Animal Practice

NBC (ended 2012)


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  • Started off Slow, and Canceled Just when it was Getting Good

    The first three episode, especially the first one, were not very good. "Dr. Yamamazing" barely kept me watching the show. I'm glad I did. "Who's Afraid of Virginia Coleman?" was good and "The Two George Colemans" was great! "Turkey Jerkey", the final episode ended up being the best one.

    This show has a great monkey, though it doesn't have the greatest humans. George is alright, though at some points I can barely stand him. Same goes for Dorothey. Doug was good, but too boring. I wish we learned more about him. Both Yamamodo and Angela are amazing. They are both hilarious and loveable characters. Juanita is really good too, but we barely seem to see her!

    This is mainly a show with great supporting characters, poor lead characters, and average plots. I do believe though that if NBC had waited a few weeks before canceling this show they wouldn't have, although I'm not sure it would have gotten a full-season pick-up.
  • Interesting premise, likeable to entertaining characters.

    The writing is a bit weak, but the cast, acting, premise and setting are pretty top notch. I agree with some other's comments though that it probably won't last long unless they get some new writers on board fast.
  • I liked this one :(

    I laughed out loud and the cast was great. I hope they show the last two episodes.
  • Ehhh...

    Not impressive. It seems interesting as a concept, but I can't see this kind of series going on for more than one season. This show isn't strong enough to last on the fall schedule.