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Well, that was... eh.

Blame "Murder Gras" on writer Shephard Boucher, I guess. Who did "Beach Blanket Sting-O", probably the least funny episode of the series until tonight's episode. Boucher also did Mystery Girls.

Like with "Beach Blanket," the show tries to parody a specific genre. There it was Baywatch, here it's those set-in-New Orleans cop shows and movies. Pritkin has a cousin, Beau, who looks just like him. There's a local cop, Zachary, who gets in Giles' face and keeps giving our heroes bad leads after they get word that a trophy hunter has disappeared in the swamp and visit New Orleans.

There are some jabs at New Orleans-type humor. Angie (and Giles) flashes her boobs whenever somebody yells at her to do it, and Giles joins in the fun. By the end, Angie is flashing her boobs to pay for cab rides. There's a bit on a casino riverboat where Monica shows up to give Danny some information. And we find out that she has a gambling problem that makes her act like she's possessed by the Devil. All-righty.

Maybe it would be funnier if we ever had heard before that Monica had a gambling problem?

There's the requisite number of sight gags and cute cop parody bits. Angie writes down a character's name and looks at it in a mirror, and it becomes a totally different names. Hoffman sends a satchel via fax to Monica in LA so that she can fingerprint it. Angie tosses Giles' clothing to him and when the camera cuts to him, he's already dressed a second later. There was also a mildly funny bit where they go into a darkened club and all you can see of anyone is their eyes.

Maybe it's that all of the comedy is depressingly predictable this time around. Danny gets bit by a snake and his arm swells up. Saw that coming. Although the fact it was the arm that didn’t get bit swells is funny. A little.

But as soon as Pritkin says that he has a relative in New Orleans, you know it's going to be Jere Burns with a New Orleans accent and bad sideburns. You know they're going to do some "normal English versus New Orleans English" word play: in this case, "dawn" vs. "sunrise" and "bathroom" vs. "restroom." You know it's going to be the LA set with some Mardi Gras geegaws scattered aroiund. And what little humor there is gets sucked out by the fact that they overplay most of the jokes. Like the dark club/eyes-only bit mentioned above.

There are some brief bits about Angie and Giles' relationship. Which given that it was all but ignored last week, doesn't get much more this week. The whole storyline of Angie being obsessed with the trophy hunter killer seems a bit weak. Maybe it's just that Rashida Jones looks bored, but she doesn't seem that obsessed with the case even though Giles keeps saying that she is. Show, don't tell, folks.

Maybe it was the lack of big-name guest stars.

Overall, "Murder Gras" was kind of disappointing. You don't expect a weird comedy to make a lot of sense. But even by the standards of Angie Tribeca, "Murder Gras" didn't make much sense.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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