Animal Face-Off

Season 1 Episode 10

Gorilla vs. Leopard

Aired Unknown May 25, 2004 on Discovery Channel

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  • It was cool,the way the mother leopard was trying to protect her cubbut it was not that the male silverback killed by snaping her back.I think that was a good episode because that would happen in real life the mother leopard would try to protect her baby.

    The male silverback gorilla is a strong animal,and is the king of the gorillas.The leopard is one of the biggest wild cats in the world,when they meet alot of stuff can happen such as territorial conflict or just conflict for the sake of their young.In this episode the gorilla is big and strong and makes the leopard look like a domestic cat.I like this episode because it is crazy to see an animal that would never meet in the wild,fight to the death.The leopard is fast an running an was faster than the gorilla.An i think this episode is cool.
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