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Well, one has to admire the cojones of the Angie Tribeca creative team. Either they figure that they're going to get renewed, or they tossed the world's biggest FU to their viewers.

So to recap "Go Get 'Em Tiger": Sniglet is holding Monica in a cell. After a bit with a clueless police officer coming in, failing to see the human-sized hamster cage Monica is in (much less Monica), changing a smoke detector battery, and leaving, we go to the case of the week. Which involves a woman at a massage parlor getting killed by a Bengal Tiger. This doesn't seem to have anything to do with anyone, and mostly acts as a setup to bring back Peggy Lipton, who plays Angie's mother and is a temp coroner in Monica's absence. Or she's Angie's stepmother. Or birth mother. Or... something. I'm not sure where she falls in the Tribeca lineage now.

So there's a very long extended product placement with Little Caesar's Pizza. And Sniglet comes into the station using a bedbug as a weapon. This lets him force the officers to drop their guns and listen to him as he demands that they release all the animals in the zoos.

Pritkin puts Jay in charge to run the department while he goes to his marriage. Monica escapes by picking the lock of her cage with her bun and seducing an armadillo. Jay is reluctant to shut down the zoos because it's Zoo Week in LA or something. Angie doesn't want to cave to Sniglet. Jay finally does so, and it turns out that Sniglet has trained the animals to kill. Then follow a bunch of headlines, most of which seem to be pretty straightforward and non-humorous.

Mayor Perry fires Jay, Hoffman takes over, and Angie turns to Dr. Hornbein for help. In a fairly straight exchange of dialogue, Angie admits that she's hurt that her father left her. Hornbein then offers to help in return for being taken to Pritkin's wedding. Cut to Pritkin's wedding, where everyone is gathered. It turns out that Monica is working for Sniglet. Sniglet arrives, turns loose the tiger, and it kills Pritkin, Danny, Sniglet, and finally Angie. Jay arrests it... and everyone laughs, applauds, and tells Jay that it has all been a test.

Yes, Sniglet is a cop. Hornbein is a daycare center teacher who went into prison for 15 years to make his impersonation as a serial killer convincing. The tiger was actually Monica in a tiger suit. Pritkin's fiancée is actually his niece Natasha and the wedding was a fake as well. Everyone who died was actually inmates who were going to be killed anyway. And for all the scenes that we saw that Jay wasn't present for... well, like Angie says, don't think about it too much.

At the end, Mayor Perry arrests Angie saying that they've learned that she's not really Angie. And Monica secretly and sinisterly smiles as the police take Angie away. The end.

So the whole season that didn't make sense... didn't make sense because it was all a test for Jay's lieutenant promotion. Although as Pritkin notes at the end, he's being promoted as well so they'll all stay where they are and absolutely nothing will change. The season ends on a cliffhanger, as we're left too wonder what Monica is up to and how is Angie not Angie. And what about her missing father? What does that have to do with anything?

"Go Get 'Em Tiger" was actually one of the funnier episodes of the series, just because there was so much off-the-wall humor. Like the Little Caesar product placement that goes on and on during an autopsy scene. There's a bit where Danny and Angie go to a massage parlor, and the masseuse gives them a "happy ending": the end of Babe. For a show that has been mired in either predictably or unfunny gags or both, "Go" remembers to catch the audience by surprise with much of the humor. Even the obviously bogus tiger attacks are unexpectedly funny, if for no other reason that you're not expecting a Bengal Tiger to show up at the wedding and start killing people.

What the Bengal Tiger attack on the victim at the beginning had to do with anything, I have no idea. So the episode makes less sense than usual. Whether the creative team didn't know how to wrap up everything that they had tossed in and the ending was one big bluff. Or they had it planned all along. Well, who knows? That's what I mean about their cajones. The ending basically amounts to, "You know, we don't take this seriously, so let's go with the goofiest season finale ever."

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. what do you think?


And that brings us to the end of the third season of Angie Tribeca. Stay tuned for two weeks, when I start reviewing Wrecked. Maybe it'll be funnier than last year. We can hope.
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