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Who would win? Iowa or Yamato?

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    Hi there

    This is not about animals.

    People on the net where wondering which battleship would win? Right.

    So I wanted the people who did animal face off to try to do IJN Yamato Vs USS Iowa?

    The reason is that they have the technology to feed to the computer brain to simulate the battle between two super battleships?

    In history the two ships never faced each other off. In many cases of video games that sometimes the yamato wins or the iowa wins.

    If you could help for a simulated battle in a high accurate way for the two ships?

    Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of the two ships:

    This is what I have so far.

    Yamato class:


    Good speed

    Longer range

    Better armour

    Better mobility

    Huge 18inch fire power





    Firing system

    Iowa Class:



    Firing system

    Better AA

    Better damage control





    Everybody wants to see the ultimate face off which has never happened in history?

    Was the iowa class better than the yamato by sinking it?

    Or was it better for the USN to stay away from it and use aircraft instead because the iowa would lose?

    I hope that they can put up a good result for it.

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