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  • Season 3
    • 9/16/11
      It's time for the Mechana Crickets to choose a new King by seeing which Cricket can jump the highest, farthest, and fastest, but the little insects are lazy and don't want to do anything! Animal-Mechanical mission time! The team slide to Cricket King Island and get to work. Rex discovers a Cricket snack dispenser that seems to get the Crickets jumping. Now, if only they would jump high...Sasquatch stre-e-etches up and holds some snacks. Four crickets jump high and advance to the next round: jumping far! Komodo oils a drawbridge and raises it, making the lazy crickets jump far over a moat. Two are successful and advance to the final round: being fastest! Mouse transforms and races around the castle holding the Cricket King crown, as the two Crickets chase her. One catches her and is declared the new Cricket king. Mission accomplished!moreless
    • 9/14/11
      It's a very complicated mission over on Origami Owl Island: the team must figure out how to plant more trees to provide the platypus paper maker with paper for the Origami owls to make their special origami! They quickly get to work planting seeds for Turbo-trees: Rex must use his mechana-digging skills to make holes to put the seeds in, then Unicorn creates rain with her magic horn to water the seeds, but Sasquatch eagerly puts too much fertilizer into one seed's hole, and soon an out-of-control Turbo tree is threatening the platypus paper maker! This is a job for Komodo: Mechana gizmo! He transforms and produces a saw from his tail, which he uses to trim the Turbo tree. Now the platypus has wood again to make paper! Mission accomplished!moreless
    • 9/13/11
      The golf-loving mechana-gophhers have invited the Animal Mechanicals to their Island to play on their newest golf course! The team quickly discover the course is very challenging: the first hole requires Sasquatch to stre-e-e-tch his way over to some lily pads in order to get the ball in the hole. Next, Komodo transforms and produces a screwdriver to fix a mechana millipede obstacle which Sasquatch has pounded a little too enthusiastically. Finally, Mouse must transform to quickly sink a putt as a tricky gopher keeps moving the hole! Mission accomplished!moreless
    • The Animal Mechanicals slide over to Hamster Hide 'N Seek Island to find a missing hamster! Once there, they send off Sasquatch off with the missing hamster's friends, to keep them out of the way. Mouse's super hearing detects the missing hamster in one of the hamster tubes. The poor thing is too big from eating hamster snacks and has gotten wedged in the tube! Mouse transforms to speed up the tube's incline and get to the trapped rodent. Then Komodo transforms to produce a wrench which he uses to loosen two sections of the tube, allowing Mouse to push the hamster out. But now his friends are racing through the tubes, looking for Sasquatch, and don't know a piece is missing! Rex transforms to lift the missing piece back into place, and Komodo bolts it together again, just in the nick of time. Mission accomplished!moreless
    • 9/9/11
      The Treasure Toucans have invited the Animal Mechanicals over to their Island for a fun treasure hunt! They are given a scroll which points them to a pair of birdy shoes in which they must walk to the next clue. Only stretchy Sasquatch can fit in them, and they soon take him to a tree with a nest, and another scroll telling them to hatch something big and blue. They find an egg, but it won't stay still enough for any of them to sit on it. Komodo transforms to produce a glue gun which uses to stick the egg to the ground. Sasquatch hatches the egg and a little Toucan flies out, giving them another scroll, telling them to follow the baby Toucan. This is a job for: Unicorn - mechana-fly! She follows the baby to a cave in which they find the treasure: gold chocolate coins! Yum Yum! says Rex! Mission accomplished!moreless
    • 9/8/11
      The Sand Castle Clams have invited the A/M's to compete in their sand castle-making contest. The Animal Mechanicals work separately on castles, with Rex transforming to use his mechana-strength to gather sand castle blocks for his castle. Komodo transforms to produce a saw to carve a sand castle block into a castle shape. Unfortunately, none of their efforts meet with the Clam's approval. However, they soon find that by working together they are able to build a GREAT sand castle. Sasquatch transforms to stre-e-e-tch up and place a turret on the top of the castle. The Clams declare them ALL the winners of the contest. Mission accomplished!moreless
    • 9/7/11
      A broken bolt tree is preventing the baby cable carps from getting home! Komodo transforms and produces a mechana-wrench which he uses first to unbolt the old tree, then to take down a new tree to take its place. Rex must transform and use his mechana- strength to get the new bolt tree in position. Sasquatch is convinced to stre-e-e-etch in order to place the cable at the top of the new tree, but before he can do that his stretchy arms have to BE the cable for the carps! Soon everything is fixed, and the Cable Carps offer to take the A/M's for a ride. Mission accomplished!moreless
    • 9/6/11
      There's a problem over on Mechana Peeper Island: the Peepers' homes are being carried away by out-of-control bamboo! The Clipper Crab which keeps the bamboo under control is missing! The team head over to the Island and find a Peeper trapped high up in some bamboo. Sasquatch stre-e-e-tches to retrieve the Peeper, then he and Komodo and unicorn set off to find the Crab. Meanwhile, Mouse uses her hearing to listen for the next sprouting of bamboo, and Rex drops heavy rock blocks to prevent the plant from getting out of the ground. The Clipper Crab is found, trapped by some bamboo. This is a job for: Komodo! He transforms and produces a mechana-saw to free the Crab. It is soon trimming the bamboo before it can bother the Peepers. Mission accomplished!moreless
    • It’s a big day for the Animal Mechanicals – the Mechana Firworks Fireflies have invited them to see their latest fireworks show. Except there’s a problem. There’s too much fog on the Island to see the show! The A/M’s zip over to the Island, and sure enough, a shy fog frog is sending all kind of fog into the air. When it hops away from them, Mouse transforms to chase it to a tree, but it hops up out of their reach. Well….not quite! Sasquatch transforms and tries to catch the FF, but it simply hops to another tree. Then they get the idea to make the stretched Sasquatch into a tree, and soon the big blue guy has nabbed the fog frog! He takes it away to a safe place, but there’s still lots of fog in the air. Unicorn transforms and blows it away! The show can go on! Mission accomplished!moreless
    • 3/30/11
      There's a thirsty problem over on Mechana Coconut Island - the mechana camels which deliver coconuts to the coconut freezie factory haven't made their deliveries! The A/M's slide over to the Island and find the camels are too hot to move! They get the idea to give the thirsty camels some coconut milk, and Komodo gets busy with a mechana drill to open a couple of coconuts. Soon, the camels are cooled off enough to move, but the path to the freezie factory is too hot for them to walk on! Unicorn transforms and turns the path to ice, except now it's too slippery for the camels to walk on! Not a problem, says Rex, and he transforms to pull the camels across the slippy path. Soon the coconuts are delivered and the freezie factory is making coconut smoothies. Yum-yum! Mission accomplished!moreless
    • 3/29/11
      The Animal Mechanicals are given a very big mission by Island Owl - fix the Mechana Copycat so that it can go back to making toys for the koalas! On Mechana Copycat Island, the team discovers the reason the Copycat isn't working correctly - it' got a bad case of hiccups! Sasquatch tries to scare the hiccups away, but only succeeds in knocking the Copycat over. Rex transforms to the rescue, using his mighty mechana-strength to right the Copycat. Another plan for drinking water to cure the hiccups results in Unicorn making rain so that a cup fills with water, but that doesn't work, either! Tickling is another option, and Komodo produces just the right thing for the job -a feather! Soon the Copycat is cured of the hiccups and back to making toys. Uh oh! What was that noise? Now Sasquatch has the hiccups!moreless
    • 3/28/11
      Very big mission today! The Animal Mechanicals are sent over to Rhino Ring Toss Island to get the Croc Ring Tosser working again, so the Mechana Rhinos can play ring toss! When they get to the Island, the team discover the reason the croc-ring-tosser is not working is because it's rusted. "This is a job for Komodo!" Komodo transforms and produces an oil can out of his tail, which soon gets rid of the rust. But Sasquatch impatiently turns the croc-ring-tosser's speed lever to "high" and soon rings are flying everywhere, with the confused Rhinos chasing after them! Mouse transforms and manages to zip in between the rhinos to turn off the croc-ring-tosser, but not before one last ring sends the rhinos chasing it toward the edge of the Island. Unicorn transforms and catches the ring in the air, leading the rhinos back to safety. Mission accomplished!moreless
    • 1/10/11
      The Animal Mechanicals are sent over to Mechana Turkey Trotter Island to find out why the Turkey Trotters keep falling over instead of trotting! Once on the Island, they discover a mysterious rumbling is causing the Turkey toppling, but what's causing the rumbling? A little more investigation reveals a mechana worm burrowing below the ground. So how do they get the rumbly worm away from the Turkey Track? Unicorn transforms and makes rain fall into the worm's hole, which brings it up to the surface. Rex has to transform to move the heavy worm off the track and onto the ground, but then Sasquatch tries to get it to move faster by pounding it. This only succeeds in making the worm roll toward the edge of the Island! Mouse transforms and speeds after the fast-rolling worm, and bravely sends it rolling into another hole - far away from the Turkey Trotter Track! Mission accomplished!moreless
    • There's a sticky problem brewing over at Mechana Maple Syrup Squirrel Island -a mechana moose keeps drinking all the sap the squirrels use to make their yummy maple syrup! The Animal Mechanicals go over to fix the problem, and first Sasquatch tries stretching to keep the moose away form a sap tree, but the moose-s sniffing nose tickles the big blue guy, and he falls over on the ground in stitches. After the moose grabs a sap bucket, Mouse races after it to retrieve the sticky treat, and Komodo cuts branches with a saw in his tail to build a permanent fence around the sap tree. Mission accomplished - except Rex runs off with the maple syrup the squirrels present to our heroes!moreless
    • 1/6/11
      The Animal Mechanicals race over to Race Rabbit Island to make sure the sneaky rabbits play fair in their next big race - Island Owl has told them they sometimes like to cheat! And sure enough, the rabbits are all trying to zoom out of the starting gate before the flag waves to begin the race. Sasquatch has to stretch to make a rail which can keep the revving rabbits in one place before the race starts. Once the race starts, one of the tricky rabbits tries to take a shortcut, but Mouse speeds after it to lead back onto the track. Then another rascally rabbit tries to get ahead of the others by flying off a ramp into the air, but Unicorn transforms and quickly gets it back with the other racers. Animal Mechanicals - Mission accomplished!moreless
    • 1/4/11
      The ski sheep are skiing all over the place because their ski patrol safety dog is missing, and it's up to the Animal Mechanicals to find it! On Ski Sheep Island, Sasquatch accidentally turns the ski lift to super-fast, sending the ski sheep rocketing into snow banks! Rex is able to dig them out, but they've got to find the patrol dog - fast! Mouse and Komodo eventually find the dog, but one of its snow treads are broken. Komodo transforms and quickly starts to fix the problem. Meanwhile, the sheep keep skiing every which way, burying themselves in snow banks. Unicorn transforms and melts the snow using her magic horn, and the patrol dog pulls up, having been fixed by Komodo. But now there's no snow for the sheep to play in! Unicorn makes more using her horn, and the sheep are able to (safely) resume their snowy fun. Animal Mechanicals - mission accomplished!moreless
    • 12/31/10
      The Pegosaurus over on Mechana Pegosaurus is shedding its log-sized pegs, and it's up to the Animal Mechanicals to get over there and protect the three little pigs from them! They slide over to the Island and the pegs are rolling all over the place. The team decide to build structures for the little pigs, to protect them. The first house is made from straw and is no match for rolling pegs. The second house is made from sticks and is soon flattened, as well. Mouse gets the idea to build a peg house, and Rex transforms to start lifting them into place. Unicorn transforms and uses her magic horn to create a vortex which keeps the flying pegs from smashing the new house, then Mouse has to transform so that she can quickly warn one of the pigs about an incoming peg! Soon, the mission is accomplished - except the Mechana Pegosaurus wants a house built for him, too!moreless
    • 12/30/10
      The Paint Parrots love to create beautiful paintings, but they've run out of paint, and it's up to the Animal Mechanicals to get them more. Island Owl tells them more paint is available at on a misty jungle mountaintop, so off they go to save the day! The only problem is, once they get to the Island, they can't find the jungle! Komodo figures out the jungle is in a painting the Paint Parrots haven't finished, so the AMs decide to finish the picture for them! Mouse transforms to chase some crayon snakes, and soon they are able to finish the picture and set off into the jungle. Sasquatch has to stretch to get the team over a deep chasm, and at the top of the misty mountain they find the paint plants the parrots need. Unfortunately, the paint is hidden under the plant's petals, and the plants only bloom when the sun shines! Unicorn transforms and blows the mist away, revealing the sun, and the petals open. The team grab some paint and take it back to the grateful Parrots, who offer to make portraits of them all. Mission Accomplished!moreless
    • 12/29/10
      The Mechana-Koala cousins want to get together to eat cake, but the Crab Catamaran which can bring them together is not working! Unicorn creates a frozen bridge so the team can walk over to the Crab catamaran to see what the problem is. They learn the seahorses which pull the Catamaran are loose, because their harnesses have become unbolted! Sasquatch transforms and stretches to catch the seahorses, and Komodo produces a wrench from his tail to bolt them back into the harnesses. Soon the Koala cousins are together and ready to eat their cake, but not before inviting the animal Mechanicals to join them!moreless
    • 12/28/10
      There' a problem over on Mechana Hawk Rocket Island. The Giraffe Crane which loads up the Hawk Rocket is missing! The Animal Mechanicals go to the Island and see the Hawk Rocket and its cargo of melons, sitting in the hot sun. If they don' find the Giraffe crane soon, the melons will go bad! Sasquatch stretches to load some of the cargo while Rex, Mouse and Unicorn look for the Crane. They soon find it, but it is scared of the shrieking Hawk Rocket and runs away. Mouse transforms to speed after it, and convinces the Giraffe Crane to follow her back to the Rocket. She comforts the nervous Crane while it finishes loading the melons. Misison Accomplished! And hungry Rex is pleased to find the Rocket left one crate of yummy melons behind for the Animal Mechanicals!moreless
    • Babble Bot Island
      Episode 10
      The chatty Babble Bots on Babble Bot Island need charging up by Mechana Zappers, so the team is sent over to make sure it happens. Once they get to the Island, the team discovers the re-charging tower is broken. That's the reason the Babble Bots aren't getting their power! Mouse zips around gathering tower pieces before all the Mechana-Zappers go away, and Sasquatch stre-e-e-etches to put the last piece on the top of the tower. Unfortunately, the Mechana-Zapper clouds have gone away by the time the tower is ready, but Unicorn transforms and uses her magic horn to corral the clouds back. Soon the Babble Bots are charged up and happily babbling away. Mission Accomplished!moreless
    • 12/23/10
      Someone has been taking gold from the Mechana Mole Miners, and the Animal Mechanical's mission is to find out who the culprit is! They slide over to the Island, and quickly discover that crows are responsible. The mechana-birds take the gold up to their nest because they love shiny things! A plan is hatched to lure the crows away so that the gold can be recovered, and mouse transforms to make the crows chase her, far away. Unicorn flies up and returns the gold to the Mole Miners, but the crows just take it right back to their nest. What they need is a scarecrow to scare the crows away from the gold! Komodo transforms to make a scarecrow out of recycled junk, using a mechana- glue gun in his tail. It keeps the crows away from the gold, but then they nab shiny Komodo - looks like the Animal Mechanicals have a new mission: get Komodo back!moreless
    • 12/22/10
      The Animal Mechanicals have been chosen by Mechana Puffins to try out their latest obstacle course. A Golden Puffin Prize awaits them if they succeed! On the Island, Saquatch stretches to help the team get over a teeter-totter obstacle, then Mouse uses her super-speed to stop a giant spinning wheel that's blocking their way. They reach the golden prize, but it is floating at the bottom of a deep well. Unicorn transforms to make rain with her magic horn, causing the prize to rise to the top of the well. The prize is a golden chocolate coin, which they all share. Mission Accomplished!moreless
    • 12/20/10
      The Observatory Owl on Mechana Meteor Island stands on guard to protect from meteors, but the telescope is broken, and it's up the Animal Mechanicals to fix it! Rex is able to use his strength to remove the old lens and put on a new one, but then a meteor storm begins. Komodo transforms to use a tennis racquet in his tail to swat the meteors away, but the team know they need to find the Owl some permanent protection. Unicorn suggests they use some giant mushrooms like an umbrella, and Sasquatch stretches to place a mushroom on top of the telescope and the Owl. Mission Accomplished!moreless
    • Beardozer Island
      Episode 4
      Over on Beardozer Island, some frisky baby Beardozers have woken up from hibernation early and are knocking things over with their crazy play! The team's mission is to find the mamma Beardozer before the cubs destroy the Island. Some loud snoring leads them to a snow-covered cave, where the mamma is still hibernating. Rex transforms and pushes the snow aside so mamma can get out, but she's still sleeping! The team realizes she won't wake up until Spring, so Unicorn takes to the sky and uses her magic horn to melt the snow and warm the Island up. Instant Spring! While the mamma beardozer wakes up, Sasquatch streatches and forms a corral, to keep the baby beardozers from running free. Soon the mamma is teaching her babies the proper way to use their dozer shovels, and the AMs are happily watching them play together.moreless
    • 12/14/10
      It's the Annual Chicken Springing Contest, but there's a problem - the Chicken Springer is broken! The team slide over to the Island, and see that a spring has come unscrewed from the Chicken Springer's feet. Before you can say "Mechana-Can-We-Do-It?" Komodo has transformed with a screwdriver to fix the silly machine. But Sasquatch's sleepy snoring tickles the Springer, and the spring breaks from the machine's tickly shaking. Sasquatch steps in and transforms, to be a stretchy replacement spring. Too stretchy! The first chicken to be sprung is flung far off the Island! Unicorn transforms and catches the flying chicken on her wing. Soon all the chickens are being sprung safely. Mission Accomplished!moreless
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