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  • A good show that should have been given a better chance.

    Angie was a top notch show, with an excellent premise, and a superb cast with some rather stand-out actors like Donna Pescow, Robert Hays, and of course, Doris Roberts (who later became well known as the mother of all mothers, Marie Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond). Sad that the ratings was bad in second season that it had to be cancelled, but happily, it lives on, and will be released on DVD later this year! Can't wait for THAT one!
  • Top-notch sitcom for its brief run

    This was one of the sitcoms I watched faithfully every week growing up. I will never forget the episode where The Falcos went on Family Feud, it was hysterical! As a child, I recorded those bits on a cassette & would play them back later when I needed a smile & to feel happy.

    The characters on Angie were like family to me. I had a huge crush on Robert Hays (Brad) & adored the entire cast. They sure don't make 'em like this anymore. I cherish & treasure my memories of this show, they'll remain forever in my heart.

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