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Charlie Sheen as a former pro baseball player named Charlie Goodson who left the majors because of his anger issues, and later becomes and Anger Management therapist and forms a therapy group who meet at his house, he then decides to go back to therapy after a brief run in with his ex-wife's boyfriend.


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    • Was hoping to like it more

      I mean if they did half of the episodes they've done already then maybe they wouldn't have to stick to a low to mid quality approach to the content. And I'm usually for many ep of a show. But I guess its Charlie in his comfort zone. Not really acting but getting away with his quite similar Two and half character.

      5-10 random ep (2012, 14) FX, UPN
    • Well, it could have been better, at least I expected more

      I'm not gonna twist words, I trully don't know what to write. There were funny moments, there were boring moments, and in the end I stopped watching in the middle of season 2 cause I trully didn't see the point of watching further. I don't know, maybe cause I'm so used to seeing Charlie Sheen on Two and a half men, but it just felt like this wasn't his role, his type of role to play. Without a larger premise to the story, just session after session, day after day of the life of Charlie Goodson, I trully failed to feel interested in the show. I can't say don't watch cause of the funny moments I did see, though rarely, but I can't recommend it either. My review says 5, wish it was more, trully.moreless
    • Never watched

      I don't get the station, so I've never watched. I like Charlie though, so have never watched two-and-a-half since he left the show. Why would anyone? Charlie would bring in the ratings as a talk show host of some kind - perhaps on one of the morning shows. He is a very intelligent guy and just interesting to listen to at all times. Like Howard Stern, he has a quickness about him which would work well on one of these programs.moreless
    • Patrick makes Ed cry. NO MORE ARGUMENTS, This show WINS!!!!

      All it took was 20 seconds. 20 seconds of laughter. No show I know so far has given me this much laughter since That 70s show. Season 2, Episode 50 needs a damn award.
    • Forced Humor

      They try and try to force the humor, but just don't quite make it. After watching ALL the episodes (never twice), I have come to this conclusion. Charlie, could you please clear your throat before speaking? Or do you try to have that scratchy, irritating sound? If it is a persistent, chronic problem, see an oncologist.

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