Athena, and the champion of Angelic Layer. The manga series is set a few years before Chobits, a CLAMP work in the same universe as Angelic Layer. In the manga, Icchan plays an important role in Chobits' storyline, but this connection was reduced to a single scene in the Anime. Icchan has a brief cameo but is not mentioned by name in the Chobits anime. Kaede's younger brother Minoru is also a Chobits character. In the manga series, Misaki's mother does not have multiple sclerosis, nor is she depicted in a wheelchair. The ending to the manga also has different couplings.
  • Misaki Suzuhara, a young girl new to Tokyo, watches a program on a large TV at Tokyo Station depicting fighting dolls--Angelic Layer. With the help of a kooky scientist named Icchan, Misaki will learn to play Angelic Layer and maybe even find her mother.

    This show is great! I don't understand what so many people don't like about it. The animation is very impressive, the characters are well developed, and there is a great romantic plot twist late in the series.
    The characters are all really lovable, and the Angels are fun to root for. By the time you're done with just the first few episodes, you'll want an Angel of your own.
    The romantic struggles, such as Misaki's confusion between Ohjiro and Kotaro or Tamayo's secret crush, are all amusing to the girls who enjoy the series, while the boys watch it for the plentiful action.
    Like I said, what isn't there to like? It's well-developed, has a happy ending, and hey--it's CLAMP.
  • One of Clamp's best work yet

    Angelic Layer is about an girl name Misiki comes to Japan.She first encounter an game on tv.Which was called Angelic Battles.She becomes amazed by this and decided to create her own angel doll.So now she entered the tournments fighting other Angel and their Desu.Yeah this is one of Clamp's work.I have to say they did amazing work on this anime.The artwork is nice and all.I do love most of the Clamp anime.It would be cool if they made an movie with Angelic Layers and an OVA at least.That could've been more interesting.
  • amazing art


    It takes place in Tokyo, in a time near ours except for the presence of ‘angels’, dolls that are controlled by the user wearing a headset. The angels and their ‘deus’ participate in Angelic Layer, a game of sorts where you pit your angel and mental abilities against another on a special ‘Layer’. Angelic Layer was a enjoyable anime, with fresh characters and easy to read storyline. The battle scenes are excellent with choreographing alike to martial art films with a gravity defying twist. There is enough drama and romance sprinkled throughout the show which gives it more depth than its manga predecessor. It has a relatively good ending, and a wonderful fuzzy happiness feel to the entire series. Angelic Layer has maltitudes of elements that can appeal to almost any anime fan.
  • One of CLAMP's marvelous work of art!

    Angelic Layer is about the battle of dolls. Kids create their own dolls which are called angels, and use them to fight in battles and tournaments. Misaki is a very ambitious girl so she can pass many tournaments easily. Angelic Layer has great graphics (and yet another greatest work done by CLAMP) and I just love all the characters especially Icchan. Sometimes this show can get boring when there's too much angelic fighting, but there are some parts about Misaki relationship with Ketarou that enhance the cartoon to a higher level. Overall, this is one of the best cartoon.
  • Angelic layler is one of CLAMP's stories turned into a show. The show made changes that were good and some weren't, but I think lovers of Cardcaptors and magic knight rayearth will enjoy the story.

    Not Bad!The story line stayed the same which was good ,but the changes that were made helped the story get told and baffled people who knew the manga switching things up. Over all the show was great and a joy. Though I did find some of the lines alittle too cheesey and sometimes the animation was off. Aside from those small bits the show was interesting and I enjoyed it! Though I will always prefer the was less confusing and not as streched out. I hope everyone who knows CLAMP's stories watches and enjoyes for even though it's diffrent it's still a joy!
  • Angelic Layer...Oh! yes, it's really fabulous. Especially after Misaki came to Tokyo and she realize that fighting, by using her own Angel, Hikaru, fighting against other Angels was quite challenging to her. Even though Misaki was a kind of small, she's k

    I Really like Angelic Layer. Not only I like Misaki, but also I like Sai, the one who owns angel Shirahime, and I like Kaede to, Sai's friend. I like it's background music, especially at battle, it rocks!!!. Angelic Layer is one of the best show I've ever watched. COOL!!!
  • Misaki travels down the winding road to the Angelic Layer Championships. With her Angel, Hikaru, she'll learn what it takes to be the best.

    So far, Angelic Layer is not too bad. I have the first two volumes on DVD and they were OK. Although the fight scenes were the highlight of the show, I especially liked this Misaki character; she was adorable! This may be the one to watch.
    I have read a lot of Angelic Layer Fan Fiction and they were alright. The ones I really admired are \"The New Tournament\" and \"Untouchable Angel.\"
    All in all, I\'d have to say ADV Films have made a pretty admirable effort. I\'d expect more Angelic Layer. So, with a \"Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma\'am!\" I\'d give it a 9.5.
  • Battling dolls?Yes...everywhere!Misaki came to town and saw the battle,and decided he future then and there.She knew she had to have one of the battling dolls...angels.She had to become the most popular and powerful Duece of all in the tournaments of the

    Like any other CLAMP anime,this anime will keep your attention from start to finish.Great music,action,and a girl determined to be number one are just the beginning!You also see great friendships developed,excellent teamwork,and a girl's quest to prove herself to her mother in a way that can only be Angelic Layer!
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