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Well, we're over the hump and into the second half of the season. And by my calculations, Angie will wrap up a week and a day before the June 20 premiere of season 2 of Wrecked. A series which always seemed like a bit of a plod.

And... tonight's "Hey, I'm Solvin' Here!" seemed like a bit of a plod. For one thing, it returned to the rather boring white trophy-hunter serial killer story. I suppose I knew we'd come back to it eventually, but after three episodes without it, hope springs eternal.

So we get the return of Calvin Sniglet. And Dr. Hornbein as the Hannibal Lector-ish serial killer who is given even less to do than he had in the season premiere. It turns out another man has gone missing, and Angie has a hunch that it's connected to the Sniglet serial killings. So after giving Pritkin a lame excuse, she and the team head off to NYC and run afoul of Jessie Goldstein (Constance Zimmer), who could be Angie's twin sister.

Jessie doesn't take well to fancy-pants LA cops butting in on her turf. But Lieutenant Paddy Atkins, another of Pritkin's cousins, orders her to work with the team. Danny talks to a short, bald, sarcastic taxi dispatcher (Michael D. Cohen), who looks like Danny DeVito and according to the end credits is named Louie. Taxifans, eat your heart out.

Meanwhile, Angie realizes that the missing man is connected to Calvin Sniglet, and talks to Sniglet's parents. Jessie decides to investigate as well, and the two of them interview Mr. Sniglet. This gives them some valuable insights into Calvin's childhood--I guess--and then they track Calvin to Central Park. He calls Angie and taunts her, and they spot Anton. Except... it's a cow dressed up in Anton's clothing. They shrug, say the case is weird, and then go back to LA. Angie has been having some issues with her childhood as well, stemming from when her father took her stepmother to the father-daughter dance.. she visits her father Peter's grave, and discovers that it's actually a cat's grave with a fake cardboard box over it with Peter's name on it. The end.

Maybe this will all make sense if we find out about more about the Sniglet case. But... I don't really care what the Sniglet case is about. The episode was essentially filler in the broadest sense of the word. It seems intended to just fill in the sixth slot in the season. Nothing really happens, nothing is resolved.

We get a little bit of mention of Jay and Angie's relationship difficulties, and Pritkin's dating. Deon Cole doesn't have much to do. There are some humorous bits, because one of the strengths of "dumb" comedy is that when they toss out three jokes a minute, something is bound to hit.

The funnier jokes? Pritkin and Paddy in the same office, both played by Jere Burns.

Pritkin walks out and then the camera switches to Paddy… except it's Burns running back to put on his Irish cop makeup and pose as his cousin.

There's also a fairly funny extended sequence where Angie talks to Sniglet's father on the phone and tells a nearby Jessie that she's talking to her gynecologist. Followed by a series of double entendres about cats and back entrances.

There's also a few other decent sight gags scattered around, like the bit in the advertisements where Angie holds up a hand with eight fingers to indicate how many times her hunches have been wrong. Because she can "count on one hand" how many times that it's happened.

Or the bit where Angie and her biological father are played in a flashback by black actors.

Overall, though, "Hey" was a pretty slow episode. I understand that they can't resolve the storyarc plot in episode six. But this seemed to go nowhere. Maybe it was the lack of any big-name guest stars. Chris Pine barely shows up, and Constance Zimmer and Rachel Dratch just don't cut it.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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