Angelica and Susie's Pre-School Daze

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)


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  • Not bad

    It's nice to see more story told about the rugrats, even if it's only Susie and Angelica. Being a true rugrats fan, I appreciate the effect spent making these episodes. The animation is different, but definitely in theme with the style of the old rugrats and, it's original. The stories are simple and may seem repetitive, but they work and, despite this, are genuinely touching and funny. I was, and am, excited for these episodes as I was excited for Junie B. Jones to go to the 1st grade. It's nice to have such pleasant and happy memories from younger days extended.
  • cool!


  • I remember this spin-off years ago! Man, did this suck!

    Ok, I'll admit this show wasn't as bad as All Grown Up, but it was still pretty bad.

    Pre-School Daze (since I can't be bothered to type in the full title), was another spin-off by Nick trying to revive the then-dying Rugrats franchise. It focuses on both Rugrats regulars, Angelica and Susie, trying to outdo each other in pre-school, but usually, Susie wins. All right, I know it doesn't sound awful, but it all goes downhill from here.

    The first thing that bothers me is the art style; it's dreadful. I know I might be moaning about change a bit here, but it's completely different from the original signature Rugrats style; something All Grown Up kept. Besides, why does everyone have round, red cheeks? It's a tad creepy if you ask me.

    The plot is boring. In every episode, Angelica tells a lie to the class, the class enters mass hysteria, Susie investigates, she uncovers Angelica's lies and everything is fine and dandy once again. This is the entire plot of the show in a nutshell. And yes, it gets old and boring fast. The humour is nonexsistent. I didn't even smile once at the jokes. Now about the characters; why is the class so dumb?! You'd think after being manipulated by Angelica a few times, they'd wisen up, but no. Susie always has to expose the truth for them. I know kids that age are gullible, but these have to be the most dumbest pre-schoolers I've ever seen. Even I know kids that age learn from mistakes.

    The teacher has to be my least favourite character in the show. She's selfish, she complains a lot and she doesn't really seem to care about the kids.

    This show aired for a bit in the UK, then was taken off the air again (which is why I've seen it). I heard that it wasn't shown for long in the US, but with the quality of this, I think it's for the best. Also, I was kinda wondering... where were the other Rugrats? I fail to see the point of the title having the word, 'Rugrats' in it if none of the original babies are in the show.

    Don't bother watching this show. It was just another failed Rugrats spin-off. At least this only ran for one season.
  • Another unnecessary spin off to a dying franchise

    Looking through Youtube, I came across this show, and I thought that this show looked decent since it was the Rugrats being babies again, so I gave it a shot. Little did I know though that this would be another nail in the Rugrats franchise. Now granted this show is not as bad as All Grown Up, but it's close to it. The show centers around Angelica and Susie in pre-school. Angelica is as usual trying to top Susie in everything and be popular, but Susie manages to outwit Angelica and prove her lies that she tells the class. The show doesn't sound too bad at first, but it all goes down hill faster than a roller coaster. First thing you will notice when watching the show is how the artwork has suddenly changed for the worse. It's not god awful, but why does everyone have big round eyes and rosy red cheeks? The characters look more like dolls than actual people themselves. As for the animation, it flows nicely and is pretty decent. The stories are pretty much the same thing. Angelica manipulates the class, class goes all panicky, Susie sets out to find the truth, Angelica's lie is revealed, and everything is back to normal. Rinse and repeat, you have this show. It gets really boring fast. I also found very little humor in this show, and never found myself smiling at the "jokes" this show gave me. I also have to ask why is it in every episode the class is manipulated by Angelica so easily and when Susie exposes the truth, why don't they learn? I know kids can be naive and gullible, but these are the most easily led kids I have ever seen on a cartoon. I also didn't like the teacher in this show. She was always complaining and self centered and never seemed to care about the kids. I learned that this show actually did air in the USA, but not for long, and this show was from the UK instead. I fail to see why this show has the title Rugrats in it, because none of the other Rugrats appear. Tommy, Chuckie, Dil, Kimi, Phil, and Lil are never seen in this show at all and was a big disappointment. I wanted to see those babies again, not constantly focus on Angelica and Susie. This show was just a big waste of time, and along with All Grown Up it didn't help the Rugrats franchise at all. Nickelodeon has hopefully learned its lesson with this show and decided to halt production of this show. These spin offs are not needed at all and do not do the Rugrats justice at all. Don't bother with this show at all.
  • What is going on with the bad reviews around here?

    I wonder why their are a lot of bad reviews over the users who have rated this show as perfect. This show is a lot cuter than all grown ups or Rugrats. This is one of those more cutest Rugrats 2 shows back to the 2000s. I only saw those 2 episodes on each of all the Rugrats tales of the crib and I think they were Wonderful! If there is only a DVD or VHR of this show to watch because I haven't seen them all yet. Perhaps if they may have some clips on thier website that may get the ideal. If anyone likes this show sometime, I realy be decent to see that.
  • And I thought All Grown Up was bad

    Looks like there is another Rugrats spin-off that was even worse than All Grown Up. This is based off that Rugrats episode "Pre-school Daze",and I want to know who thought it was a good idea to turn that episode into a show. They could've just left it a episode. That would be like turning The Urban Rangers from Ed,Edd and Eddy into a movie. Rugrats Pre-school Daze is about Angelica and Susie in pre-school,and Angelica tries to be popular class,but Susie outwits her,and believe it or not,that's your whole show right there. There is not one episode like that. First off,all of the characters are just idiots. Angelica and Susie are the same before,but not as better as the original. Harold is a complete moron who is not funny one bit. The All Grown Up Harold is way better. The students are complete idiots who cause trouble. The teacher is annoying,and it feels like she knows that she sucks at her job. Also,where is Tommy,Chuckie,Phil and Lil,Kimi and Dil. If this cleary has the Rugrats in their name. That is an insult to the main characters of the show. The voice acting is still the same,but the main problem is the animation. Oh dear god,is it horrendous. Everyone has shiny eyes and big red cheeks. Are they supposed to be cute looking? Cause they are ugly in this show. And the humor is bad. I did manage to laugh,but half of it is not funny. The plot like I said,is the entire premise of the show. It's always about Angelica telling a lie,and Susie exposes the truth. Now I have a reason to say that these kids are morons. They are gullible to believe Angelica's lies. And this show is so bad,it only lasted 4 episodes. Wow,you know this show is bad if it lasted that shortly. Overall,This show is horrible,and don't watch it at all. I would rather watch All Grown Up than this junk.
  • I'd rather watch a spin-off based on Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi...

    1.0 word: gaaaaaaaah! My eyes are bleeding! Why are Susie and Angelica Christmas ornaments? Where did ANOTHER spin-off idea come from? I hated All Grown Up, and now I hate this one just for--being another stale spin off to a quickly dying franchismo. Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi would have been a better show than either of those two pieces of crap in the mud.

    "Troy McClure: "Spinoff!" Is there any word more thrilling to the human soul? Hi, I'm Troy McClure. [begins walking] You may remember me from such TV spinoffs as "Son of Sanford and Son" and "AfterMannix." I'm here at the Museum of TV and Television with a real treat for "Simpsons" fans because tonight we present, "The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase!"

    Troy McClure is totally wrong.
  • First all grown up now this...

    This is just plain dumb! i mean come on babbies were cool, but only if they have people lik etommy, and chucky! Also, while im at it All Grown Up was horrid,because I wanted to imagine how they would grow up and it would be hilarious and how i wanted, but instead they ruin imagination by doing this which just hurts little kids everywhere!

    I just hope they learn their lesson! The rugrat days are done, and numbered! They dont need to think of ideas to go down with it! Why is the question i keep asking but forget it!

    That is what im gonna do is FORGET im gonna forget this by giving it a nearly 0! then i will know all that is to be forgotten

    This is a Complete waste of time!
  • All grown up was Ok, this is just wrong.

    This is just a bad regression back to the original Rugrats sans the original babies, this show practically focuses only on two of the lowest normal rugrats, angelica and susie. It's boring and it proves Nick has nothing new to make. Focusing on the two girls takes away much of the appeal the original rugrats had, so I think this cartoon won't be much of a hit. Despite it's a spin-off from a great show, its lackof premises will take it to its downfall rather then providing the success most of Nick's shows got as they were airing their seasons.
  • I saw an episode "Trees A Crowd" on GUBA and ive been wanting to see it for quite some time and....

    I saw an episode "Trees A Crowd" on GUBA and ive been wanting to see it for quite some time and it wasnt that bad but it definately wouldnt last on nick in the u.s. and i dont really like the animation change at ALL. but its not that bad, i prefer all grown up but i really dont even understand why they made it and the title said Rugrats Preschool Daze NOT angelica & suzie. i dont even know why they never showed this on nick us. i mean i know it wouldnt last long but gosh they wasted their time doing it and nobody in the u.s. really got to see it, but im glad i got to see what i thought i was missing. LOL