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Animal Face-Off

Season 1 Episode 3

Lion vs. Tiger

Aired Unknown Mar 28, 2004 on Discovery Channel
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Episode Summary

Lion vs. Tiger
What would happen if the lion met the tiger? Would the lion still be king of the beasts, or will the tiger steal the crown?

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  • It's silly to compare the majestic tiger with lion

    there is no doubt clearly the tiger is show stopper.....even female tiger can kill male lion..u search from any comments no lion killed a tiger...only tiger assasinate the lion. * Largest Lion in captivity: 806 lbs (366 kg) * Largest Lion found in the wild: 702 lbs (318 kg) and 11′ (3.35 m) * Average size (mode) of African Lion: 410 lbs (186 kg) and 8′10″ (2.7 m) * ** Lions stand around 1.15m (including mane) at shoulder as opposed to 1m of a tiger **

    majestic tiger:

    # Largest Siberian Tiger found in the wild : 845 lbs/ 384 kg.

    # Longest Siberian Tiger found in the wild: 12′9″/ 3.9 m

    # Largest Bengal Tiger found in the wild: 857 lbs/ 389 kg. 3.22 m 10 ft 7 in between pegs (3.37 m 11ft over the curves)

    # (The largest tiger ever held in captivity, and the heaviest 'natural big cat' on record, is a nine-year-old male Siberian named 'Jaipur', owned by animal trainer Joan Byron-Marasek of Clarksburg, New Jersey, USA. This tiger measured 3.32 m 10 ft 11in in total length and weiged 423 kg 932 lb in October 1986)

    # Average size (mode) of Siberian Tigers living in the wild: 550 lbs (250 kg) and 11′/ 3.35 m

    # Average size (mode) of Bengal Tigers living in the wild: 500 lbs (227 kg) and 9′6″/ 2.9 m (Bengal tigers have a slightly shorter tail than the Siberians)

    # ** The Bengal Tigers have the longest canines **moreless
  • Lion wins hands down

    Historically the African Lion nearly always wins. The reason is because a lion fights all their life almost daily. The tiger who is the better hunter is built bigger in the hind legs for leaping, it is an ambush hunter. The lion has bigger forepaws built exclusively for fighting. The mane also intimidates all animals including the tiger. Also a tiger wounded in a fight with a lion will starve. A lion wounded in a fight with a tiger would get fed by the pride. Tiger fight other tigers to the death only when he feels certain of the outcome. Lions nearly always fight to the death. For this reason the tiger would not feel certain of the outcome and would almost certainly not even fight a lion. Animal trainers have stated time and again that the male lion has no fear of the tiger and is much braver. The tiger on the otherhand appears skittish and nervous while in the presence of the lion which I suspect is because of the mane. The mane was designed to intimidate. I can recall only 4 videos of lion and tiger fights in a pit and in each case the lion emerged the victor while the tiger died. 2 of these videos where even of an Asian lion which is much smaller and much less aggressive. I\'m sure there are more out there but these are the only 4 that I have seen. One more point Clyde Beatty the animal trainer had a lion he called Sultan the Great who beat ever tiger he ever faced. Hundreds of them. Both animals were declawed of course but after a wrestling match he would eventually send them sprawling acrooss the building. He said he saw many tiger and lion fights and he couldn\'t ever recall a tiger winning.moreless
  • tigers are stronger animals than lions, because they are longer and heavier and faster,knowing that the only advantage of lion is its mane.

    i believe most tigers are stronger than lions.if force=mass*acceleration, a tiger has a bigger force due to its other factor that helps the tiger to be stronger is its experince. a lion never gets to hunt,or fight very often, because they live togther therefore their experince of fight is devided.lion usually doenst do much at all, a part from when they need to fight other lions if they cross each other tritory, which may not even happen, or fighting heynas protecting the female once in a while, but a tiger hunts fights and protect his tritory all on his own.therefore are more experienced than lions. tigers are faster feline than lions, lactic acid is burned slower in their bodiy that allows them fight for longer, strong legs allows tiger to out maneuver the lion.moreless

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