Animal Face-Off

Discovery Channel (ended 2004)


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  • Ever wonder if an elephant could beatdown a rhino, or vice-versa? Then don\'t watch this show, because the writers will likely end up using some lame twist to ensure that the underdog wins.

    I like animals, and have even chatted with others about what animals what could win in hypothetical fights between various species. The Discovery Channel could have had an interesting, intelligent show on their hands, but it was just so... badly executed. For example, the polar bear vs. walrus fight was pure crap. Of course the walrus has a better of wining when both animals are in the water. Regardless, the bear should have won in the end because bears routinely hunt walruses -- and kill them (Google “polar bear vs. walrus video” if you don\'t believe me), IMHO. It was like they just tossed the walrus the win for the heck of it. At least some of the other fights were actually on the money (IE: wolf vs. cougar). Plus, seeing the \"experts\" arguing like grade schoolers over which of their animals would win (see, they would have a so-called animal expert appear on the show to champion a particular animal) and trash talking one another was painfully lame and actually made me feel almost embarrassed to be watching. The CGI animation was rather cheesy too, and I agree with another reviewer who said that the “science” used on this show was questionable at best.
  • A show with 2 animals and they battle to see the champion.

    This is an awesome show I like every single episode. They are all very good. There is not one episode that is bad. But what I do want is more episodes for this awesome show. You can not take your eyes off this show. You have got to watch this.
  • If you've seen one episode, you've seen them all.

    The first time I heard about this program, it sounded like a great idea - "scientists" put together fake animals out of machinery and junk, "measure" their "strength", and then put the two animals head-to-head in a virtual world.

    You will notice that I used quotes around a few of those words. That is because I personally found much of the "science" on this show to be questionable at best. Just because you put a bear claw on a pneumatic lift doesn't mean that the pneumatic lift is the equivalent strength of a bear (or vice versa).

    Each episode is nearly the same, with the fake animals almost always made out of the same objects. The build up is to seeing the computer animated animals fighting - which ends up being lame, poorly animated, and, again, based on questionable science.