Animal Miracles

Ion Television Premiered Feb 02, 2001 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Hospital Pony
      Hospital Pony
      Episode 10
      A tiny pony inspires sick children in a hospital; a dog and a cat save their family when their home catches on fire and a service dog struggle to save its owner from a chemical spill.
    • Rawhide
      Episode 9
      A brave donkey fight off vicious dogs to save the man who rescued the donkey in the first place, and a tiny kitten hitches a ride into the lives of a new family.
    • Crime-Fighting Pig
      A pig named Arnold takes it upon himself to save his owner from becoming victim of a crime. A woman and her horse are reunited after 14 years apart, and a boy is saved from deadly waves by his golden retriever.
    • Scarlett's Legacy
      When a man's boat capsizes his trusting dog helps him to stay above water. One dog can detect when people have cancer, while another dog saves a group of children from a poisonous snake.
    • Castaway
      Episode 6
      A tiny dog stranded on a deserted freighter is struggling for it's life when rescue teams come by to save it and many more story's in this episode of Animal Miracles.
    • Coffie and Wolfie
      Police officer Coffie and loyal partner police dog Wolfie find themselves in a hot pursuit. Gracie, a 60-pound pet tortoise, is swept up in a tornado and disappears for years. Also in this episode a man who helps save endangered species and a young boy lost in the woods is saved by his faithful dog.moreless
    • Keno, Avalanche Dog
      When an avalanche threatens to take a mans lift a search and rescue dog is put on the case, also in this episode; a sinning horse, a bald eagle and a dog that is against smoking.
    • Tory and the Bears.
      An old dog saves her owner from a bear attack. A family develops a lifelong friendship with a wild harbour seal this and much more animal miracles in this episode.
    • One Tuff Hero
      One Tuff Hero
      Episode 2
      A German Shepherd saves two young boys from certain death when it saves them from drowning that and many more heroic animals in this episode.
    • Hand Me the Bat.
      Hand Me the Bat.
      Episode 1
      A dog saves his owner from a robbery. A blind girl finds success as a barrel racer. Two abused elephants gets a new chance at a sanctuary and a police dog finds a missing family in the outback wilderness.
  • Specials