Animal Practice

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 12, 2012 on NBC

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  • Animal Practice - Love that Monkey!

    I think this could be a fun successful comedy for NBC.:) I've only seen the pilot, but I like it. First, who doesn't love cute animals? And that Monkey! Jesus...what a star he/she turned out to be. Lol...a monkey in human clothes - it can't get better than that. "Rizzo - run some interference." lol:), I like Justin Kirk - he was my favorite character on Weeds. I think he's hysterical. I'll be watching this show this Fall...if they got some good writers that teach me something along the way...I think it could be a syndicated hit.
  • Putrid

    My wife and I could only get through 15 minutes of this mess. Joanne Swisher is cute, but not enough to keep me interested. Blech!!
  • Animal Practice has Great Potential

    The Pilot episode of Animal Practice was a perfect beginning to what could be a great new series. I love the cast and they all play interesting parts which at first glance seem a little stereotypical. The underlying story was well told and established what we needed to know about the characters and initial plot lines. There was humor, a little drama, and lots of animals. I look forward to watching more episodes and I hope that the series finds it's success. It's nice to have a show like this which is about animals as much as their owners and the hospital staff that takes care of them!!!!!!!!!
  • Justin Kirk Does A House Impression

    That's pretty much the best way to sum this show up. Justin Kirk, scene-stealer from Weeds, plays a more bitter role here and while he was kind of good at it, no one can play that role like Hugh Laurie, so it just came off as phony. I am a fan of Joanna Garcia and she was decent here, but most of the cast is annoying. His assistant, or whatever it was, is brutal, Bobby Lee hasn't said a funny thing since Mad TV, and while Tyler Labine's character got a few chuckles out of me, I can't see much longevity there.

    It could work, but I just don't know how much originality there can be week to week with this concept. Animals doing crazy stuff, not much room for uniqueness there.
  • Already ruined by NBC

    The show thus far isn't *very* appealing, but the fact that its pilot interrupted the Olympics' Closing Ceremony already left a bad taste that's hard to get over.
  • Not super good,but then few show start that way...

    This is good,for a sitcom. Crystal is a real joy. Justin Kirk is funny as hell. And a great lead. Joanna Garcia-Swisher feel little stiff but because she is so hot, it's ok. I really hope she get better in time. Tyler Labine seem little off. Betsy Sodaro is just annoying. But Bobby Lee is the worst one.

    Story line is good. I love the "I won't pay,just kill the dog" joke. Some jokes feel little force.
  • Not a very strong start, but I expect it to get better

    It is not what i was expecting. I was expecting a silly comedy. I expect this to get better, but right now, it sucks.
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