Angelina Ballerina - Season 1

PBS (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Show Must Go On: Christmas in Mouseland
  • The Show Must Go On
    The Show Must Go On
    Episode 14
    It is Christmas Time in Mouseland, and the annual play "Cinderella and the ugly whiskers," is in town. It is Directed by the famous Ivor Operatski {Played by Derek Jacobi}, but he is very tough on the mouslings. Angelina yearns to be cast as Cinderella, but is instead cast as the Wicked Stepmouse because she can't sing. When she storms of the set, Miss Lilly takes over. But a freak tobaggon accident causes her to break her foot and put the play in Jeopardy. Can Angelina save the day?moreless
  • Angelina's Valentine / The Royal Banquet
    Angelina's Valentine [Terse] Sammy helps William send valentines to Angelina, for a price. [Long] William want to give Angelina a valentine, but he's shy, so Sammy offers to do it. But sammy's intentions aren't right, he's passing them off as his own, to try to get something from Angelina, a competition grade yo-yo. William learns of the scheme, and tells Angelina, but she dismisses it as jealousy. However, she deicdes to test Sammy, by asking him to recide the poem from a gift. As Sammy tries to come up with something, William recites the poem perfectly. Angelina takes back the yo-yo from Sammy since she is going to compete in the competition after all. Royal Banquet [Terse] Angelina and Miss Lilly have an adventurous ride on many vehicles to meet distant royalty.moreless
  • Alice's Present / No Match for Angelina
    Alice's Present [Terse] Angelina accidentally gives away a gift from Alice, setting off a fury in Alice. No Match for Angelina [Terse] Angelina dresses up as a boy in order to play on the hockey team.
  • Angelina's Surprise / Rose Fairy Princess
    Angelina's Surprise [Terse] Jealous of the Pinkpaws' new baby, she blurts out that their family is expecting one. Rose Fairy Princess [Terse] Angelina is uneasy about being suspended in mid-air for her part in a play.
  • The Gymnastics Championship / Angelina's Baby Sister
    The Gymnastics Championships [Note] This is an Alice spotlight episode. [Terse] Alice faces stiff competition in the gymnastics championships, and is not sure she'll succeed. Angelina's Baby [Note] This episode is out of order, since "Angelina's Surprise" occurs later in the season. [Terse] Angelina has a new sister, Polly, and feels she's no longer wanted in the family.moreless
  • The Cheese Ball Cup / Angelina and Anya
    Cheese Ball Cup [Note] This is a William spotlight episode. [Terse] William gives up ballet to play Cheese Ball. Angelina and Anya [Terse] Someone has picked all the blackberries! Was it Anya and her gypsy parents?
  • The Legend of Big Paw / The Ballerina Rag Doll
    The Legend of Big Paw [Terse] Angelina goes hunting for a mythical beast with Henry. The Ballerina Rag Doll [Terse] Oh, no! Angelina accidentally gave away a cherished toy from Grandpa! [Full] One day, Angelina puts an old rag doll she hasn't played with for years in a collection bin, to give to an old lady who wraps and gives them away to needy kids. Angelina then learns that Grandpa gave her that doll, to get over her shyness when she started dancing. Realizing the mistake, she goes to the old lady to retrieve the doll. She discovers that it was taken as a sort of "payment" for wrapping all the other toys. She becomes pretty sad, until she sees it again, with its new owner, a new child at the dancing studio. She shows the new child what she had done with it when she had the rag doll. The new owner likes it, and decided on a new name for it: Angelina. Angelina confesses to her grandpa that she had given the doll to someone else who needs her. Grandpa says that he's proud of Angelina, since she is learning some responsibility.moreless
  • Two Mice in a Boat / The Costume Ball
    Two Mice in a Boat [Terse] Oh, horrors! Angelina's been teamed up with Sammy, and their ideas for their boat clash! The Costume Ball [Terse] Angelina and Alice decide to sneak out at night to join a grown-ups' costume ball.
  • Angelina the Mouse Detective/ Angelina and Grandma
    Angelina the Mouse Detective [Terse] Hideous yard gnomes are disappearing all over town! Will Angelina crack this case? Angelina and Grandma [Terse] Angelina feels she'll be dreadfully bored staying at her grandparents' place.
  • Miss Lilly Comes to Dinner / Lucky Penny
    Miss Lilly Comes to Dinner [Terse] Angelina plans to have a perfect evening with Miss Lilly. Lucky Penny [Terse] Misfortune befalls on Angelina when she loses her lucky penny.
  • The Lucky Penny
    The Lucky Penny
    Episode 5
  • Midnight Muddle / Miss Lilly is Leaving
    Midnight Muddle [Terse] Oh, my! Something went bump in the night, and ruined Mrs. Hodgepodge's caulifower! Miss Lilly is Leaving [Terse] She's stopped her milk, and cancelled her paper. Is Miss Lilly leaving town for good?
  • Missing Mouse
    Missing Mouse
    Episode 3
  • Angelina at the Fair / The Ballet Tickets
    Angelina at the Fair [Terse] It's not fair! Angelina get stuck with Henry, and she tries to have her way. The Ballet Tickets [Terse] Angelina tries to get to see the ballet, even though she lost the chance to get tickets.
  • Cheddar Cheese Slide
  • The Gift / Treasure Tandems
    Angelina must find the perfect gift for Miss Lilly. Angelina and her cousin Alice team up to participate in a treasure hunt tandem bike race.
  • Angelina in the Wings / Arthur the Butterfly
    Angelina wants to be a sunbeam in the latest ballet show, but her cousin Henry is chosen instead! Angelina cares for a butterfly.
  • In the Wings
    In the Wings
    Episode 1