Animal Cops: Houston

Daily 10:00 PM on Animal Planet Premiered Jan 01, 2003 In Season


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  • Season 4, episode 7

    I'm hoping I saw this wrong. Sgt. Kathy Wysoon ? of the Fayette County Sheriff's Department clearly states how "she has been working with this lady trying to help the woman and the animals". Is she kidding? Did she not see there was no helping anyone here, short of removal of everyone and then demolition for anything that remains behind, once all living beings were safely removed. How long was she "helping" this woman and the emaciated, dying, rotting animals residing there. Omg, I can't believe she hasn't hung her head in shame. I love you guy's. I think you are an amazing bunch of people. To see what you are forced to look at day after day, with limited pay and virtually no recognition, I commend you. But maybe Kathy needs to seek employment elsewhere


    Judie Davis
  • Until there is no Animal Cruelty, Please Keep Filming.

    I cannot remember how many years ago this was, but I watched Animal Cops Houston everyday until it was no longer on. It was very disappointing, as that was one of my favorite shows. I also do not remember when I was able to start watching it again, within the last 2 years.

    It's inhumane what people do to animals and it's extremely sad. Thank God for every organization out there that is doing something about it. I am such an animal lover and although I really dislike seeing the cruelty, seeing the outcome is pure happiness and joy!!! God

    God Bless the Investigators and Constables who are the first people to confront the perpetrator. They do their job with such sure how, I couldn't do that. When compassion is warranted and Social Service needs to be brought in, they do so without hurting those person's dignity.

    From the Vets to the Volunteers, thank you for everything you do to save these animals and get them a Loving, Forever Home.

    To the Judges that grant all the seizure warrants, and hopefully prosecutes these people, thank you.

    With all of this being said, there is one thing I wish could happen. Maybe you could tape some episodes of the Criminal Court, where we can see the punishments these people receive. If not record, I watched one episode where at the end, the sentence this person received was shared with us. That made me feel a lot better for that horse, JUSTICE HAPPENED. The laws have changed a lot with animal cruelty and for the better. Someone should come up with something so it's not still so hard to "prove" something. Like having to prove the dogs actually belonged to someone. Charge them, bring them to Court and prosecute them. They'll either come up with answers or suffer the consequences!! I know there's a lot more to do to make things like this happen, I just wish it could happen.



  • I'm so happy

    Yes... I love your show it is the show i watch everyday. ( My show) I'm so proud of you guys I do give money to my local noah shelter. Washington state . I even got my husband watching too. My golden says hello and thanks for helping her fellow animals. I'm going to cry leave this message cause i'm so happy i can tell you thank you. For all others reading this message please please please ...............Spay or neuter your animals thats what says you really love them....
  • Animal Cops Houston is the best of all the Aminal Cops shows that Animal planet has! They have the biggest heart and the best team of investigators.

    Animal Cops Houston is one of the best reality TV shows that where ever made. Everything is real, the drama, the emotion, and our furry and hairy little friends. Animal Planet has hit is big with the Animal Cops series and Houston is my favorite of all.
    The investigaters are deicated and hard working. Under the leadership if Jim Boller the crew works one such dramatic cases that I think they have to be special people to see what they do and not loose sit of the goal. From big cases with over 100s of animals to the dog on the street they go out. In bad weather, pooring rain, 100 + degrees with humidity, they are on call and working.
    The team is so loveable, Max, Charles, and Chris are the most command you see in each episode. There is always new memebers joinning that we meet. And the Center's crew works hard from the hospital end to getting happy endings for the animals that are rescued.
    This is a great show for families! My daughter and I love to watch reruns and new episodes. They never get old. Jim Boller ahs left and we have a new Cheif leader who is doing great. Finally something decent for reality Tv that whole family can watch, way to go Animal Planet!
  • Poor animals! I am a real animal lover and hate the horrible things people do to animals.It teaches people that we need to think about the animals!

    I think that this is a good show cause it shows how animals are abused and that we need to do something about it! It\'s telling us to prevent animal crulity. Every sence I started watching it, I always look for stray animals people leave on the streets to die, and help them. It also made me reisle how much I love animals and how much I want to open my own animal shelter / vet\'s office. I can\'t wait till that day so that I can help animals. Untill then, I wll do my best to prevent animal crulity, and to make other people do the same!
  • I think that this is a pretty good/ interesting show and or movie..

    I think that the show is pretty interesting but at some times it could be pretty boring.. Most of the episodes are better than others, if any one hasn\'t heard of this show yet i think that they should try to watch it... Its kind of an action type thing but most of it is drama..