Angry Boys

ABC1 Premiered May 11, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Another superb series by this great man

    I loved this series. I think reviewer 'sssc' has struggled with the setup of the show and missed the point of it, not to insult her, but it's horses for courses, I guess. It's a mockumentary, so you know that the characters are not going to be boring or standard. Yes, the rapper has been done many times before, but most likely not by a white, mid-30s Aussie, so that makes it all the more funny (to some). Chris admitted that it's a world he knows nothing about, but his shows are all so character-driven that it doesn't become important that his accent might not be the best. I thought it was a great series and not just in terms of comedy. There's some fairly emotional parts, too. I love all his TV series, so I guess I 'get' his humour, but we can't expect everyone to, as with any other series.
  • The Most God Awful Offensive Tacky Waste of Time Ever

    Maybe Australians have a different sense of humor than Americans or maybe you have to have lived in Australia to get it. The show is a fake documentary with Chris Lilley playing the main characters. Among them are a prison guard, a fake gangsta rapper, twin brothers, fake gangsta surfers...the list goes on. Most of his characters are just him with a wig on. Except he went all out to become the fake American gangsta rapper....he put on shoe polish looking black face and put on a wig. He did not even seem to research American culture much less American Black culture and even much much much less hip hop culture. For one thing making fun of fake rappers has been done to death about 10 years ago and the jokes were way smarter. I cannot imagine anyone over 10 finding all the fart jokes and poop jokes and the gay jokes and the no balls jokes and masturbation jokes amusing. As an adult yes we all know that people fart and poop and masturbate and yes some folks are homosexual. Just someone doing those things are not really funny. Its really old and we have heard all the jokes and we do not think they are funny. They are not even cleaver jokes, he should think of better material than just someone farting on something or pooping on something. Oh yeah and Americans do not use the word "poo". This show makes Homeboys in Outer space look like an episode of Nova. I hope this show stops coming on very soon. It makes me feel dirty touching my remote knowing that on some station it is on.