Animal Practice - Season 1

NBC (ended 2012)


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  • Turkey Jerky
    Episode 9

    Thanksgiving is here as George's mother takes an interest in Doug's father. Meanwhile Angela and Yamamoto try to have fun to keep Yamamoto from calling his ex-wife because he cannot stand to be without her on this holdiay, and Dorothey is invited to Thanksgiving with Juanita's family, but then Juanita discovers a family secret involving her.

  • Ralphie
    Episode 8

    George wants to tell a patient's owner that his dog has died to get the dog into a weight loss program, but Dorothy forces him to connect with the patient's owner instead. Meanwhile,Dorothey, once again trying to be social, starts a weekly snack and chat, but it happens to conflict with the guys' poker night.

  • Wingmen
    Episode 7

    As George treats a cockatoo who keeps eating chocolate, he and Doug meet the owner's granddaughter, who they both want to date. Meanwhile, Dorothey has a movie night, but only Yamamoto shows up. The two of them start hanging out together. Dorothey thinks that they have become good friends, but Yamamoto believes that they have become more. Also, when Angela and Rizzo's favorite TV program, "Law of the Jungle", is interupted, they call the cable guy, who Angela falls in love with.

  • 10/24/12

    It's Halloween at Crane Animal Hospital! Jill dresses up as George, and Dorothey judges the animal costume competition, although she runs into a bribe. Meanwhile, George attempts to sabatoge one of Jill's opperations when he feels threatened by her.

  • 10/17/12

    George's mother visits and she brings her sick cat, whom she named "Cat", and he must heal the cat because if he doesn't then he will have to fill the void in his mother's life, which he very much does not want to do.

  • Dr. Yamamazing
    Episode 4

    Dr. Yamamoto saves the Mayor's dog and becomes a city-wide hero, causing him to have the nickname "Yamamazing", which makes George angry.George is also angered whenDorothy hires a new doctor named Jillwho does not back down from him.

  • 10/3/12

    When a dad and his son bring their dog in and then leave the son there at the hospital, George must deal with the boy as he discovers that the dog has a kidney failiure. Dorothey tries to give the job to Doug because he is better with people, so George wants to prove to her that he can do it. Dorothey also again tries to fit in as she tries to become friends with Angela.

  • 9/26/12

    Doug attempts to talk George into operating on his dog when he realizes that he cannot do it himself. Meanwhile, Angela sells Rizzo's artwork, which he isn't sohappy about,and Dorothey tries to fit in.

  • Pilot
    Episode 1

    The founder of an animal hospital dies and leaves the hospital to her granddaughter who is the ex-girlfriend of the anti-social veteranarian and hospital director. The new owner has a lot of changes planned.