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Episode Guide

    • Charlie Kills His Ex's Sex Life
      Season 2 - Episode 31
      Jennifer's young boyfriend Canvas pokes Charlie about his age which makes Charlie to go extreme length to prove himself. Lacey lands her 'dream photo shoot' job, but it's not as she hoped.
    • Charlie and the Hot Latina
      Season 2 - Episode 52
      A forbidden romance tempts Charlie.
    • Charlie and Jordan Go To Prison
      Season 2 - Episode 55

      When the sex study ends and a publisher is interested, Jordan finds that the publishing offer is from Maxim magazine. As she was hoping for the study to wind up in a respected medical journal, Jordan rejects Maxim's offer, to the dismay of both Charlie and a rep from the university. Charlie later has an idea to use his skills helping prisoners re-enter society, but is told that adding a woman gives him a better chance to get funding. After not finding a suitable female partner, he turns to a now-drunk Jordan and receives a non-answer. Meanwhile, Lacey is homeless after her parents cut her off, and is tricked by Nolan into moving into the apartment next to his.

    • Charlie and the Prison Riot
      Season 2 - Episode 32
      A riot begins at prison and Charlie is held hostage by his group. Lacey, Nolan and Ed throw Patrick a surprise birthday party, but he has to hide the news of the riot from Sam.
    • Charlie Gets Date Rated
      Season 2 - Episode 54
      Charlie uses Jordan to improve his online rating.
    • 7/11/13
      Charlie dates a woman who he meets and she turns out to be the sister of one of his prison patients. Lacey puts a strip show for Nolan secretly.
    • Charlie's Living the Dream
      Season 2 - Episode 85
      Charlie gets trapped in a dream.
    • Charlie and the Hot Nerd
      Season 2 - Episode 26

      Charlie dates Monica fixes all devices in his house so that they can be controlled by the internet, he gets a visit from her jealous ex-boyfriend.  Lacey's first sales call in her new job doesn't go quietly as planned.

    • Charlie and the Virgin
      Season 2 - Episode 30

      Kate seeks the help of a professional sex surrogate for her 32-year old virgin woman patient and Charlie goes to 'help' the woman.  Meanwhile, Jennifer freaks out when Sam gets a tattoo.

    • 4/11/13

      Charlie becomes Lindsay Lohan's anger management therapist while on the set of her new commercial, and the two start to have a tumultuous relationship.


    • Charlie and Lacey Go for Broke
      Season 2 - Episode 80

      Charlie gets Lacey's dad to tell her that he lost the family fortune. It backfires as she gets engaged to an obnoxious billionaire. Sean gets Nolan's help to get people to his strip club.

    • Charlie and the Cheating Patient
      Season 2 - Episode 28
      Sean and Lacey's behavior makes Charlie to suspect that they are having an affair. Nolan's apartment gets robbed.
    • Charlie and the Hit and Run
      Season 2 - Episode 29

      Martin along with Ed hit someone with their car. Patrick bribes Lacey to take Nolan for a night of clubbing.

    • Charlie's Dad Visits
      Season 1 - Episode 9

      Charlie gets an unexpected visit from father Martin, but he doesn't see him as the hyper-critical, bullying man he's known his whole life, and asks him to join him in a session with Kate. Charlie attempts to help Lacey with her road rage, but gets pulled over for throwing something at another car. Martin admits he wants to move out to California and be near Charlie.

    • 3/6/14

      Eugene, a drinking buddy from Charlie's baseball years, is now a new priest and about to perform the wedding ceremony for Lacey and Patrick. Charlie is convinced his friend made a mistake, and he tries to tempt him with booze and hookers before remembering Eugene always had the hots for Jennifer. Meanwhile, Lacey and Patrick are a day away from their wedding when "Fat Mahesh", the man from India Lacey was arranged to marry, shows up for the rehearsal dinner -- only he's now slim, handsome and rich.

    • 1/30/14

      Jordan accompanies Charlie to counsel the prison group. While there, Wayne pulls Charlie aside and explains that he is about to be transferred to a Texas prison, where he has many enemies and is sure to be killed. He proposes that Jordan gets engaged to him, which the prison board will view as a reason to keep him in California.

      Lacey doesn't feel the $100,000 her parents gave her for a wedding ceremony is enough to cover the event plus all her "accessories", so she and Patrick try to double the money in Las Vegas.

    • 12/15/14

      Both Lacey and her sister Sateen tries to scam their rich grandmother. Both pretending to be pregnant to get a valuable ring. Martin introduce a new woman in his life to Charlie but he is more interested in her daughter.

    • 8/18/14
      Charlie meddles with Sean and Jordan's relationship.
    • 8/25/14

      Nolan wins a free phone, which the others want too. But it turns out to be a sting operation for unpaid parking tickets. Charlie learns from Warden Hartley that she once did a porn scene, and wants to try to use this to get his group financed again.

    • Charlie and the Temper of Doom
      Season 2 - Episode 71
      Charlie struggles to control his anger after meeting a woman who doesn't date angry guys.
    • 3/20/14
      After a hot one-time fling with a hot secretary, Charlie finds himself in trouble when he realizes this girl is related to his supervisor. Anger Management airs Thursdays at 9:30 PM ET/PT only on FX.
    • 5/29/14

      Following an argument with Martin, Charlie is convinced the root of his therapy group's anger lies in their relationships with their parents. He secretly invites a parent of each member to the next session, and tries to get each pair to discuss their issues. Elsewhere, Jordan is determined to have sex with Sean in a public place.

    • Charlie and Cee Lo"
      Season 2 - Episode 8

      Charlie takes on the takes of having Cee Lo Green as an anger therapy patient, but he ends up asking to fire his employees for him Lacey enlists Nolan to take some photographs of her and they end up sharing a kiss. Kate wants Charlie to drop Cee Lo as a patient, cause he is interrupting their time together.

    • Charlie and the Psychic Therapist
      Season 2 - Episode 67
      Charlie and Jordan attempt to expose a therapist.
    • Charlie and the Re-Virginized Hooker

      Charlie is caught by his therapy group having sex with his hooker-girlfriend Sasha. When his continued relationship with Sasha makes him late for work. Jordan then decides to interfere with Charlie's sex life with Sasha by convincing Sasha to refrain from having sex for six months as a "cleanse," telling her that she is doing the same. Meanwhile, Ed, Patrick and Nolan decide to give Lacey's apartment a makeover after earlier hearing her complain.

    • Charlie Plays Hide and Go Cheat
      Season 2 - Episode 75

      Charlie dates a private investigator, who challenges him to try and cheat on her without her finding out. Lacey works as a nude model for Patrick's art class, causing Nolan to take a sudden interest in art.

    • Charlie Dates a Teacher
      Season 2 - Episode 7

      Charlie gets involved with Sam's English teacher, he thinks her bad grades is based on his poor sexual performance. Lacey starts to have elicit romantic dreams about both Kate and Charlie.

    • 12/1/14

      Jordan's ex-husband makes a business proposition to Charlie. Nolan tries to save a family of birds.

    • Charlie Meets His Match
      Season 2 - Episode 86
      A matchmaker sets up Charlie and Sean with the wrong dates.
    • Charlie and Lacey Shack Up
      Season 2 - Episode 45

      Lacey gets sentenced to house arrest and moves in with Charlie. After intentionally runining two of Charlie's dates, she reveals she's upset that Charlie never hit on her while she was there. Sean plays wingman to help Michael get laid.

    • 4/18/13

      Charlie's neighborhood is up in arms when they find out he's been having clients with anger issues meeting at his home.

    • Ed's marriage is threatened by Charlie. Later, Jordan hits on Nolan.
    • Charlie and the Devil
      Season 2 - Episode 40

      Charlie invites a new therapy patient named Bob into the group, who casually tells everyone that he is the devil. Nolan makes a deal with Bob to sell his soul in exchange for Lacey falling in love with him. When Lacey is all over Nolan at the next session, even Charlie starts to wonder. Jennifer and Sam are smitten by a father and son who later turn out to be gay.moreless

    • Charlie is an Expert Witness
      Season 2 - Episode 9

      Charlie and Kate battle it out as they're expert witnesses on opposites sides in the same trial. Charlie gives Nolan an assignment to paint anything that basically upsets him. Lacey offers to help Ed deal with getting his wife out of his personal space.

    • Charlie Rolls the Dice in Vegas
      Season 2 - Episode 82
      Charlie visits Las Vegas.
    • Charlie & Jen Together Again
      Season 2 - Episode 5

      Jennifer and Sam temporarily move in with Charlie while their house is fumigated for mold, Kate has reservations not before arriving drunk seeing them together.

    • Charlie's Patients Hook Up
      Season 2 - Episode 15

      Charlie learns that Lacey and Nolan are dating, and realizes she is just using him.  Kate accidentally breaks her rule when she sleeps over at Charlie's house.

    • Charlie, Kate and Jen Get Romantic
      Season 2 - Episode 19

      Charlie assigns Nolan to be Ed's anger buddy much to his chagrin.  Martin attempts at reuniting Charlie and Jennifer together, which makes Kate very angry after hearing everything from Martin.

    • Charlie Dates Sexy, Crazy, Angry
      Season 2 - Episode 11

      Charlie makes another play for Lori is working with Jennifer on a new business idea. Ed and Patrick make a bet saying they both can find a man for Lacey. Charlie discovers that Lori has sexual anger issues.

    • 11/3/14

      Charlie is dating Monica, his computer nerd ex girlfriend again, who takes over his identity. Lacey has a plan to trick her rival into having sex with Ed.

    • 9/8/14
      Charlie becomes paranoid after learning he's dating a private investigator.
    • Charlie Gets Trashed
      Season 2 - Episode 72
      Charlie battles his garbage man.
    • Charlie and the Break Up Coach
      Season 2 - Episode 18

      Charlie encourages Jennifer becomes Patrick's "life coach" which ends up causing problems within the entire group.  Lacey offers to help Martin with a plan to get back together with his estranged wife, but Charlie sees her true motives.

    • 11/7/13

      Sean wants Charlie to put in a good word for him with Jen. Sean tries to get Jen jealous by dating Jordan.

    • Charlie Breaks Up With Kate
      Season 2 - Episode 20

      Charlie instructs everyone in his therapy group that working at a soup kitchen will give them some perspective.  Jennifer tells Charlie she's back together with her old boyfriend Sean, he's mad that he's spending quality time with Sam as well as moving in.

    • Charlie and Sean Fight Over a Girl
      Season 2 - Episode 50

      When Patrick brings Molly, his friend from Iowa, to Charlie's house to meet the gang, Lacey and Nolan make a bet over who will sleep with Molly first -- Charlie or Sean. The two guys also make their own bet, then go to great lengths to please Molly and try to get her alone. She eventually says she likes them both and offers a three-way, but that goes by the wayside when she begins to think that Charlie and Sean are gay. Meanwhile, Jordan asks Patrick to sing with her on an original song at her AA group's annual talent show.

    • 12/1/14
      Charlie risks his life to sleep with a thrill-seeker.
    • Charlie and Kate Horse Around
      Season 2 - Episode 14

      Charlie takes the group on a equine therapy retreat in order to get them to bond, which leads to the death of Sam's favorite horse.

    • Charlie Does It For Science
      Season 2 - Episode 44

      Charlie and Jordan are interviewed by a reporter who is writing about their sex study, she convinces Charlie to 'test out' the sex machine with her so she can write informed report. Nolan gets a job at a lingerie store, which leads to Lacey and Jen taking advantage of his employee discount.

    • 11/10/14
      Charlie helps Nolan unleash his anger.
    • Charlie Gets Patrick High
      Season 2 - Episode 79

      Charlie is helping Patrick through a crisis of confidence before a job interview. Ed and Lacey join forces to find a way to get revenge on Sean.

    • 8/25/14

      Charlie learns that his anger therapy sessions at the prison will be cut, so he goes to see Warden McClasky only to find that he is retired and has been replaced by a hot woman, Warden Hartley. Meanwhile, Nolan is doing well in his new job as a limo driver, and offers to take Lacey, Patrick and Ed for a ride.

    • Charlie & His New Therapist
      Season 2 - Episode 21

      Charlie decides to see his old psychology teacher when he finds it difficult to work with Kate, and learns a secret about her.  Patrick enlists Lacey and Nolan to help play a practical joke on Ed to make him think he won the lottery.

    • Charlie and Kate's Dirty Pictures
      Season 2 - Episode 16

      Charlie gets a job for Nolan working at Kate's office, he asks him to spy on her when he found she is sending some guy half naked pictures of her. Charlie tries to help Lacey adjust to prison by having an Anger Management therapy group with the inmates she's having trouble with.

    • Charlie and the Sting
      Season 2 - Episode 34

      Charlie tries to get in between Kate and Lesley. Martin goes to a yoga class with Lacey.

    • Charlie and the Sexy Swing Vote
      Season 2 - Episode 89

      Charlie and Jordan hires an assistant to help with the workload at the prison clinic. But Charlie just wants a swing vote to help him win arguments over Jordan. When the plan backfires he tricks Sean to date the assistant to make Jordan jealous so she will fire the assistant. Meanwhile Nolan meets Lacey's parents for the first time as her boyfriend.

    • Charlie and Deception Therapy
      Season 2 - Episode 6

      Charlie tries to convince Ed about a "placebo" that supposedly reduces anger, which backfires when Ed is sent back to therapy for shooting someone. Jennifer tells Charlie she insists on going out with him, so she can get to know Kate a little better.

    • Charlie Loses it at a Baby Shower
      Season 2 - Episode 1

      Charlie gets an invitation to his sister's baby shower and encourages Kate to come along. Patrick decides to tell Ed that his daughter is gay.

    • Charlie and the Twins
      Season 2 - Episode 49

      Jordan's twin sister, is in town. Jordan tells Charlie that the two don't get along ever since her sister slept with her former fiancee. She asks Charlie to help mend the damage between them, but he winds up sleeping with the twin.

      Lacey's sister blackmails her into buying her whatever she wants in exchange for not revealing to their parents that the marriage to Patrick is a sham.

    • Charlie's Dad Breaks Bad
      Season 2 - Episode 4

      Charlie tries to persuade his father to join a choir of people his own age, a decision he later regrets. Lacey helps Patrick as an anger ally while he deals with a bully from high school.

    • Charlie Lets Kate Take Charge
      Season 2 - Episode 17

      Martin offers to help Charlie coach the baseball team at Sam's school, which leads to him being really competitive.  Kate takes over for Charlie's anger therapy group, but everyone doesn't like her methods so they come up with a plan to break her.

    • 11/10/14
      Charlie opens a halfway house for prostitutes.
    • 4/24/14
      Charlie helps Lacey keep her anger in check.
    • Charlie & the 100th Episode
      Season 2 - Episode 90

      Charlie gets a job offer in Baseball. The therapy group won't let him go without a fight as they need him to help them with almost everything. Jordan gets overwhelmed with work when Charlie leaves her alone with the prison clinic. But it all ends as it started out.

    • 12/15/14

      Charlie help Lacey with some relationship issues she has about Nolan and his job. Sean gets invited to Ed's pokergame.

    • Charlie and the Airport Sext
      Season 2 - Episode 25

      Charlie goes to trip with the group, but got held at airport security. Jennifer let Charlie's house be used for a porno shoot.

    • Charlie and the Hooker
      Season 2 - Episode 39

      A new patient is added to the group. He turns out to be a pimp and pays for Charlies services with a hooker.

    • Charlie and the Secret Gigolo
      Season 2 - Episode 23

      Sean is sentenced to anger therapy after decking someone, who reveals to Charlie that he used to be an escort, he tries to figure out a way to tell Jennifer without breaking confidentiality. Ed continues his stay in Patrick's home, but has issues when he gets rid of his TV set.

    • Charlie Cops a Feel
      Season 2 - Episode 60
      Charlie breaks up with a cop.
    • Charlie Pledges a Sorority Sister
      Season 2 - Episode 74
      Charlie falls into Jordan's trap, allowing her to fix him up with a girl who's a total heartbreaker.
    • Charlie and the Ex-Patient
      Season 2 - Episode 3

      Charlie runs into one of his old patients and agrees to go out with her, not before learning that a few of her former therapists will be in attendance.

    • Charlie Loses His Virginity Again
      Season 2 - Episode 43

      Jennifer announces that the woman to whom Charlie lost his virginity in high school is in town. Lacey's parents have to stay at her and Patrick's place for a few days, complicating their marriage ruse, especially when Patrick's boyfriend shows up.

    • 5/1/14

      After Charlie and Jordan counsel a prisoner who is close to being released, the prisoner gives Charlie a rat-tooth necklace that he made and asks him to deliver it to his girlfriend. Charlie does so, but the woman says she plans to leave her boyfriend and offers Charlie sex. The prisoner finds out his girlfriend cheated and is leaving, just before being released early. But Charlie has a scapegoat. Meanwhile, Charlie's therapy group members all try to give up something they love for 24 hours, but all soon fail.

    • Charlie Catches Jordan in the Act
      Season 2 - Episode 57

      Charlie tells Jordan she is ready to handle a prisoner counseling session on her own, mainly because he wants to attend a "stripper bus" party for Sean's birthday. While counseling a handsome prisoner named Tim, a nervous (and slightly drunk) Jordan makes out with him. Facing the prospect of losing their program, Charlie meets with Tim to ask for his silence, but is blackmailed. Charlie then asks Wayne if he can talk to Tim about it. Charlie and Jordan freak out the next day when they hear that Tim "fell" to his death from the roof of the administration building. Elsewhere, Sean offers to model clothing for Patrick to help the latter make a video audition for a fashion-themed reality show.

    • Charlie and Kate Do it For Money
      Season 2 - Episode 33

      Kate and Charlie loses the grant for their casual sex study and searches for new money. Nolan meets a woman online.

    • Charlie Has a Threesome
      Season 2 - Episode 64
      Charlie and his girlfriend have a threesome with her friend.
    • Charlie Tests His Will Power
      Season 2 - Episode 66
      Charlie makes an unwise promise to a reporter.
    • Charlie's Dad Starts to Lose It
      Season 2 - Episode 2

      Charlie believes his father is faking alzheimers, and uses a hidden camera to spy on him. Patrick offers to help Nolan change his appearance to help his self esteem.

    • Charlie and Sean's Twisted Sister
      Season 2 - Episode 63
      Charlie is tempted by Sean's younger sister.
    • Charlie and Kate Start a Sex Study
      Season 2 - Episode 22

      Kate and Charlie meet with potential couple to participate in their sex study.  Lacey has a new job, so she gets Nolan and Patrick to help her get fired from her other job.

    • Charlie and the Lap Dance of Doom
      Season 2 - Episode 65
      Charlie gets Sean fired from the strip club.
    • 5/15/14
      Charlie tries to prevent a potentially dangerous hookup.
    • 6/13/13

      Charlie starts a friends with benefits relationship with a hot woman from the sex study and Nolan dates an old woman who also a friend of Patrick.

    • Charlie & Catholicism
      Season 2 - Episode 10

      Martin is shocked to find out that Sam was never baptized as a baby, Charlie is then irate when finding out his father did it behind his back.

    • Charlie Gets Romantic
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      After Charlie and Kate have sex, he asks her out to a movie, she interprets this as a romantic gesture, and rushes to get him a date the next day, the two are then forced to exam the nature of their odd relationship. Sam kisses a girl at school and a picture of it ends up on Facebook.moreless
    • Charlie Outs a Patient
      Season 1 - Episode 8

      Charlie has to evaluate his involvement in his patient's lives, when he accidentally helps one who enjoys other people's anger and hook up with a crazy woman.

    • Charlie Dates Kate's Patient
      Season 1 - Episode 6

      Charlie starts dating a brilliant coffee barista, theonly problem is that the woman is turned on by sex and avoids the risks of getting caught, alsoshe's Kate's patient.

    • 1/9/14

      While at his bank wearing only a T-shirt and pajama bottoms, Charlie becomes outraged over bank policies and fees and pulls his pants down. After spending a night in jail, he learns that he may lose his license. Meanwhile, his patients have been trying to find another therapist after Charlie is frequently tardy and hung over, but they can't find anyone that measures up. In the end, Charlie has Jordan, Sean and his patients all appear as character witnesses at his hearing, but only Jordan's wits (and strategic crying) can save Charlie's license.

    • Charlie Helps Lacey Stay Rich
      Season 2 - Episode 42

      Lacey's parents cut her off, so Charlie agrees to help her out by talking to her parents at dinner. After Charlie says how mature and responsible Lacey has gotten, her parents decide it's time for her to move to India for an arranged marriage. In an effort to prevent this from happening, Charlie says that Lacey is already in a serious relationship. Patrick agrees to pretend to be Lacey's boyfriend for a night. At dinner, Lacey's parents give their blessing and promise that if Lacey and Patrick were to marry, they would give them one million dollars as a gift. Patrick is struggling with money issues and immediately proposes to Lacey, who accepts just as quickly. Meanwhile, Sam keeps hitting animals with the car, and Ed and Martin become temporarily famous when a video of them goes viral.

    • 8/2/12

      Charlie and his ex, Jennifer, are having an issue with how he still tries to manage her life. Charlie gets a visit from Cleo who was released from prison on parole, Jennifer then decides to get back at Charlie by dating him.

    • Charlie and the Sex Addict
      Season 2 - Episode 38

      Charlie ends up in bed with Jordans AA-sponsor who turns out to be a sex addict.

    • 7/12/12

      Kate steals one of Charlie's grouped patient and this leads their long standing rivalry over who is better therapist.

    • 7/19/12

      Charlie falls for Jen's hot new business partner, Lori only to realize she thinks therapy is a complete scam. Patrick asks Charlie to counsel the angry ghost of his mother, who he believes is haunting him.

    • Charlie Gets The Party Started
      Season 2 - Episode 35

      Charlie gets help from Sean to throw one hell of a party. Lacey sells drugs to Ed.

    • Charlie Goes Back to Therapy
      Season 1 - Episode 1

      Charlie Goodson a former baseball player with anger issues turned anger management therapist decides to return to therapy after a bad run-in with his ex-wife's new boyfriend, the only problem is he is sleeping with the one therapist he trusts which is his best friend, Dr. Kate Wales.

    • Charlie and the Christmas Hooker
      Season 2 - Episode 46

      Sasha, a hooker from Charlie's past, returns with an offer for Charlie for the two of them to sail a yacht to Hawaii as a favor for her friend, but they have to leave on Christmas eve and he has already invited his therapy group for a get-together that evening. Elsewhere, Sean misinterprets Jordan's intentions when she intentionally drives away his date and then invites him over to decorate her Christmas tree, while Ed steals a Mexican-looking baby Jesus from a local church's Nativity scene.

    • Charlie's New Sex Study Partner
      Season 2 - Episode 37

      Charlie gets a replacement study partner. Jennifer and Lacey tries to get back at Sean.

    • Charlie and the Grad Student
      Season 2 - Episode 36

      Charlie and Nolan compete for the attention of a hot grad student. Martin and Ed do a patriotic sham.

    • Charlie and the Slumpbuster
      Season 1 - Episode 2

      Charlie has to deal with a ghost from his old carousing, baseball-playing days when a unattractive woman he slept with just to break a batting slump shows up as a new patient in group therapy, while she has it in her head that she and he are dating.

    • Charlie Tries Sleep Deprivation
      Season 1 - Episode 3

      Charlie asks his group to do thirty-six hours of sleep deprivation therapy the result turns out to be opposite of what was expected.

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