Angelic Layer

TV Tokyo (ended 2001)





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  • Another Clamp masterpiece which surpass cliche personalities and stereotypes

    I never once had a dull or boring moment throughout the series. If the climatic arena didn't spice it up, the comical aspects and interesting friendship and romantic relationships definitely did. I totally love how the characters surpass cliche personalities and stereotypes. A lot of things are wound up in this anime, mother/daughter, friendship between 2 kids of very huge age gap, interesting romantic couples and arch enemies turned friends, making it a delightful masterpiece to watch altogether. I so badly want an Angel myself now!!!! It blows my mind how there are so few viewers for this. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline, character developments and romantic plot twists! For new viewers just like me who watched only very recently, I wasn't at all bothered by the old graphic animations because the storyline and developments really made up for it. I even cried at one emotional scene. T_T And the ending was just sooo good.