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Angelina Ballerina

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Set in Chipping Cheddar, a place similiar to 1920s London, Angelina Ballerina features Angelina Mouseling, a bold little mouse with big dreams - she hopes to become the greatest ballerina in Mouseland.

Based on the books by Katherine Holabird and Helen Craig, this animated series is produced by Grand Slamm Children's Films, for HIT Entertainment. Academy Award winner Dame Judi Dench lends her voice as Miss Lilly, Angelina's friend and ballet teacher. Judi Dench's own daughter, Finty Williams voices the heroine, Angelina Mouseling.

Charming, witty and tender, this program's destined to become one of HiT's best franchises.

As an added treat, each episode features a segment with young students from the Royal Academy of Dance.

Angelina Ballerina has appeared on CiTV in the UK, ABC in Australia, the PBS network in the US, and on various other networks worldwide. Videos are also available for those who live in an area which does not have networks that air the show.

Angelina Ballerina is a fictional mouse, created by author Katharine Holabird and illustrator Helen Craig, who features in a popular series of children's books. The first book in the series was published in 1982, and there have since been over twenty books in the series.

The series can currently be seen on Nick Jr. and PBS Kids Sprout.

Jo Wyatt

Jo Wyatt

Alice / Henry / Sammy / Priscilla Pinkpaws

Jonell Elliot

Jonell Elliot

Mrs. Matilda Mouseling / Penelope Pinkpaws

Keith Wickham

Keith Wickham

Mr. Maurice Mouseling / Grandpa

Judi Dench

Judi Dench

Miss Lilly

Adrienne Posta

Adrienne Posta


Finty Williams

Finty Williams

Angelina Mouseling / Mrs. Hodgepodge

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  • this show stinks i hate it it's a wittle baby show

    i hate this show it's for little girly girls its' like bob the builder a complete waste of time i hate it it's nothing but crp

    parents of the world before letting your little boys watch this show don't tell them to watch it it's an terrible little girly girl show

  • I used to HATE it i mean hate it but when my little brother started watching it i learned to deal with it

    i would'nt watch it on my own free will but i watch it when my little brother watches it. well because i have too. But know i have learned to deal with that there are some bad shows out there and some good shows. but thats just my opinion. k
  • What`s so bad about this show?

    This show is okay. I mean, it does sound a little bit feminine, but I am a male, and I do watch this show. And the voice actors are superb! My favorite characters are Alice and William. And you want to know what I think? I think Angelina and William make a great couple! After all, William has a GIANT crush on Angelina, and proves it to us by sending her Valentines (in that Valentines Day episode) and carving their first initials on a tree. Like I`d say, they will get some romance going, someday. But other than that, this show is good.moreless
  • this show wasn't on whe i was little but ifit were i think i'd of loved it

    this show is so sweet for little children(girls i mean).little girls who love ballet will like this show even more,even though it's not really an educational program like with numbers and letters it still teaches life skills in a way.if you want to watch this show prepare for a lot of tutu's and twirls and mice!this show has a sweet little magazine series out that is also worth looking into if your child is into the series.the series basicly is all surrounding ballet and recitals,though it still has other things in it too,like angelina's school,and her playing with her will probably incourage your child to do ballet even if she's not into performing if you have a little girl who loves ballet aged 2-8 give them a shout out when it's on,it might become there new favourite show.moreless
  • Good show for tots as well as grownups!

    Missing are the giant robots, potty humour, and violent battles ... what you're left with is worth far more than any of the commercially driven trash kids are being smothered with these days. Angelina gives children what they really should get from a television programme - a simple, sweet story that teaches them lessons on subjects that they really benefit from. Such as how to be a good friend, or how we shouldn't lie to our parents.moreless

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