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  • Angels (Series 1) Coming out on DVD

    Series 1 of Angels is being released via Simply Media in March 2013.

    Angels was one of the most popular BBC pime-time drama series about student nurses in a London hospital, ran from 1975 to 1983. The series chronicled the personal and preofessional lives of six student nurses, and controversially, tackled issues such as contraception, alchoholism.

    Starring: Fiona Fullerton, Lesley Dunlop, Julie Dawn Cole, Angela Bruce and Pauline Quirke.
  • I really would like this on DVD, mainly one episode. My sister was an extra on there - the one with the rabbit in the bed??!!! i want to get it for her as we have lost the original tape. Can someone pester the BBC???

    Brill!! I never got chance to watch as i was too young but my sister is in one of the episodes and i saw that constantly when i was a child! They used our local school in Coventry and she is everso proud. However we have lost the original tape and so want the bbc to re release the series. How do we go about getting this released or does anyone have a copy of that episode? Someone must have it. Especially as this was a 'tester' for all the medical dramas we have today. trying to use all my words!
  • well, i remember wacthing \"angels\" when i was in my teens back in the 70\'s and i always enjoyed it. there was nothing like it and i wish the bbc would repeat the whole series and bring it out on dvd.

    angels was unique
    because there was nothing like it at the time and the cast was perfect.
    and at least one of the original angels cast(pauline quirke)went on to more success in other dramas and sitcoms.
    i wish angels could be repeated and brought out on dvd.
    brilliant hospital drama on the bbc